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13th > May > 2013 Archive

Fibre system reach doubled in university study

All you need is a little bit of maths

Open source cellular targets rural comms

Linux and Asterisk for cellular networks

On the hunt for a new ampere

Counting charge one electron at a time

Japan begins planning exascale super

Seeking funds for design project

Your Flying Car? Delayed again, but you WILL get it, says Terrafugia

AnalysisAnd the VTOL hybrid job to follow, promise engineers

China: Online predator or hapless host?

AnalysisReg man asks if all the China-bashing is justified

UK superfast broadband crew: EC competition bods are holding us up

Why must they hassle us over BT monopoly?

Storage-slinger: Sales down for 6th year running? Blame TAPE

Disk and software booming ... but not quite fast enough

Løvefïlm signs hit beards’n’berserkers series Vikings

Will Amazon streaming service rune the day?

Ancient thumb-driven whirly-wheel smartmobe UI ported to Android

Fandroids, come see what the future might have been

What kind of pirate are you: Justified, transgressor or just honest?

AnalysisOfcom has you pigeonholed

Apple asked me for my BANK statements, says outraged reader

ExclusiveWant a shiny iThing? Get your passport out

Adobe price hike: Your money or your files, frappuccino sippers

AnalysisWe count the costs of signing up to a cloudy Creative Suite

Boffins plan to drop €250,000 TEST-TUBE BURGER on London

Beefeaters, on your marks...

MI5 spymasters axe intel database upgrade, pour '£90m' down drain


El Reg drills into Office 365: What's under the hood?

Sysadmin Trevor tells us what's the score

Peril in orbitT: ISS leak plugged in five-hour spacewalk

Astronauts lash new ammonia pump on leaky truss

Which petite model likes a fondle and GETTING WET? Sony's Xperia ZR

PicsTake this new mobe swimming. Just not deep, or for long, OK?

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4

Faster, brighter, thinner - what’s not to like? Well...

Ground control to major strum: ISS's Hadfield sings Space Oddity

VidCrooner Chris in high-altitude homage to Bowie

Bill & Jobs' excellent adventure: Steve's tech looked better than mine

Design eye for the QWERTY guy

Brits' phone tracking, web history touted to cops: The TRUTH

AnalysisWhat's inside the info on 27 million punters up for sale

Bloomberg blocks its hacks from snooping on financial terminals

Get your stories the old-fashioned way, you lot

HP wanted to offload Autonomy on SAP, says SAP co-chief

UpdatedBut German software firm was 'never seriously interested'

Oracle and SAP are Big Software, but for how long?

Choked by the cloud, or death by a 1,000 cuts

Feds use Instagram pic of delicious steak dinner to nab ID thieves

A moment on the lips, a long time in prison?

'Zombie hunter' task force unleashed on the UK tech biz

Brain-slurping VCs turn firms into walking dead blows a fuse at smart meter stall, sets new 2020 deadline

And once that meter is in, it'll never come out

Xyratex shrinks ClusterStor to prop up sinking revenues

SMEs, please buy it and stop us sinking into the red

Icahn, SAM to give MickeyD the boot if they take over Dell

Dell board very politely says 'Put up or shut up'

So you've got a nice virtual desktop stack – wait, here comes DaaS Boot

Duplicated data in GreenBytes-Desktone's torpedo range

Report: AT&T dropping Facebook phone after dismal sales

Turns out folks won't buy that for a dollar

United Nations: 'Overpopulated Earth? Time to EAT BUGS'

Or feed them to cattle, pigs, chickens, and fish, then eat them

NYC attorney seeks mobe-makers' help to curb muggings

'Why no remote killswitch?'

Microsoft splashes big bucks to blast Google Apps

Latest ad campaign smacks of desperation

France weighing 'culture tax' on phones, slabs, PCs, TVs

'It's necessary to close loopholes to restore fairness'

Samsung sends gigabit '5G' signal TWO WHOLE KILOMETRES

Marketecture warsForget 5G, this is a grab for influence over future standards

NBN Co hoses down 'scary Russian crackers' report

Nothing here to see, move along

Dell gooses HANA appliances, loads up SAP Business Suite

Looks ahead to those Ivy Bridge-EX machines later this year

Seven Media mulls IPTV service

Sees NBN as enabler for 2014 launch

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