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7th > May > 2013 Archive

Cisco borgs VHA packet core

Network upgrades prepping for 4G launch

Spectrum auction closes shy of $AU2 billion

Telstra, TPG, Optus buy spectrum, skip the red undies

Politically-correct 'Fairphone' goes on pre-sale next week

Evil-free recyclable mobe uses ethical ingredients, fair labor practices ... and Android

Kiwis consider new spy laws in wake of Dotcom debacle

Will let GCSB spy on citizens

Judge hands copyright troll an epic smack-down

Prenda Law lashed by US court

BMC successfully sells self

Private equity mob shells out $US6.9bn for management software outfit

Amazon beats Google to open Chinese app store

Kick in the teeth for the Chocolate Factory

US Army engineer wins Air Assault wings after repairing hi-tech leg twice

Air valve came off on obstacle course

Taiwanese uni sues Apple over FaceTime and QuickTime

Rogue province pulls the patent infringement trigger again

In space, no one can hear your laptop Blue Screen

StobWay above the Cloud, there's a bring-your-own-disaster brewing on the ISS

Don't bake your Raspberry Pi - now you can WATER COOL it

PicBrit's compressed cooler for turbo-charged micro PCs

TV gesture patent bombshell: El Reg punts tech into public domain

PicsVulture North's droid gives lawyers the finger

WTF? Comcast scores MORE sales from fewer vid customers

AnalysisPlus it keeps hiking prices - how will it hang onto these big spenders?

Oracle, SAP under attack: How cloud upstarts steal their lunch

AnalysisBiz bosses can't wait to offload gear to rivals, or so we're told

How did something so small and pink cause so much trouble?

Book extractMancunians' devastating verdict after brief ID card trial

EMC, VMware dangle axe over 1,804 workers around the planet

Tech CEO 101: Sales up, profits down, time to sharpen blade

Google's Page, LG boss's SECRET confab sparks Nexus 5 rumour

And leaked pix of new smartmobe starts Optimus G2 talk

Micron brandishes sharp new flash blade, lunges at Fusion-io

'Our card is the best out of all our unnamed rivals'

Twitter turns off Tweetdeck's life support after lengthy coma

Death by paperwork

Microsoft: All RIGHT, you can have your Start button back

We blew it but now we're gonna Blue it, says Redmond

Librarians: Argos site is top priority to be preserved for future generations

El Reg strangely not in top 100 historymaking list

Vodafone slurps MEELLLIONS for redirecting police hotline calls

Ringing the Old Bill will still cost 15p/pop

First, the bad news: EA bags Star Wars games rights

Still waiting for the good news

Boundary app monitor becomes a fortune teller

One Dashboard to rule them all

Nokia teases world+dog with snap of new 4G Lumia 928

PicQuick, get a soaking wet babe on a beach, that'll shift some gear

Asus: PC market still burning, but folks are guzzling our tablets

Remember double-digit profit rises, HP, Dell... Acer?

The real reason why Dell wants to go private: To fondle big Boomis

Cloud integrator waggles its new API tool

Peak Apple: Foxconn contemplating life after Cupertino

Originality threatens fruity firm's dominance

Google's Schmidt calls for 'DELETE from INTERWEBS' button

Digital amnesty for reformed badboys


Red-eyed, noisy-as-MOTORBIKES insect ORGY imminent

Hey, Acer: Is that a rounding error, or did you actually make a profit?

Actually, it was a little financial magic wot won it

Watchdog: Y'know what Bitcoin really needs? A REGULATOR!

US derivatives commission mulls rules for e-cash

Chair of Dish in dash for Sprint seat: Tries to slurp HALF its shares

Bold move could see Charles Egren slip through telco's back door

EMC: 'Hardware? We stopped doing that YEARS ago'

EMC World 2013500 box fiddlers versus thousands of software coders

Cray descends to midrange HPC shops with baby XC30 supers

An air-cooled chip off the relatively new 'Cascade' block

'Quantum network? We've had one for years,' says Los Alamos

Hiding its light under a concrete, titanium-lined bushel

US Department of Defense fingers China as top cyber threat

Chinese gov't, military to blame for past attacks

Senate passes Marketplace Fairness Act by wide margin

Internet taxes for all ... maybe

Ray Harryhausen, king of stop motion, takes final voyage

ObituaryInnovator who paved the way for modern special effects

Google not sabotaging YouTube on Windows Phone after all

New app delivers features once said to be impossible

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