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23rd > April > 2013 Archive

New poll says Assange could win Australian Senate seat

26 per cent of Aussies “likely” to vote for Leaker-In-Chief

Spies catch Acer's Windows 8-incher before it hides

Smaller unit should be less intimidating to punters

US Air Force beats off competition in NSA hacking fight

Training to defend, and attack

Voda wants NBN access to boost regional 4G spread

Country Oz needs a fibre diet to suck nutrients out of wireless broadband

Java still vulnerable despite recent patches

Sun rises in the East

Lenovo's mobile push stalls in China

Samsung steamrolls everyone, including Apple and Gartner

Chinese IEEE members want MAC control for cognitive radio

Spectrum licences? Who needs 'em when radios can find their own airspace

Nudge nudge, wink wink interface may drive Google Glass

Two-finger salutes also come in handy, as may patent lawyers

AMD pins future growth to embedded marketplace

G-Series SoCs to turn sliver of revenues into wedge

BlackBerry OS 10.1 leaks its secret goo over all the web

Half-baked next version to try, if you're mad enough

Array makers, what's that noise? It's the hungry Amazonian horde

Blocks and Files...And they're here to swipe you and your lunch

Firewall tech pioneer Gil Shwed: Former teen sysadmin on today's infosec biz

FeaturePrince of State(ful) inspection 20 years on

Diagnostics tools ARE useful, but more for the vendor than me

StoragebodSome add-ons should be set free...

Weak iPad, iPhone demand hits LG Display in the wallet

Apple shares below $400 for first time in 2 years

Big money in Big Data: SGI debuts petabyte-juggling archiving tool

Watch out, Quantum...

Retailers: You could get the chance to TEAR UP Penguin ebook contracts

EU competition commitments opened up to market testing

Sord drawn: The story of the M5 micro

ArchaeologicThe 1983 Japanese home computer that tried to cut it in the UK

You got your Tintri hat, beermat and cat: But what does it all mean?

Hands-onHype begone: Is this storage management for dummies or what?

Astute: Hey small biz, you too can afford speedy flashy goodness

Array biz claims 3-5x speed boost from cheap accelerator

8 in 10 small UK firms hacked last year - at £65k a pop: Report

Infosec 2013Poor security practices blamed, according to gov survey

Privacy crusaders: ISPs in 'conspiracy of silence' over Snoop Charter

They're keeping negotiations with gov PRIVATE!

CFO warns IBM's 'underperforming' storage crew: We'll take 'substantial action'

AnalysisLegacy mid-range and entry arrays look unsafe

Google's teeny UK tax bill 'just not right', thunders senior MP

Hodge on Schmidt: Aiding the economy and paying corp tax is NOT an 'either/or'

Turn off the mic: Nokia gets injunction on 'key' HTC One component

Dutch court stops Taiwanese firm from using microphones

Peak Apple: First 'profit slip' in a decade - and, boy, it's gonna be BIG

Clammy hand of Steve Jobs felt on cold Q2 numbers, say analysts

Review: Nokia Lumia 720

Ah, a battery life just like the old days

UK's dead monster iPad gumble-maker COMES BACK TO LIFE

Ditches workforce, relocates in Far East

Data centre networks are getting flatter and fitter

Shed the layers

Make cool shows, make money: Netflix's SHOCKING TV strategy

'Internet TV' biz counts House of Cards gamble winnings

Verizon: 96 PER CENT of state-backed cyber-spying traced to China

Lock up your data, folks

Nvidia Tesla bigwig: Why you REALLY won't need x86 chips soon

InterviewFind out where Intel, AMD, ARM stand in GPU giant's roadmap

Apple fanbois' accidental bonking ruled too obvious by watchdog

Googorola touchscreen fumble patent cry rejected by ITC

Crypto guru: Don't blame users, get coders security training instead

Infosec 2013Murdoch's infosec man adds 'arrogant' techies also 'vulnerable'

Twitter signs ad deal with Starcom

Telly-watching tweeters targeted by dosh-generating deal

CISPA row: Slurped citizen data is ENORMO HACK TARGET - infosec boss

US cyber-spook hub ultimate trophy for miscreants

Yelling at mobes while driving just as bad as texting


Mellanox adds VM-flitting to ConnectX-3 server adapters

Going Pro with VXLAN and NVGRE to stretch across Layer 3 nets

White House backs US web sales tax - eBay hits panic alarm

Think about what you're doing here, wails net bazaar

Huawei: 'We're not interested in US market'

Cuts enterprise sales projections by one-third

Salesforce: Internet of Things is 'third wave of computing'

Benioff & Co dive into social networks, connected devices

Hacked AP tweet claiming White House explosion causes Dow dip

Pro-Assad Syrian Electronic Army claims responsibility

Human rights groups rally humanity against killer robots

Call for ban on fully autonomous weapons systems

Facebook plans vast data center in Iowa

Plonks FarmVille into farm land

Apple beats revenue estimates but margins are falling

Plans $100bn share buy-back bonanza for investors

First batch of Firefox OS phones sells out in hours

Experimental handsets a hot item among developers

VMware profits flat-line even as services revenues grow

Virtzilla launches Project Zephyr vCloud Hybrid Service on May 21

Oz broadband speeds collapsed in 2012

Bottomless thirst for downloads chokes the tubes

Australian Federal Police claim arrest of 'LulzSec leader'

UpdatedSuspect is IT pro with access to government data at work

TPG might bid for spectrum: reports

Junior telco dons the 'red underpants'

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