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15th > April > 2013 Archive

Google preps for Brussels wrist-slap

'Say ouch like you mean it!'

Rackspace attacks Amazon with new cloudy clones

AWS spies clone army advancing on service provider, telco fronts

Ofcom: Parents, here's how to keep grubby tots from buying Smurfberries

Shame it didn't notice the PREMIUM RATE click-to-call ads

Apple the victim after Chinese scammers exploit returns policy

Fakers exchanged phony parts for real to build 'new' iPhones

Baidu muscles in on Google’s turf with Silicon Valley deep learning lab

Chinese search giant beds down next to Apple in Cupertino

Wales slams Amazon over lack of Kindle support

Anger after giant doesn't 'recognise' land of song language

Now draft biz guillotine law triggers info privacy watchdog

Data revealed during insolvencies sparks Euro ire

Twitter buys music firm We Are Hunted, preps soundtrack for 200m twits

What do you mean you don't like what EVERYONE ELSE is listening to...

IBM pours $1 BEELLION into flash SSDs

Should help IT monolith crush flashy upstarts

Under the microscope: The bug that caught PayPal with its pants down

Payment giant suffers textbook SQL injection flaw

Thatcher’s data protection legacy: Just fill out this 16-page form

CommentFrom 'the least of Blighty's worries' to vital, essential right

63 TRILLION maths ops a second - in 5 inches? Mm, show me

3U rack box is a $70,000 clown car of GPUs

Ban drones taking snaps of homes, rages Google boss... That's HIS job, right?

Damn it, we're gonna need a new irony detector

Dell crams modular hybrid server and storage switch into 1U pizza box

Wraps switches in Active Fabric Manager v1.5

HP uses OpenStack to glue CloudSystems to public clouds

Gradually rolling out Grizzly code on the HP Cloud

Still pitching to CIOs? You're living in the PAST

Sales directors, office managers should be your new BFFs

Bitcoins: A GIANT BUBBLE? Maybe, but currency could still be worthwhile

Lessons from tulip-hoarding Dutch speculators of 1634

Google's 'power to switch off the lights in Europe' has 'chilling effect' - rivals

Competitors demand cosy negotiation texts from antitrust commish

IDC: Biz to splurge $70bn on 'analytics services' by 2016

Big Data = big bucks for channel bods

Credit insurer sets up 'task force' in wake of enormo UK IT biz failures

Comet crash and 2e2 meltdown are making people twitchy

Building a private cloud? Better sort your storage first

Establish a bridgehead, parachute in SSD stacks

Brussels clears Liberty Global's £15bn Virgin Media takeover

Move along, no competition concerns here

Red Hat emulates Fedora Linux project with RDO OpenStack community

Gearing up for RHEL, KVM, and Red Hat OpenStack triple whammy for clouds

Quantum lays off fifty – prepping for a sale?

'Excited about increased market opportunities'

DataDirect in job slash bloodbath

'Natural hygiene' washes people away

Four Apple execs among US top five best-paid in 2012

And no, Tim Cook wasn't one of them – he earned a mere 3.2 'Ballmers'

Sprint/Softbank mobile merger in doubt after Dish bids $25.5bn

AnalysisClearwire complications add to financial fandango

Xen hypervisor leaps into Linux Foundation

Amazon Web Services, Google to exert cloudy influence

ExxonMobil's oil spill rids neighborhood of 'venomous snakes'

There's a silver spin lining to every disaster

Cellular architectures not great for TV: study

Terrestrial broadcast still the winner for now

'Charge memory' boffins: Hungover Li-Ion batts tell fat whoppers

Better software needed to tackle electrical comedown

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