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24th > April > 2013 Archive

AWS says private clouds are vaporware

Veep flings darts at VMware, Windows Server, et al

Boffins explain LED inefficiencies

Electrons misbehave at higher energies

Huawei preps new mobes to overhaul Apple

60 million sales the target with innovation to trump sinister reputation

Bill Gates offends Koreans after sticking hand down trousers

'American style' session with madam president

BitTorrent offers file sync tool for PCs and NAS

Peer-to-peer file sharing for backup and collaboration … honestly

Ofcom to UK: Really - you're using the same password for everything?

And would it kill you to use something a little less OBVIOUS...

Galaxy S4 radiant, but has black holes

First LookSamsung's new flagship does a lot very well and tries hard at everything

Reddit: So very sorry for naming innocent man as Boston bomber

Front page of internet maybe not where you read the news

App reads The Indie's dead-tree pages - so you don't have to

Tabloid-broadsheet joins digital world circa 2003

EE: Of course we're going to get 1m 4G users by the end of the year!

Brave numerical spinning by EE, but is it enough?

World's first 5mm-thin gyrating models paraded on disk catwalk

Crumbs, someone needs a fat lunch

Mad Leo exit finally clears way for Blighty to love HP again

German's spectre no longer haunting sales staff?

Review: Corsair Voyager Air 1TB wireless hard drive

The basic network storage box that transforms into extra space for slates and smartphones

Your phone may not be spying on you now - but it soon will be

Infosec 2013Smash it with a hammer now, it's the only way to be sure

Amazon: Hard luck Microsoft, AWS will always be cheaper

We're in the driving seat and the only way is down

Black-eyed Pies reel from BeagleBoard's $45 Linux micro blow

PicsGigahertz-class pocket-sized ARM Ubuntu rig, anyone?

Hidden dragon Huawei: 'We’re making increased efforts at transparency'

Can the telecoms kit maker make it big in biz IT?

Brutally efficient galaxy SPITS OUT STARS at 'maximum rate'

Burns through its gas supply, making Milky Way look slooow

Microsoft hoists ZTE onto the Android patent bandwagon

Huawei and Googorola still holding out on licensing deals

Virgin Media revs up for Liberty Global merger

Bags 'significant' backhaul contract wins with rivals

Apple slips Antennagate victims $15 each. The lawyers get $16m

But hey, don't forget the free iPhone 4 case, right?

Appliances are the new data centre onesie

It's all coming together

Cook: iPad is a gateway drug which leads to harder Mac addiction

Though curiously Macs are down as fondleslabs surge

France and Germany are holding us back, moans Computacenter

Everything's just super in Blighty, though

UK gov's troll-finder general says he's hanging up his axe

Prosecution chief will quit after finishing web abuse playbook

Boffins KALQ-u-late the ultimate 'board for two-thumb tablet tappers

Grip that 7-incher and get it pumping out stuff

Ofcom: When shall we squeeze Freeview's girth?

Luvvies and White Space tools can't even touch unloved bottom

Indian IT consultant becomes idol to legions of football fans

Hat-trick hiccup bloke declines offer to join Premier League

Cameron: Get those saucy websites off Blighty's public Wi-Fi

'Good, clean' wireless for babycino-chugging cherubs

Google snaps up Wavii for $30m - report

Choc Factory said to have nabbed machine-learning social network

Microsoft: Brits, grab our Surface Pro ten-incher for satisfaction in May

Hey, where's our cut, grumbles UK channel

General Electric pours $105 MEEELION into Pivotal Initiative

Skunkworks lab for the industrial internet

Free French app app booted by Apple, triggers 1m-strong petition

'Extrêmement brutale et unilatérale' rages minister

Spectre of Steve Jobs in one last outing at WWDC

WWDCCupertino sets conference date for 10 June - tickets on sale tomorrow

COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO: NASA rovers scrawl giant willy on Mars

PicJet (Propulsion) Set Willy

Behold Ubuntu Server 13.04: Focus on hypervisors and OpenStack

A Raring Ringtail riding a Grizzly smoking a Havana

MetroPCS shareholders approve sweetened T-Mobile merger

$1.5bn cash offer seals the deal

Vulns, exploits, hacks: Trusteer touts tech to terminate troubles

Infosec 2013If I don't know what you're doing, I'll kill you

Reg man crunches IBM's storage hardware revenues

AnalysisA tale of two charts

Microsoft to unveil new Xbox console on May 21

Redmond promises 'a real taste of the future'

EMC announces record revenues: But hey, Joe, where're the profits?

'Cloud, Big Data, er, I'm incredibly energised'

Juniper pushes up sales and profits in Q1

Data center switches, service provider routers start to pick up

Court orders Visa partner to allow donations to WikiLeaks

Credit card blockade begins to crack

Insight Enterprises EMEA president Fenton quits

Longest handover in channel history as successor sought

Pivotal takes guts of Google, sells to enterprises

Small team aims to clone Google-stack for enterprises

IBM CEO Rometty swaps heads of strategy and servers

Musical boardroom chairs – possibly related to x86 server and other spinoffs

Another blow for Flash as Unity gaming engine kills support

Says Adobe 'eroded developers' trust'

Western Digital profits down despite revenue rise

Declining drive prices ate into income

Mellanox boffins concoct chips for 100Gb/sec InfiniBand

Swings to a loss in Q1 as R&D, sales, and marketing costs rise

Fusion-io buys NexGen

Gets hybrid flash/disk array startup

Sprint promises to take 2G into the Internet of Things

They'll be no refarming round here

Heroku PaaS floats over to Europe

Geo-redundancy for the trendy Ruby cloud

Want a coffee with Tim Cook? Better start saving now

Apple boss chin-wag will cost $100,000+

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