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20th > May > 2013 Archive

Hold our tiny silicon spheres, say gravity wave detection scientists

Nano-sensors in optical trap for more sensitive instrument

Optus outlines its 4G future

Canberra first for TD-LTE rollout

Nintendo throws flaming legal barrel at YouTubing fans

All your walk-through vid revenue are belong to us

Yahoo! Japan says 22 MEELLION User IDs may have been nabbed

Suspected breach didn't nab passwords but resets nonetheless recommended

Massive EXPLOSION visible to naked eye SEEN ON MOON

Vid'Equivalent to 5 TONNES of TNT going off', says NASA

US boffin builds 32-way Raspberry Pi cluster

Beowulf cluster built for the price of a single PC

Intel releases 'Beacon Mountain' Android-on-Atom dev tool

Indroid Inside

Pakistan signs up for China's GPS rival

Doesn't want no steenking US military tech

Boffins find 'scary radio attack'* against pacemakers

*Attack is actually 'very difficult in real world'

Look behind you, NetApp: Angry investor is coming for YOU

First Xyratex, then Emulex and Brocade... now Elliot's stalking a storage giant

Streaming music works for us, say US and UK indie labels

AnalysisNot clear it does for the musician, however

Is it time for the great Jihad against networked storage?

Blocks and FilesBig boys look wide open with eyes wide shut

'Untidy' Shoreditch just CONFUSES American techies - Olympic hub team

Come join the tech mall in Stratford instead, US firms told

NetApp boffins first to go in 'workforce decimation' plan

300 R&D bods out the door in proposed cull of 1,300, say insiders

Intel's answer to ARM: Customisable x86 chips with HIDDEN POWERS

Let's all play find the secret hardware register

Hello, Goodbye ... to $408,000: John Lennon axe under the hammer

Not much Vox for an awful lot of bucks

Gay marriage? We'll put a stop to that 'human bug', says Nintendo

Sayōnara, Mr and Mr Robotto

Cameron's Tech City: Desks? Yes. Cash? Yes. Coders? Nope

Silicon Roundabout's stovepipe-hat-wearers can't find the staff

Bumbling fraudsters fail to dupe 'Westcost' customers

But channel warned of spike in more sophisticated scams

Give porno danger classes to Brit kids as young as FIVE - parents

Sex ed must cover web smut, families tell heads

So you want to be a contractor? Well, here's how it works

Free advice from Reg headhunter Dominic Connor

Biz bods: Tile-tastic Windows 8? NOOO. We lust after 'mature' Win 7

Tired corporates prefer predecessor, says analyst

Schmidt: Don't like our tiny tax bills? Google this... 'Change the law'

Ad biz chairman says he can't wait for reform

Marks & Sparks accused of silently bonking punters over the tills

AnalysisBank cards bought stuff ALL BY THEMSELVES, say shoppers STILL wants to tout pupil data – don't use the word 'product'

Is that a screeching U-turn we hear from Gove? Oh, no

Crack Army pilot to be first PROPER British astronaut IN SPAAAACE

Ground control to Major Tim, countdown commencing, engines on

Amazon cloud-watcher shows some love for Microsoft's Azure

Cloudy beancounter Newvem: 'We're not trying to do 50 clouds ... half-way'

Microsoft: We need a pro to flog our Surface slabs in UK

New bod to tackle Apple, Samsung, twitchy channel partners, skint consumers...

It! Started! With! A! GIF!... Yahoo! Actually! Buys! Tumblr! for! $1bn!

Mayer gets animated, 'promises not to screw it up'

Securo-boffins uncover new GLOBAL cyber-espionage operation

Two-pronged attack hits victims in 100 countries

Canadian regulators welcome US Bitcoin refugees with open arms

Money laundering not a problem here, eh

They WANT to EAT YOUR COMPUTER - welcome your ANT overlords

Whole corner of America faces life without computers

Rogue Nokia splinter cell drops its Jolla phone A-BOMB

Ota tuo, vihreä robotti Google!

Flailing QLogic's boss gives up CEO, president gigs

That seat on the board? You can have that too...

WordPress warns of mass Tumblr defections after Yahoo! deal

Hipster smut is safe for now, says Mayer

Dell JUNKS public cloud in favor of partner tech

'Freedom from lock-in' through product cancellation

The iWatch is coming! The iWatch is coming!

Reports: Apple's wrister to have 1.5-inch OLED, test units being built

Don't Panic! Google FCC filing reveals mystery media device

Nexus Q replacement, or something more Guide-y?

UTS Business School bakes SAP into courses

Standalone and Masters units at Oz uni get SAP's take on accounting

Azure hops into Australia

Redmond promises a 'major region' real soon now

Stephen Hawking nixes Intel voice upgrade plan

Physics luminary 'quite upset'

US Congress excoriates Apple's tax-avoidance shenanigans

Cook to defend 'an American success story' – and billions in unpaid taxes – on Tuesday

Yahoo! adds 1TB of free storage to Flickr in site revamp

Enough space to store every photo ever taken, apparently

Supreme Court sides with FCC in NIMBY wireless tower spat

Local governments must follow agency's rules

Amazon cloud soars far above Google and Microsoft

AnalysisBezos & Co's feature-rich cloud casts long shadow

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