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26th > April > 2013 Archive

SkySQL nabs Monty Program to form MariaDB powerhouse

Merger unites veteran MySQL developers, consultants

Study suggests US companies use overseas workers to cut wages

Skills shortage? What skills shortage?

Amazon's cloud on track for $2bn in revenue in 2013

AnalysisAWSome cloud swells with cash, objects

NetApp taps Oz cloud lab for federation exploration

University of Melbourne's Cloud Lab cooks up SLAs for ops in multiple public clouds

Apple loses again in Chinese App Store copyright case

Beijing judge throws the book at Cupertino as writers triumph

Avoid nasty plugins with this extension, says Google

Boost to cloudy collaborators offers chaste hugs for Office

Reg hack to starve on £1 a day for science

Signs up for 'Live Below the Line' charity subsistence challenge

Pirate Bay docks in Iceland

Low odds on legal whack-a-mole resuming in Reykjavik real soon now

Samsung to block mobile app store in Iran as sanctions bite

Tells users 'legal barriers' are reason for canning Farsi service

Announcement of 'churnalism detector' gets furiously churned

From the secretive mob who gave you the Min of Truth

Titsup 2e2's data centre dustup gave UK users the CLOUD FEAR

Vendors struggling to reinflate the bubble

'Facebook, Twitter, Google: Ad companies masquerading as tech ones'

Says cross advertising man (not pickled herring)

Mosaic turns 20: Let's fire up the old girl, show her the web today

Grandmother to IE and Firefox, the web's first popular browser

DARPA looks for a guided bullet with DEAD reckoning navigation

Not only has your name on it, but your address too

Even world's most MASSIVE distie takes punch to wallet

Profits down by over 40% but sales boosted by acquisitions

Caldicott: NHS workers should 'have the confidence to share information'

'As important as duty to protect patient confidentiality'

El Reg drills into Google's search biz offer to Europe

AnalysisMountain View wants to choose its EU inspector

'Your infernal cable pipes come up from Hell, Virgin!'

QuotwPlus: 'I suspect some DDoS skid on his Mum's Windows box'

Hunt on NHS data sharing: Obviously we HAVE TO let people opt out

Patients who've already said no will be safeguarded... How? Who knows

Review: Nokia Lumia 520

At last - an alternative to Landfill Android

Can't find your motor? Apple patents solve car park conundrums

Cupertino to enable world+dog to find its lost Ladas

Master Beats: Why doesn't audio quality matter these days?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Hear, there and everywhere

Apple fanbois get one last chance to see spectre of Steve Jobs

Extra tickets printed after WWDC 2013 sells out in SECONDS

AT&T debuts 'Digital Life' robo-home and security tech

Step into Internet of Things: Give us keys to homes in 15 US cities

Hey, monkey: Just 'cos your mates eat FOUL corn, YOU have to eat it too?

Science: Um, well... yes

HP's StoreVirtual gets a bit older, decides it needs some Fibre

LeftHand turn for Palo Alto

PEAK iPHONE? Apple mobe growth slumps to ‘lowest in its history’

What won't appear on Tim Cook's WWDC 2013 slides

Texan stitches stratosphere into stunning panoramas

One mighty orb and six vid cameras for fully spherical imagery

You hear that, Mr Cook? Samsung's profits have gone UP

Remember when Apple's used to do that?

CURSE you, EINSTEIN! Humanity still chained in relativistic PRISON

'Collapsar jump' from Forever War seemingly not on cards

Ubuntu without the 'U': Booting the Big Four remixes

ReviewRaring Ringtail without the OS X/Unity stuff

Scan Source lifts cover off 'disappointing' Euro numbers

Workers pushed out door to improve profits

T-mobile US in invisible handset handcuff contract smackdown

'No restrictions' ads caused nose growth, pant fires - AG

Microsoft off the hook for billions in Motorola Mobility payout

Court case hinges around patents used in Xbox

Senate clears bill to block warrantless email searches

But CISPA still trumps it

Lenovo deal to buy IBM x86 server biz moving along fast

Time for Ginni to make a call to GloFo or TSMC for fab spinout

What work? Tablet owners prefer to slack off with their slabs

Their kids like to play with them, too

Police arrest suspect in BIGGEST DDoS ATTACK IN HISTORY

Dutch suspect snatched in Spain

New Google Play terms ban non-store app updates

Rug pulled from under Facebook's auto-updates

If you spend THIS much on cloud, perhaps you need a rethink

Cloud makers reveal tipping point from public to private

LivingSocial admits major hacking attack on customer database

Credit card info is safe, company insists

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