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Opportunity rover stuck in standby mode after Martian blackout

UpdatedHave they tried turning it off and then on again?

Ultra-hackable Google Glass could be a security nightmare

Easy root access opens spyware floodgates

Apple to end support for original iPhone: report

RIP iPhone One, 2007-2013

Is it me or did cloud marketing suddenly get really weird?

CommentPR bods are going ga-ga on cloudy fumes

Cisco clambers aboard gig Wi-Fi bandwagon

Product catapult loaded with 802.11ac kit

SGI tax bennies push bigger profit in Q1

Wraps up LMDs of profit destruction, shows decent sales growth

AMD reveals potent parallel processing breakthrough

Upcoming Kaveri processor will drink from shared-memory Holy Grail

Security cameras leak credentials, live video

D-Link scrambles upgrade, Vivotek silent says Core Sec

Linux kernel 3.9 lands

Power management, new processors, SSD caching and more

Red faces as Pentagon leases Chinese satellite

It's ok, we've added 'additional transmission security'

Oz volcano's lava lake spills from crater

Steamed walrus, anyone?

Oracle reveals secret recipe for free DIY storage cloud

How far will the virtual ZFS fun scale?

Review: Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 WinPro 8 tablet

VidFancy a shower with your fondleslab? Or booting it down the stairs?

Not cool, Adobe: Give the Ninite guys a job, not the middle finger

Sysadmin blogTop toolmaker told to stop installing crapware-free Flash

Facebook Messenger tech to glue 50bn-strong Internet of Stuff

Machine blabber protocol backed by Cisco, IBM et al

Leave keys to your data centre to a Grizzly? Brocade thinks: Yes

Also whisks sheet off new software-defined networking toys

FalconStor on 13th quarterly loss: 'Unpredictable' OEM dragged us down

And the previous 12 quarters?

Is the IT industry short on Cobolers? This could be your lucky day

Sometimes a CV needs a few fossils

'I still get on the phone for a $5k deal' - NetSuite CEO's anti-SAP mission

InterviewBig cheese spells out tough world of Salesforce and other enterprise tech rivals

Quid-a-day nosh challenge hack forms foraging party

Can Mother Nature supplement meagre diet?

Give it up for Live 8-bit: Muso devs raise dosh for Bletchley Park kids

AudioElectronica album sales pumped into programming lessons

Plusnet's 'Everyone's a winner' claim is a plus-sized whopper

Watchdog slaps ISP for Del Boy-like tactics

BlackBerry: THE TRUTH about that 5.1 per cent UK market figure

Mobe maker is happy stroking its bronze

Brit horologist hammers out ‘first’ ATOMIC-POWERED watch

PicThe laughing gnomon

Barnes & Noble bungs Raspberry Pi-priced Nook on shelves

That makes the cheap-as-chips e-reader cool now, right?

Google 'will be pulled back in front of MPs' on its UK tax affairs

London Googlers 'aren't sales people', claims ad giant

P2P badboy The Pirate Bay sets sail for the Caribbean

Torrent freaks are off to the tropics

Atoms star in ball-bothering boffins' Big Blue movie

VidBantam blockbuster boy bewilders Reg bloke

Yahoo! scuppered! in! Dailymotion! buyout! attempt!

French gov cries 'Non!' to $300m video slurp

Hotel marketplace Airbnb: Show us your privates if you want to book a bed

Hand over that Facebook ID and passport, Popeye

Audio gumble biz Jawbone gobbles bag of 500 trillion body bits

Human-watching BodyMedia snapped up for $100m

Mozilla accuses Gamma of dressing up dictators' spyware as Firefox

Maker of spooks' fave FinSpy served cease-and-desist

Reseller giant Systemax bleeds red ink in Q1 of 'turnaround year'

CEO Leeds: 'Operating loss is unacceptable'

Citrix: Hey channel, we're BAAAA-ACK. Can't flog clouds without you

'Tried and failed', world has moved on. So sad

Taxi app Uber's $1bn uber price tag: CEO speaks out

Bigwig puts record straight

US Labor Dept website serving malware to innocent visitors

Blag bears signature of notorious Chinese DeepPanda

Avnet welds services tentacles into one mighty arm

Octupus looks to get some knuckle in its punch

Picture this: Kodak could get out of bankruptcy as early as July

Camera biz to become printing'n'imaging service

Former mobile-biz lobbyist Wheeler to become top US frequency cop

FCC boss needs to be auctioneer and priest, too

VMTurbo trousers $7.5m to bring Adam Smith's hand to more clouds

Gearing up engineering and sales for a future hybrid world

EFF report identifies which internet firms 'have your back' on data

Twitter is tops, but big-name fails from Verizon, Apple, and others

VMware sells WaveMaker to Pramati

That didn't last long

Arista monster switches fluff up cloud with 1 million virty machines

7500E mod box sports 100Gb/sec speeds and integrated optics on ports

MapR revs up HBase queries with M7 Hadoop distro

Solr search engine means elephants don't need to chew big data cud

Report: IBM, Lenovo x86 server deal hits the skids

Or, maybe the Great Wall of China

Facebook fails to wow Wall Street with slow profit growth

Mobile users keep coming, but will they pay off?

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