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21st > May > 2013 Archive

VMware taps ex-Ciscoer as channel chief

The channel is the key to Virtzilla's impending vCloud Hybrid Service

Alteryx grabs cash to simplify analytics

Lets pointy-haired bosses think they're 'data artisans'

China breaks ceasefire, restarts hacking US government

Officials say it's time to move beyond 'jaw jaw'

AT&T to relax restrictions on FaceTime, video chat

New contractual shenanigans to arrive in June?

Chocolate Factory chucks out Checkout

Stick your stuff in our Wallet

Computer use irrelevant to education outcomes, says US study

Reading, writing and redundancy

Blogger better be a billionaire, says 'open access' publisher lawsuit

OMICS offended by 'Beall's List'

Infosys vows to fight Indian tax claim

Domestic bill lands with a thud

Dell's PC-on-a-stick landing in July: report

Wyse up, suckers, could this be a new set-side-stick?

German robots sent to Oz to make GPS millimetre-perfect

Auto-builders get a home in the great outdoors

'India attacked Norwegian telco to get at Pakistan, China' - report

A tale of twisted IP tracks

Buff American beauties keen to dominate Euro youth in tech tussle

HPC blogHigh-performance cluster battle goes global

New 4TB drive spaffs half a telly season into your eyes AT ONCE

You like porn Game of Thrones, right? How about 16 eps simultaneously?

Machine learning climbs atop Hadoop

Pattern hoists machine-learning models onto HDFS

MYSTERY Nokia Lumia with gazillion-pixel camera 'spotted'

With 20Mp sensor - NOW will you try Windows Phone 8?

Thinktank: 'Lab-smashing' Stuxnet helped Iran's nuke effort

'No, it didn't' says former Foreign Secretary

WTF is... LTE Advanced?

FeatureData download speeds up to 1Gbps and 500Mbps uploads - but how is it done...

Your hot peer-on-peer code wrestling could net $800k from Samsung

App beauty contest encourages gizmos to hook up

Space dogs and Dragons: A brief history of reentry tech

How a flying Frenchman paved the way for space exploration

Vodafone revenues hit as customers in Europe hang onto their cash

Verizon buy in the US saved it from posting even more dire results

Six things you should know before you roll out Office 365

It's all in the planning

A backdoor into Skype for the Feds? You're joking...

Gov-enhanced hacking capability is bad, says PGP dude

Our new 1.5TB lappie drive isn't thick, it's just the densest - HGST

WD biz stakes claim on highest megabytes per mm cube

Curiosity plunges its drill into Mars AGAIN, seeks life-giving sample

Crew hopes results from second stone will back up wet Mars theory

BT Tower is just a relic? Wrong: It relays 18,000hrs of telly daily

Geek's Guide to BritainReg goes inside and up Blighty's telecoms spire

Review: Sony Xperia SP

The new mid-range marvel? Oh yes.

Syrian hacktivists hijack Telegraph's Facebook, Twitter accounts

UpdatedWhy social media needs 2-factor authentication... part VIII

David Cameron asks UK biz to pay their low, low taxes

Oi, Dave, less of this 'political point-scoring'

O2 brushed off outsourcing 'rumour' - but it's happening ... to THOUSANDS

Plus 600 call-centre bods face 'voluntary redundancies', says union

Violin welcomes new grand master flash flogger

Steven Rose to help shift upstart's arrays in EMEA, Latin America

Recession? Pah! Check out our swollen digits - CCS Media

Reports massive profit rise in midst of economic gloom... sales growth not bad either

Private equity firm coughs £1bn for Websense

Almost as much as Yahoo! spent on Tumblr

Irish deputy PM: You want more tax from Apple? Your problem, not ours

Póg mo thóin, you crazy Yanks

IBM puts supercomputer Watson to work in ROBOT CALL CENTRE

AI goes to war with angry customers human staffers

AWS cloud gains critical federal security certification

Beats off Rackspace, Microsoft, Google, for government jobs

Cook: Apple has 'no current plan' to pull profits out of Ireland

Tells Senate he'd need a single-digit tax rate for that

CSIRO scales up solar cell printing

Five yards of electricity, please

New Intel CEO Krzanich takes reins of core product groups

Management shakeup, new devices division launched

Microsoft reveals Xbox One, the console that can read your heartbeat

Upgrades Live service – and no always-on requirement

VMware public cloud aims at ESXi customers, not AWS

And the prices will reflect that, don't doubt it

Soylent Corporation prepares to DEFEAT FOOD

Geeks order over $100,000 of startup's 'default meal' powder

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