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4th > April > 2013 Archive

Google forks WebKit, promises faster, leaner Chrome engine

Says 'large-scale architectural changes' coming

CloudSigma spins-up all-SSD storage cloud

Flash, a-ah, saviour of the Euro-cloud

Holden bakes Siri into Barinas

'Siri, this doesn't look like Mildura'

Kiwi boffins bid up Earth-like planet prediction

A HUNDRED beeellion!

Swedish judge explains big obstacles to US Assange extradition

Wikileaker's bizarre bonking behaviour revealed, along with likely legal escapes

STEC - sorry sTec - opens direct and channel sales with name change

Sales people who do customer support? Hmm

RAF graduates first class of new groundbased 'pilots'

Per ardua ad ... terra

Boffins shine new light on dark matter

Giant magnet in space shows 'existence of new physical phenomena'

NetApp snoozing at the wheel of incumbency juggernaut, says chap

Wake up and sniff those clouds for pity's sake

‘Unstoppable WEEE Tsunami’ staunched by PPP plan

Governments, ITU, want to transform waste electrical and electronic equipment

Hate being stalked by Facebook? Why not try Google+ stalking

Offering ad guys that crucial Bieber-Beeber demographic

Universal Credit IT system could lead to MORE FRAUD, MPs warn

Parliament snores slightly in sleep, rolls over

Bank card-slurp nasty 'infects tills, ATMs', corrupt staff fingered

Internet hitman flogs account-snaffling malware to forgers

Google offers Adwords deals - but you can't trust their numbers

A load of balls from Mountain View's maths wizards

Review: Intel Next Unit of Computing barebones desktop PC

Is Chipzilla's nano machine too polished to rival the rough'n'ready Raspberry Pi?

Hostile Xyratex investors claim CEO's scalp in aggressive haircut

Show us the money, says Baker Street

Wikileaker Manning peace gong petition backed by thousands

Something to treasure while in military confinement

IBM: We have placed the Big Data moon on this stick

Big BLU claims from Big Blue

Cisco gobbles UK mobe mast maker - you know where this is going

Tiny cells in your Wi-Fi router - checkmate, Huawei

Disney shutters Star Wars game unit with 200 layoffs

Incredibly appreciative and proud of the talented jobless

LOHAN must suck juice while mounted on rigid rod - but HOW?

Possible hot coupling for Vulture 2

Provider of FIFA goal line tech chosen, tracks ball in space and time

Strangely a German firm, not one in Qatar

Building the actual real internet simply doesn't pay

AnalysisThose fat pipes and extra Gs don't come cheap

Ancient website from 1999: By Mark Zuckerberg aged 15¾

I will put you on The Web and link you ... bitch

Advanced Persistent Threats get more advanced, persistent and threatening

What it says on the security biz tin

Bitcoin briefly soars to record $147 high, driven by Cyprus bank flap

Attraction of non-gov currency draws punters

Google goes on the Blink in WebKit fork FURORE

CommentDiversity be damned: The view from Mountain View

Mars to go offline for a month as vast nuclear furnace gets in the way

Ha ha, chuckle Martians, time to play!

Big Data’s booming. So why hasn't the channel caught on yet?

Some resellers failing to think outside the box shift

Got a Sophos Web Protection box? Make sure it's up to date

Scary vuln left keys to your kingdom up for grabs

Guide man Frommer buys his name back from Google, plans eBooks

Presumably nobody will seek the content in Google+

Anonymous joins forces with arch-enemy The Jester against Norks

If you're where that Venn diagram overlaps ... question yourself

Sci/Tech quango promises an end to 'events with no women'

Except when its own management get together

If only enterprise IT worked like my iPad ... or at least my car

OpinionArchitects and biz chiefs still not talking

OpenStack 'Grizzly' control freak puffs up clouds of vastness

Parity support across hypervisors, broader networking, other goodies

Shark-tooth war cutlery reveals tale of fishy extinction in Pacific

A story with real bite emerges from chomp-cutlasses

Has Europe finally passed Peak Disk?

Tablets, cloud, THAT Thai flood mentioned as platters spin down

Leaked memo: Apple's iMessage crypto has DEA outfoxed

AnalysisFeds want more back-door access

Facebook skins Android with Facebook Home

Zuck on this, unless you care about privacy

WebKit devs on Blink fork: 'Two can play that game'

Purge of Chrome-related code planned

Steve Jobs' 'spaceship' threatened by massive cost overruns

CommentWill shareholders balk at $5bn price tag? Stay tuned...

Gates and Allen reshoot historic 1981 Microsoft photo

Holding back the years

Oracle gussies up Xsigo switching as Virtual Networking and SDN

Lashes new Sparc T5 and M5 servers to each other and storage

Google inflates infrastructure cloud

Makes it easier to get on, trims prices

Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 delivers modest improvements

One bright spot: the IDE now comes in blue, too

Patch time for PostgreSQL

Crashable and hackable

HP chairman Lane yields to 'here's you hat, what's your hurry?' pressure

Two other beleaguered directors also exit, stage left

Microsoft's developer conference sells out at $2,095 per head

But get on the waitlist and you could still get lucky

60-inch Apple iTV to be controlled by iRing remote?

You'll be able to buy it this year, fanbois, if analyst is correct

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