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16th > May > 2013 Archive

Google tells Microsoft to yank its new WinPhone YouTube app

Says it's deliberately ripping off content creators

Google forges BigTable-based NoSQL datastore

Google I/OTakes out BigTable, thwacks Amazon DynamoDB over the head

Tech startups, Silicon Valley, not all they're cracked up to be

Business think tank finds $100m companies more likely to emerge in other places, sectors

Hemp used to make graphene-like supercapacitors

Pass de battery on de left-hand-side

TUANZ: don't risk mobile competition

New Zealand plots spectrum future

My god, what's that STENCH belching from your iPhone?

I love the smell of freshly squashed pig in the mornin'

Verizon starts selling VMware's split personality phones

Bring your own device provided it's one of these two Androids

Australian Gartner chap slams gov-funded IT education boost

IT is not a beautiful or unique snowflake and does not deserve help

Telly apocalypse foretold for 4G arrival fails to hit London: Brighton next

Good frequency fences make good neighbours, seemingly

Acorn founder: SIXTH WAVE of tech will wash away Apple, Intel

'Violent event' to finally dethrone dead genius overlord Jobs

Dark blue side of the Force used to quell Star Wars nerd clash

Dr Who are you looking at, mate?

Quantum lurches Starboard: Vigorous investor comes aboard

Blocks and FilesTape-slinger invites 3 new directors to boardroom table

Wannabe hacker, you're hired: Brit bosses mull cyber-apprenticeships

Just put on this white hat

Fusion-io turns up wick on its product development cycle

Something new to drool over every year

Dixons feasts on corpse of Comet, chortles over 'slab bonanza

Pixmania and southern EU remain sore boils on bottom line

'Momentous year' for TalkTalk as it surges from 3rd place to, er, 4th

This is 'fundamentally better', insists Harding

Copyright minister admits: Google has better access to No. 10 than me

Downing Street overrun with whispering Oompa-Loompas

Life on Mars means subsisting on grim diet of turd-garden spinach

Space yokel shit-kickers needed to colonise Red Planet

Steve JOBS finally DEFEATS the PC - from BEYOND THE GRAVE

Slablets hurtle off UK shelves as PC mountains moulder

Senators: You - Cook. Apple guy. Get in here and bring your tax books

No, don't sit down. Where's all our damn money?

Biz email slinger Mimecast tumbles over

'Makes me look a tool for recommending them' sniffs bloke

Mobile tech destroys the case for the HS2 £multi-beellion train set

CommentAnd robot cars will mean no need for new roads, too

Things that cost the same as coffee with Tim Cook - and are way more fun

A force of heavily armed au pairs, for instance

Software AG attempts to barge aboard crowded Cloud bandwagon

Vorsprung durch folgende, nicht wahr?

Google 'DOES DO EVIL', thunders British politician

Parliamentary tax probe has leaked documents, say MPs

British LulzSec hackers hear jail doors slam shut for years

'Latter day pirates' cop hefty servings of porridge

BlackBerry Messenger unleashed: Look out Twitter and Facebook

AnalysisIgnorant tech pundits just aren't down with the kids

HP preps Project Kraken for monster HANA in-memory jobs

Sixteen Ivy Bridge-EX sockets and 12TB in a single image

London Olympics site to become digital mega-hub

'Gizmos that I barely understand' will power my city, says mayor

Amazon slashes DynamoDB cost to counter Google Datastore

'Datastore? Cute. Here's a 4X price reduction on big reads.'

NASA and Google team up to buy into quantumish computing

Hoping to crack machine-learning conundrum

Pirate Bay cofounder to run for European Parliament

Seeks freetard vote for 'solutions we're in dire need of'

Dell uncloaks novel workstation trio, plops one into cloud

Versatile rack mount, entry-level minitower, itsy-bitsy cutie

Google may chuck Spanner into Datastore

Google I/ONeeds to pretty it up or 'people would freak out'

Boffins find world's oldest virgin water trapped in Earth's crust

Billion-plus-year discovery gives hope for life on Mars

Dell's server, net bizzes do well, but PCs slammed as expected

Wannabe software unit loses money in fiscal Q1

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