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8th > May > 2013 Archive

Deep inside Intel's new ARM killer: Silvermont

Chipzilla's Atom grows up, speeds up, powers down

Nokia shareholder tells CEO Elop he's going to hell

If you're in a hole, stop digging

Isilon OneFS snorts dedupe magic

EMC World 2013Mavericks successor embraces OpenStack

On inertia, garages and the future of ERP

Secret CIODisrupting yourself is vastly preferable to having the industry disrupt you

YouTube Trends Map pokes tacky underbelly of American psyche

'What do women want?' Not what men do, apparently

Self-assembling robot inches towards WORLD DOMINATION

Not a Von Neumann machine but still a genuinely creepy 'bot

Net darkness in Syria

Traffic drops to zero reports Google, Umbrella Security

Windows Blue preview to land at end of June

Redmond also plans Android access to Office WebApps

FTTN cabinet survives Kiwi car crash

UpdateMalcolm Turnbull's FTTN NBN plan now proven to be physically robust

Get your very own open source nematode

Think I'll go and eat OpenWorms, served at GitHub

India introduces Central Monitoring System

Phone calls, texts, emails and even social media all now snoopable

Huge erections - or lots of small ones. Checkmate, mast NIMBYs

UK gov mulls bigger mobe towers to boost Blighty's signals

Oz chap blows his own Google Glass

'FLASS' uses Android, Bluetooth, tiny screen pinched from video goggles

Seagate: Who us... no flash cred? Check out our PCIe card, suckers

Joins flash mob in earnest, pushes out SATA and SAS SSDs too

BitTorrent goes straight (to email hell) with 'Bundles'

New format marries web apps with torrents

Wireless goliath bankrolls wireless-free super-hackfest in Blighty

Telefonica switches to wired LAN for Campus Party London

Secret UN 'ZOD' climate deliberations: UK battles to suppress details

Lone engineer battles climate science Omertà

Good news: Debian 7 is rock solid. Bad news: It's called Wheezy

ReviewIf you want to be 20 miles from the bleeding edge, come on in

Coke? Windows 8 is Microsoft's 'Vista moment'. Again

PCs built for people not designed by data

Review: Crucial M500 960GB SSD

A consumer-friendly drive with class-leading tech, capacity

Acronis co-founder slips into driving seat after CEO picks up P45

Founding exec Beloussov: 'I'm excited to be back'

Colombian plods cuff jailbreaker despite on-the-run gender bend

Hefty Bulgarian airbags fail to distract Barranquilla fuzz

Ex-Murdoch man given new CEO seat at Virgin Media

Liberty Global appoints Tom Mockridge

Has any employer ever delivered the training it promised?

MinipollPersonal Development for Dummies? You tell us...

The Metro experiment is dead: Time to unleash Windows Phone+

AnalysisHow Microsoft can capture the mobile market - properly

Queen's Speech: 'Problem of matching IP addresses' to be probed

Theresa May's proposed Snooper's Charter absent from law-making programme

Review: BlackBerry Q10

Not cheap, but a most excellent Communicator

TalkTalk's tiny package most certainly not 'best value', tuts watchdog

Oh, put it away

Larry Ellison forks out over $200m to slurp up sexy Malibu strip

Neighbours not wanted at coveted 'Billionaire's Beach'

Teradata boosts DRAM on appliances for in-memory queries

You don't need no stinkin' HANA or Exalytics

Don't use Google+? Tough, Google Glass will inject it INTO YOUR EYES

And - shock - it phones home to the cuddly ad giant

Symantec CEO: I'll AXE up to 4 in 10 execs by July

How the cookie crumbles when profit tumbles 66%

INSATIABLE black hole in Milky Way's heart crams hot gas into cavity

Restaurant at the end of the universe...

NuoDB gets .NET plugin

NewSQL pirates hijack SQL on Azure

Gov tech buyers told to buy from CloudStore first

Um, good luck with that ...

HP knew Autonomy was a duff buy, claim HP shareholders in $1bn suit

Apotheker ignored accounting irregularities and outdated tech

Spotify spews 'unencrypted' FREE MP3s all over creation

Chrome tool could ransack music vault, says coder

Fusion-io founders flee, ex-HP hotshot takes the wheel

Shane Robison becomes CEO of Woz flash firm

Facebook crashes into networking with open switch

Puckering ensues at Cisco, Juniper, Brocade

Groupon's retail chief heads for the door... after just 1 year

Office supplies... mmm. We hear there's money in that

Microsoft: Subscription-only apps? Not for us, yet

Give it a decade or so, then we'll talk

John McAfee talks of sex, drugs, and bad coding

Disavows software that bears his name

Does a cloud have to be public, or can it be private?

Enterprises and Rackspace Hosting disagree with Amazon

Amazon cloud floats into Microsoft data centers

AWS condenses inside System Center management software

Stealthy, malware-spewing server attack not limited to Apache

Lighttpd, Nginx variants also discovered

'Ring of fire' eclipse to burn Australia

Tune in from 22:00 GMT May 9th for the non-Johnny-Cash-related cosmic action

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