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11th > April > 2013 Archive

Chemical-dipped TRANSPARENT BRAINS bare all for science

See-through cerebrums leave neural structures exposed

Researcher hacks aircraft controls with Android smartphone

This may give the TSA some ideas

Bitcoin gets a $100 haircut on rollercoaster trading run

Cointards perplexed as rampant speculation leads to crash

Planes in thunderstorms cop gamma ray bursts

Only little ones, fortunately

SSH an ill-managed mess says SSH author Tatu Ylonen

IETF draft a first step to new version

Oracle embraces NetApp and Cisco's FlexPod

Oracle virtualisation, Linux and apps coming to rivals' stack-in-a-box

StreetView spots possible roadside nookie down under

NSFWishA boy, a girl, Google, suspiciously-placed pants and a national highway

The gloves are on: Nokia emits super-sensitive £99 Windows Phone

Along with svelte sibling

AMI PC firmware upgrade scare: The global security meltdown that wasn't

AnalysisAlthough someone did 'open source' its code

IBM Australia on the stand over $1bn blowout

Inquiry asks why ex-IBMer wanted Big Blue in the race for payroll system

Another 170,000 Freeview homes to be freed from reality TV - possibly

4G broadband in telly bout dann sarf

Industry upstart: You know what high-end HPC needs? More DAY-GLO

HPC blogThought we were going to say faster compute, dintcha?

Aruba battles BlackBerry to protect biz from staffers' nasty iPhone apps

This time with network support too

HGST straps Intel Thunderbolt onto uber-pricey drives, docks

Go-faster interface tech, but it'll cost you...

Shaky liftoff for Sputnik: Dell's Linux lappie runs its own cloud, ish

ReviewIn 8GB of RAM and 256GB flash. And don't mention the Bluetooth

Sanbolic reveals flashy server goodness with Melio 5

Ships server-side scale-out SSD-supporting services

WTF is... H.265 aka HEVC?

FeatureUltra-efficient vid codec paves way for MONSTER-res TVs, decent mobe streaming

Google U-turn DID preempt ICANN's block on corporate gTLD-snatchers

.search, .blog, .cloud and .app safeguarded for 'public interest'

BizNAS at the front, party at the back: Tandberg adds Dropbox to NAS crate

Stripped-down Linux storage box for biz types

Software defined networking works up a head of steam

Automation takes over the data centre

Hey Intel, Microsoft: Share those profits with your PC pals, eh? - analyst

Toppling tower of PC weaklings could bury giants, Gartner warns

Google asks Blighty to slave over its Maps for FREE

OK, OK, it's a crowd-sourced map-editing tool

Sonic the Hedgehog

Antique Code ShowSega's spikey blue erinaceinus across platforms, across time

P2P badboys The Pirate Bay kicked out of Greenland: Took under 48 hours

Arrrrr... But we only just got here

Dinosaur embryos FOUND: Resurrection 'out of the question'* - boffin

Fast-growing bones point to SUPER-SHORT incubation period

Foot-long slab too big? Microsoft 'has a 7-incher' to stroke

Smaller Surface tab rumoured to chase iPad Mini sales

There's more to cloud computing than just hosting

It's all about choice

Remember Streetmap? It's suing Google in a UK court

Files complaint to 'protect its business'

Google submits 'formal commitments' to EC over search

Now will you pull out the probe?

Microsoft crowns Barclay as new queen of UK channel

Unthroned Ridgway heading to Latin America as veep

Mozilla CEO exits just as Firefox mobiles roll out

Two years a long stint in Mozilla time

Administrator: 2e2 owed £412m to creditors when it went titsup

Well-known channel firms owed MEELLIONS

Microsoft Xbox exec quits after ENRAGING the INTERWEBS

'Always-on' Twitter gaffe provoked wrath of gamers

Malware-flinging Winnti crew has been RIPPING OFF gaming firms for YEARS

Researchers: Cyberespionage campaign still targeting vid game vendors

Obama boosts military, 'black' and spook cyber forces

Tanks? Feds? Pah! I want NERDS

Intel demos inexpensive 100Gb/sec silicon photonics chip

Breakthrough will speed system-to-system data center links

Cisco ports Nexus 1000V virtual switch to Microsoft's Hyper-V

Hooks UCS servers into Systems Center, fast-tracks Windows infrastructure clouds

Judge scolds Apple, Motorola for using court as 'business strategy'

Fed up with 'obstreperous and cantankerous conduct'

Tech titans team up to push immigration reform

AnalysisZuck calls for changes in H-1B, education, patents

Google tool lets you share data from BEYOND the GRAVE

'If you're reading this, I must be dead'

SUSE updates Studio server appliance maker with native KVM

Prepping SUSE Cloud OpenStack for Grizzly attack

Rotten spam causing more infections than ever – study

Indian and Vietnamese kinds are the worst

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