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15th > May > 2013 Archive

D-Wave wins the quantum-classical horse race, kind of

For the right problem, quantum computing wins

Larry Page acknowledges creeping vocal paralysis

Google boss asks for public's help to cure condition

Firefox 21 ships with performance-profiling Health Report

Phones home with stats on startup, crashes, and more

Financial firms start lining up for AMD Roadrunner systems

Open Compute makers could do for Opterons what tier ones didn't

NICTA on the budget chopping block

UpdatedCurrent funding deed to be its last

Australia's 2013/2014 budget full of sci/tech goodies

Cash for gamers, ERP reviews and nuclear waste handling

EMC's ViPR: Is it really that venomous?

StoragebodIt's automation, but not as we know it, Jim

'LulzSec leader's' victim named: tiny Oz council

Narrabri Shire, population 14,000, target of elite hackers

India's 2020 vision: a $10 BEELION software industry

Industry body wants PR

LogMeIn dives into cloudy things with ARM support

Get aboard the IoT bandwagon for £60 or less

Rolls-Royce climbs aboard Bloodhound SUPERSONIC car

Cash and tech support for mighty motor's mighty motor

McAfee all-in-one security suite covers PCs, tablets, and smartphones

Put your passport and ID docs in the cloud

Bing uncloaks Klingon translator

'Dujeychugh jagh nIv yItuHQo', says Redmond to Google

Sony investor wants to break up firm, re-invest in hardware biz

Loeb's masterplan calls for IPO of entertainment arm

Why UK slid £150m to tax-exempt phone-mast master Arqiva

Private biz bags taxpayer handout? Thank George Osborne

Cluster kids, pick your weapons: It's the Battle of Leipzig 2.0

HPC blogStop Möckern my big iron

Whiptail CEO: Big Blue's flashy BEELLION doesn't faze us

InterviewCannibalising your own lines? Not for us

UK biz baffled by Reding's planned data protection law rewrite: ICO

'I've forgotten. What does right to be forgotten actually mean?'

Apple seeks techies, designers to revive iWork office suite

Would YOU enter the walled garden?

Woes continue at Northamber after PC, server franchise breakage

'Turnaround will not be immediate', says oldest distie

Hex & plugs & ROM & roll: Computer music stars rock Bletchley

Seven decades of electronica at code-breaking park museum

Currant Bun erects £2 paywall: Wraps digi-paper around free footie

We've heard worse ideas

It's all gone to Schmitt: New OCZ boss rips 'n' replaces execs

Tries to prove to $30m backer that the biz can make money

Ten years on: How did that cloud strategy pan out?

How to avoid vendor lock-in

Oi, Google! Stop LIBELLING us Germans, fix your autocomplete

Wie möchten Sie es, Herr Adman?

Review: HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook

All roads lead to Chrome?

EU wants the Swiss and pals to cough up IT giants' hidden bank info

Where's my money, eh? WHERE'S MY MONEY?

Dell will drop the F-bomb FIVE days early in epic power struggle

That's F for financials, and perhaps a D for performance

Euro trade chief snaps on glove, goes it alone in Huawei, ZTE probe

But first, he'll have a little word with China

Datatec pours mixed cocktail of fiscal '13 numbers

Logicalis went bananas, sez Montanana

Will customers buy into Oracle's modern-day mainframes?

How about that stack, Larry...

All aboard the patch wagon! Next stop: Microsoft, Adobe, Mozilla

Come on, those security bugs won't fix themselves

Murdoch hate sparks mass bitchin', rapid evacuation from O2, BE

1 in 3 polled punters will quit ISP gobbled by Sky

Virident tempts EMC flash boss over, creeps up on Fusion-io

Intrigues all round in the flash supplier world

Euro PC shipments plummet into bottomless pit of DOOOOM

11th quarter of decline, 20pc drop on last year - Gartner

Apple: ebook price fixing? Nooo, nothing to do with us, no siree

Maybe you should ask the publishers

Live Blog: Google I/O keynote

Google I/OChocolate Factory shows off the new goodies

Feds stamp on cash pipeline to Mt Gox, Bitcoin's Wall Street

Warrant served on account used to transfer crypto-dosh

Skyera hires flashy Western Digital veep as chief architect

WD potentially challenging the big SSD boys

Alleged CIA spook cuffed by Russians: US Gmail 'spycraft' revealed

Cloak and blather, sniffs ex-FBI bod

Atlantis raises 20 million greenbacks to flog virty desktop software

D-round takes pot up to $30m total

Android device? Ooohhhh, you mean a Samsung phone

Koreans nabbed nearly all the Q1 profits – more even than Google

Fujitsu peddles three-way hybrid super to Nagoya University

Mash up to push up above 3.66 petaflops – eventually

Biological chips go analog to boost efficiency

Analog chips run rings around digital ones at tiny scale

Google platform cloud now takes PHP apps

Google I/OGoogle closes gap with cloud competitors

Overland Storage may acquire Tandberg

Cripple plus walking wounded equals able-bodied entity

Oracle updates Java versioning to allow more security fixes

New scheme skips numbers to leave room for emergencies

Google takes on AWS, Azure virty servers with micro billing and fat disks

Google I/OCompute Engine open for all

Australia downloads a limping 13 Mbps, says Ookla

Looking under the data, it's not so simple

Analyst warns NetApp is prepping layoffs

1,300 pink slips prepared

NASA: Our ALIEN HUNTING star-scan 'scope is KNACKERED

Planet-spotter not spinning its wheels in space

Cisco boosts sales and profits despite softness in switching and routing

Servers and video help fill in the gaps

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