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9th > April > 2013 Archive

US Navy blasts drones with ship-mounted LASER CANNON

Star Wars defense planned for Persian Gulf debut in 2014

Microsoft's security apps still trip up on Windows 8

Up to 20% of 0-day attacks evade Redmond's defenses, says AV-Test

News Corp prez threatens to pull Fox TV off the air

UpdatedMiffed at court's refusal to block Aereo streaming service

Intel doubles Thunderbolt speed to 20Gbps

Will anyone other than Apple care?

Australia's coalition launches new broadband policy

Fibre to the premises unlikely for most in cheaper, sooner, plan

Android FOUND ON TABLETS inscribed with WORD OF GOD

O come all ye fondlers, joyful and triumphant

Rackspace cosies up to mobile developers

Brews mobile gumbo from open source ingredients

Boffins say flash disk demands new RAID designs

Wear-levelling levels out

Take a deep breath: No NORKS panic for ICT supply chain … yet

Regional tech titans are keeping a close eye on situation

Virgin on London Underground Wi-Fi: O2's company, Three's a crowd

Download that cat vid before entering the tunnel, though

'Til heftier engines come aboard, HP Moonshot only about clouds

AnalysisAnd those engines will come – as will FPGAs, DSPs, GPUs ...

Star Trek phaser sells for a STUNNING $231,000

KHAAAAAANNNNNNNNN't believe I paid that much for it!

Fusion slips 1.6TB solid wedge into Hollywood scribblers' slots

And that's the way HP likes it

Library ebooks must SELF-DESTRUCT if scribes want dosh - review

Shovel UK taxpayer cash this way please, say publishers

Mm.. you like RAID? Ooh, you want flash. Try this super-Hadooper

Intel touts Nytro booster with cache controller

McDonalds-card-toting Softcat boss: I couldn't tell you how a computer works

FeatureHellawell on being 'tight' - and his part in Thatcher's downfall

Quantum spring-cleans StorNext for file-hungry arty small biz

When you need to juggle 500 million docs on a modest budget

The ten SEXIEST computers of ALL TIME

Product Round-upGorgeous kit that looks as good now as it did the day it came out

Avere releases FXT3800 speed filer

Rival still some Huawei in front

Operators look on in horror as Facebook takes mobe users Home

We don't care that you've been buying them drinks all night ... bitch

Protect your data with a cloudy mixture

Where should it live?

MoneySupermarket: Google never warned us about payday loan AD BAN

Mountain View rival says it now complies with Brit trading rules

Citi to file claim with Nasdaq over Facebook IPOcalypse

Joins UBS in tussle for cash from teeny compensation pot

Microsoft leads charge against Google's Android in EU antitrust complaint

'Failure to act will only embolden Google'

Maggie Thatcher: The Iron Lady who saved us from drab Post Office mobes

ObituaryWho loves their fibre broadband? Now you know who to thank

Salesforce cuts app development steps

Customer-oriented company does something for its customers


Smart simians ape pub banter, says bio-boffin

iQuit: Apple union boss chucks grappling hook up garden wall

Cory Moll leaves after 2 years battling Cupertino

Damn you, world! WHY can't I have an object store on my desktop?

StoragebodWho will rid me of these hostile cloud mutterings

Malware-flingers target gullible corporate bods with office printer spam

LOL, that's not a picture of my cat

EE extends network: Soon, 1 million users will pay us for 4G

No really... We've doubled the speed and everything

WhatsApp exec: Google takeover? It's news to me

Choc Factory not chucking rumoured $1bn at messaging app

CAE Tech Services top and bottom lines slide in fiscal 2012

Project drop-offs, competitive sales landscape and higher overheads fingered

Mutant array upstarts feast on EMC, NetApp's leavings

Blocks and FilesShould've rewritten the software lads...

US Air Force reclassifies 6 cyber tools as weapons

What, these? These are guns. Can we have some money now?

Google U-turns on exclusive snatch of .app AND .search addys

Ad giant may have to admit there are other search engines out there

British LulzSec member pleads guilty

Hacker to be sentenced next month

VMware sells off Shavlik patch management tools to LANDesk

Forget hardware nannying, we're all about software-defined everything

Amazon widens .NET to catch Windows cloud devs

Psst, hey you, Bezos has some cloud for you

Google goes big with Play store redesign

Apps for a bigger-screen world

Microsoft ships Surface firmware fixes with April patch batch

Wi-Fi, other issues addressed

Hard luck lads, todger size DOES matter: Official

NSFWishBeing tall and masculine also helps, says stiff stiff

Microsoft squashes 9 bugs with Patch Tuesday fixes

Plugs holes in IE10, locks down privilege escalation vulns

Piston ready to capture 'waves of customers' coming off AWS

Puts out Enterprise OpenStack 2.0 as bait

Mozilla's Persona beta adds password-free Yahoo! logins

Identity Bridging makes your email addy your only ID

Google: 'Austin is our next Fiber city.' AT&T: 'Us, too – maybe'

Big Phone horns in on Googly gigabit internet announcement

Amazon lofts Hadoop into GovCloud

Regulation-approved problem solving

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