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29th > April > 2013 Archive

Apple to stage 'Tech Talks' roadshow

WWDC refugees will be served locally

Cat ladies turned brand-squatters poke fun at religious right

Redditors, Tweets duped as well, what's not to like?

Move space junk with laser shots

A little 'light' nudge

Australian Bureau of Statistics denies hacking report

A login isn't a 'hack' states stat specialist

Chinese cops shutter PRC's biggest pirate movie site

Symbolic move but country remains an IP Wild West

Pirate Party wins seats in Icelandic election

Three MPs to free MP3s

Tight White Spaces to be penetrated in Blighty this year - Ofcom

And you can get your hands on it by 2014, fingers crossed

Harassed Oracle worker to appeal costs, damages decisions

Lawyers 'incredibly supportive concerning my legal fees'

Crims take to Facebook to flog ZeuS kits

Dark networks meet social networks

Japan forgot data wipe on ship sold to Pyongyang

Former coast guard ship's navigation records reach NORKS

Reduxio plots 'revolutionary' hybrid array tech: It will need it

Storage startup has to compete in increasingly crowded space

Brocade, wake up: Cisco is here, and it also has 16 gig FC

Unstoppable Ethernet proved stoppable

Canadian TV station wails: NFC bonking... it's not SAFE

Credit card cloning? Sigh, we've been here before

UK.Gov passes Instagram Act: All your pics belong to everyone now

Everyone = Silicon Valley ad platforms tech companies

Judge of EU beauty contest for 'sexy' startups is VC backer of winner

Comment'Oh dear', says EC after Steelie Neelie blush gush

Ten ancestors of the netbook

FeatureDoomed category has a long history thanks to Atari, Poqet, Psion et al

Serial killer hack threat to gas pipes, traffic lights, power plants

Analysis'You could shut down the electricity grid' warns security biz

How Google lost the trust of Europe’s data protection authorities

OpinionThe days of teensy fines may be over for Mountain View

Next Xbox to be called ‘Xbox Infinity’... er... ‘Xbox’

We don’t know. Maybe Microsoft doesn’t (yet) either

Fried-egg sarnies kick off Reg man's quid-a-day nosh challenge

An egg-shell-ent start - but bacon, booze is off the menu

iPhone 5 totters at the top as Samsung thrusts up UK mobe chart

But older Apples are still holding their own

Peak txt: 1.5 billion more chat app msgs sent than SMSes a day

Only spam and robots save phone texts from IM stampede

Science of the lambs: Boffins grow GLOW-IN-THE-DARK sheep

Baa baa hacked sheep, why the day-glo wool?

Chinese cyber-spook crew back in business, say security watchers

Who can tell the spies from the robbers?

Fund-a-mental: The real problem with clouds and managed services

CommentGet your money up front if you want money up front

Eucalyptus clones more AWS features for cloud control freak

Auto scaling, elastic load balancing, and CloudWatch for the private cloud

Hard drives snatch hold of semi giant LSI, jump right off a cliff

Dying disks weigh down sales

Google Plus minus Meebo Bar equals Google minus $100m

'Buy 'em out, boys'

SMART Storage, Diablo brew a wee DRAM of MYSTERY tonic

All we needed is some flash, some system memory and $36m

Take a deep breath: This is THE year of 'end-user computing'

CommentEr, what does that mean? Anything you want it to

GreenBytes' data smite knight gets Citrix green light

IO Engine approved for cloudy virtual desktops

Fat boxes keep Super Micro from slumping

Behemoths boost server ASPs in March quarter, working on Moonshot killa

NATO proclaimed winner of Locked Shield online wargame

Games without frontiers, war without tears

Opera sues designer for leaking trade secrets to Mozilla

Simplified browser UIs in the dock

Apple's next OS X said to be targeted at 'power users'

Tabbed Finder windows, multiple display improvements, more

LG beats Samsung to OLED flexi-TV with hella pricey 55-incher

Norks get another excuse to invade the South

HP mashes up ProLiant, Integrity, BladeSystem, and Moonshot server businesses

New appliance server group to peddle 'converged systems'

AppFog PaaS drops Rackspace IaaS

Low demand leads to shutdown as PaaS runs to private clouds

Combover King Donald Trump: 'I miss Steve Jobs'

Tim Cook wouldn't last long on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

Google to Glass devs: 'Duh! Go ahead, hack your headset'

'We intentionally left the device unlocked'

Surprise! Republican bill adds politics to science funding

'Forget peer review, let's get the experts at Congress involved'

Branson's SpaceShipTwo succeeds in first rocket-powered flight

55,000 feet? Check. Break sound barrier? Check. Safe landing? Check

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