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16th > April > 2013 Archive

Silent Circle adds private email to hush-hush communications

Demand for secure comms brings government invitation

Interview: Dave Berstein on the NBN, construction and VDSL

xDSL, fibre, construction and gigabits

Internet Explorer makes modest gains against Google Chrome

According to the stat counters at StatCounter, that is

CSIRO backing broadband app comp

Hungry and brilliant? Get coding

SWARMS of ZOMBIES unleashed on innocent bloggers

Major hack attack focused on WordPress users named, er, 'admin'

Alibaba comes again with Android-unfriendly mobile OS

Chinese e-commerce giant in major domestic mobile push

Dell axes IT channel middlemen, installs Windows in the factory

Wanna buy a Dell till? No need to pay that integrator

Apple alert as half China's fanbois consider switch to Galaxy S4

Big trouble in little China for Cook & Co?

Will Google's rivals swallow the 'labelling remedy' pill?

AnalysisWeb giant's in Europe now, where complainants count

HP: You know what healthy OpenStack bods need? Fibre Channel

Open-source biz types get FC, iSCSI access

Smart metering will disrupt weather forecasts, warns Met Office

You'll get a Sky box in charge of your house anyway

Microsoft brings back Windows watch after Apple seeks 'flexible' bod

Wrap THIS round your appendage, Cupertino

Sophos picks up axe again, 'plans to DECIMATE staff'

Insider says 1 in 10 face the chop - though Sophos says overall headcount to rise

Netflix plotting move to HTML5 video - but only if DRM works

'We're a major source of funds for Hollywood'

Gigabyte bats Brix at Intel's tiny NUC PC

Half as tall as Chipzilla's micro PC - and with a better spec

Why hacking and platforms are the future of NHS IT

OpinionDoctors and architects go white elephant hunting

Firefox 'death sentence' threat to TeliaSonera over gov spy claims

Mozilla may snub telecom giant's new SSL certs

Now Fujitsu breaks up with UK tech distributor Northamber

ExclusiveSurrey-based distie cut loose by end of June

Ten Windows tablets

Product RoundupSlates to select when Android and iOS gadgets will just not do

Facebook struggling to find 'immersive' Home on Apple's iPhone

Gimme some skin ... bitch

Anonymous squirts all over NORKS in birthday surprise outrage

Happy Birthday, Mr Zombie President

Survey: FOSS biz fans aching for 'enterprise-class' support

6 in 10 suits would even pay for it

Kobo strikes new match against Kindle: The Aura HD e-reader

Pics'World's most hi-res' 6.8" technobook unzipped

Raspberry Pi space jaunt ends in dramatic mountain rescue

Slovakian team tracks stunning globes to snow-capped peak

Logitech launches MEGA-PRICEY 15-in-1 remote

£229 buys you deluxe model, cheaper sister sets you back £109

Ex-hacker leaves Pentagon's TOP-SECRET war boffins for Google

What will he do? We don't know - it's a secret

Dell tried gobbling doomed Brit IT giant 2e2 for £350m, say insiders

ExclusiveIts backers 'wanted £400m', then the biz imploded

Microsoft: Fine! We'll match Amazon - by hiking cloud prices

Reassuringly expensive Redmond ramps rivalry

Web host Linode, hackers clash over credit-card raid claim

Crooks boast of swiped privates via ColdFusion hole

Teradata buffs Hadoop for the biz intelligence masses

Tools without the HDFS headache

At LAST, scientists tackle the problems faced by alcoholic rats

Fresh rodent kidney created in lab

Teradata cranks appliance iron, adopts InfiniBand as cluster backbone

SQL-H to link Hadoop to both Teradata and Aster databases

Oracle critical patch plugs 128 security vulns

Database Server, MySQL, Siebel all affected

CISPA cybersecurity legislation vote due in next 48 hours

All your data are belong to us

Verizon Terremark backs Xen-CloudStack combo for clouds

Can you hear me now, VMware ESXi and vCloud?

NZ plans interception law refresh

Dotcom bust leads to spooks' charter

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