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14th > May > 2013 Archive

IT'S OFFICIAL: Hipster era is OVER – sorry, beanie boiz...

Scientific study reveals unvarnished truth about ironic PBR drinkers

Google abruptly shuts down search-by-SMS portal

Users cut off without notice, apparently for good

Government admits seizing two months of AP phone records

Press investigators trawl calls in the Land of the Free

Google pools cloud storage

Limits to inbox size are no more

Amazon launches own currency

Web bazaar now 'coining it', for self and devs

India to battle Maoists with more mobiles

Tower-building project will boost coverage in leftist-controlled regions

You want to put 3D gun designs on the web? You'll need a 2D printer

CommentPsst! Meet me in the Rotterdam nuke-material bazaar

BSA targets Indonesian pirates

Thar be treasure...

Drone to deliver beer-as-a-service

GPS-guided Octocopter to parachute cans into South African music festival

Torvalds unveils first Linux 3.10 release candidate

Download, then be nice to your mother, Linux Lord advises

Esteem Systems bosses ponder selling themselves

Just happen to be standing about in this shop window

Windows 8 'sales' barely half as good as Microsoft claims

Don't even mention the XP/Vista sales comparisons

Borked your iDevice? Pay EVEN MORE to have it fixed by Applecare

Or scream at their hapless techies on their forums

You thought only Google dodges UK taxes? So do all the Brit firms

Amazing how much tech business gets done in the Caymans

Hm, disk drive maker, what's that smell lingering around you?

It's death and failure, says ex-Sun storage chap

Dell's enterprise biz: Can you beat HP without being HP?

Server boss comes to London, become hostage to fortune

Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Space Oddity ends in Kazakhstan

Crooning Canadian 'naut returns to terra firma

Android is a mess and needs sprucing up, admits chief

CommentCan Google really fix it? It isn't in control any more

Intel Centerton server-class Atoms: How low can you go?

ReviewReduced-power virtualisation - take that, ARM

Who is Samsung trying to kid? There will NEVER be a 5G network

AnalysisNot just satellites nobbling 'fifth-gen' smartmobes

Mystery Sony big-screen ereader to sport E Ink bender

Liable to be pliable, folks

EMC hits flash leader Fusion-io where it hurts: Low-cost server cards

Cheapie PCIe flash cards? That's OUR thing

'WikiLeaks of financial data' prompts worldwide hunt for tax evaders

'We’re coming after you' - taxman warns

Foundem urges Brussels: REJECT Google's search biz offer

Argues some tweaks make it even more anti-competitive

Micro P parent does it AGAIN, kicks recession in nackers

Get big, get niche, oh wait... that is meaningless, get out

Sun lets loose with THREE record eruptions in 24 hours

Excited boffins say star may even show off twin peaks

Full metal jacket: Nokia launches new Lumia 925

4G phone for grown-ups

Amazon coughs millions for Liquavista screen tech while workers strike

Kindle Colour soon? Not while Leipzig's downing tools

CIA ups stake in database-as-a-service firm

Cloudant trousers $12m, opens San Francisco office

Frenchie bean-counters sweet-talked into slipping on Trojans

Ne touchez pas à ce téléphone, mon ami!

Dell committee to Icahn: Show us the money

How exactly will you buy new shares for everyone?

Azlan enters EMC channel in stealth mode

We will NOT upset other distributors, they won't even know we're here

Vodafone gets surprise £2.1bn dividend from Verizon Wireless

Trebles all round in Newbury tonight

BlackBerry's Q5 QWERTY gets flirty with buy-curious teens

We need to talk about Kevin

Rackspace does tech support for popular languages on its cloud

Getting all fanatical about SDKs – for free

Microsoft: YES! You can have your desktop back again for FREE!

No, no, no need to thank us - we love you all

BlackBerry and Apple pie this summer. Or BBM-onna-Droid

Hey, rivals, have our loyal fans! No, wait

Apple adds Galaxy S 4 to Samsung patent suit

Might as well kick Korean mobe-maker where it'll hurt most

New Lumia 925: This, loyalists, is the BIG ONE you've waited for

Hands-onNokia veep drills high-end master plan for El Reg

Judge orders redacted Aaron Swartz prosecution docs to be revealed

MIT and JSTOR allowed to black out names and network info

Dell files suit accusing Hitachi and pals of 'price-fixing conspiracy'

Wants damages from optical drive suppliers

Marlinspike: Saudi mobe network tried to recruit me to sniff citizens' privates

Gov plans to probe tweets, chat, claims crypto guru

Microsoft: Next WinPhone 8 update to arrive this summer

Won't be 'Blue,' but will include important features

Engine Yard plugs PHP into its platform-as-a-service

Halves weakling instance prices, intros Riak support

Google adds Atari Easter Egg for Breakout's birthday

Cute game born in Jobsian heart of darkness

Budget could mean more paperwork for contractors

Sole traders may have to pay tax monthly, not quarterly

Video services chug half of US net capacity

Amazon cloud serves up biggest, Google second biggest, Microsoft...?

Too much infosec regulation undermines security, warns NAB

Encouraging compliance discourages responses

Top guns doomed as US Navy demos first carrier-launched drone

Killer robot takes to the skies

Watch out, Nokia: Global mobile phone sales slowing

Only the Asian market showing growth

IBM to push Linux apps on Power iron in China, then elsewhere

If you want to peddle boxes, you have to sell the ISVs first

German publisher accuses Microsoft of URL sniffing

Teacup storm or Skype snooping?

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