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6th > May > 2013 Archive

Debian 7 debuts

Wheezy wheels out with extra cloud power

Flat mobe battery? Just light a fire

Hiker hacker's maker charger is a gas, gas, gas

Next Tidbinbilla deep space antenna ready for hoist

Don't drop the dish ...

China's internet security giant Qihoo planning global domination

Founder Zhou shares his own Chinese dream

BMC on the private equity block

$US6.5bn sale expected this week

Acer reveals 'floating' screen to save desktop, self

Is it an all-in-one? Is it a notebook? Is it a tablet?

Movie review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Facing the future of the franchise with eyes firmly on the past

We've done it - we've gone and made LONG-LIFE BEER

Boffins breed 'defective' enzyme to extend tipple's shelf life

Juniper betas Contrail control freak for software-defined nets

Interop 2013Getting into the encrowdening field earlier than expected

Platform clouds: The hot battle for developers' hearts and minds

AnalysisOpen for business

Report: Icahn spoiling for a proxy fight with Dell over buyout deal

Enlisting Southeastern Asset Management as ally against Big Mike

EMC throws ViPR into software-defined party

Software-defined storage snake slithers into service providers

Next Xbox won't need always-on internet after all

Leaked memo suggests Microsoft feels gamers' pain

YouTube channels at $1.99 per month could launch this week

50 channels tapped for content-for-pay trial

Adobe kills Creative Suite – all future features online only

Demos hardware magic wand and Project Napoleon

Dell snaps up Enstratius for cloud wrangling

Big Mike is getting agnostic about heavenly infrastructure

EC: Motorola abused its patents in Apple iPhone spat

Injunctions violated EU antitrust rules

US Navy builds master control for military drone ops

It's about support costs, not Skynet

Google hit by building automation security FAIL

Choc Factory's Oz HQ hacked by researchers

VTOL hybrid flying car promises the skies

Will creator Terrafugia soar – or crash and burn?

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