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22nd > April > 2013 Archive

Report: Apple returned 8M shoddy iPhones to Foxconn

Manufacturer feeling financial pain after botching a batch

787 battery fix approved

Plastic planes still grounded as operators await repair manuals

Japanese Feds urge ISPs to support Tor ban plan

UpdatedAnonymous on the internet? You must be up to no good

DDOS strikes BitCoin exchange Mt.Gox

Virtual currency in real trouble

Harassed Oracle employee wins case, cops huge legal bill

'A very high price to pay for her victory' says Judge

More and more likely that double CO2 means <2°C: New study

Yes, it warms the planet - just not as much as thought

Are you being robbed of sleep by badly designed servers?

Sysadmin BlogMornings, nights, they all blur into one for our man Trevor

Web minister Maria Miller: UK WILL hit 2015 broadband target

Fibre to reach 10m households by end of Parliament, she insists

Amazon: We're expanding into TWO HUNDRED countries

Merrily piggybacking off Android

SanDisk '2-3 years' away from mass-producing 3D flash chips

19nm NAND wafers ready by Q3 2013

Fed up with database speed? Meet Big Blue's BLU-eyed boy

AnalysisEl Reg drills into 10TB/s acceleration tech

Ten Windows 8 Ultrabooks

Product RoundupA selection of sexy slimline laptops for your mobile computing pleasure

Ready for the car 2.0? Nvidia preps UPGRADABLE car system

'K.I.T.T., you try something like that again, I'll put sugar in your gas tank'

Facebook to plonk $1.5bn data centre in Iowa - report

FarmVille for realsies... bitch

Eric Schmidt defends Google's teeny UK tax payouts - again

Brit firms in US do the same, sniffs Choc Factory chief

First the PCs, now System X: Is IBM ready to flog server biz to Lenovo?

HPC blogSpeculation mounts over elective X86-ectomy...

Blogger, activist pals answer Anons' CISPA website blackout call

Oh noes, I can't access

ICO probes Home Office refusal to reveal Snooper's Charter details

Data watchdog demands answers about Orwellian-sounding Request Filter

Platform clouds can make enterprises all teeth and no tail

Red Hat and VMware want to be your private parts

The software industry: So efficient, we invented shelfware

Have you considered helping customers to stop overspending?

And they're off: Hubble, Herschel race for hot pics of space filly

PicsScopes trot out new snaps of Horsehead Nebula

BadNews, fandroids: MILLIONS of Google Play downloads riddled with malware

Dodgy apps spaff premium-rate txts, lol

iPhone too heavy? Volkswagen brings out motorised ride-on dock

Forget swapping batteries! Just plug in a petrol engine

EC sends antitrust complaint to smart chip cartel suspects

Fireside chat fails to satisfy

Review: Disgo 8400G 7.9in Android tablet

A 3G fondleslab for £150, where's the catch?

Securing the Internet of Things - or how light bulbs can spy on you

AnalysisFifty billion hackable devices batten down the hatches

German watchdog whacks Google with PIDDLING FINE over Street View slurp

'Discount rate' punishment won't deter ad giant, rages Hamburg commish

How long will it take Facebook Home to hit 1bn downloads? 76 years

Android app installed 500,000 times since its release

Microsoft: Worried about web privacy? Tell us everything...

Redmond wants to look at your privates

Red Hat renames JBoss application server as WildFly

New effort to focus on Java EE 7 certification

US Senate vote to add internet sales tax this week

Foreign companies prepare to cash in

The enterprise software gravy train stalled in 2012

Big data, analytics, and cloud build up a head of steam

CA piles into API management with Layer 7 acquisition

If stuff is moving to the cloud, you might as well own the transfer point

First Firefox OS developer phones to launch on Tuesday

Spanish-made mobes in basic and advanced models

Cloudmeter pulls big data from the network, not the servers

Adds Insight app nanny to Stream data siphoner

Hedge fund invests $2bn in Microsoft, thinks Redmond is undervalued

'Microsoft could be the largest cloud company in the world'

Brussels accuses chip makers of collusion

Smart card silicon market under investigation

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