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3rd > April > 2013 Archive

Copyright troll Prenda refuses to explain legal strategy

Principals invoke Fifth Amendment right to silence

Obama seeks $100m to unlock your BRAIN's secrets

Forward-thinking investment or government boondoggle? We report, you decide

FTC splits $50,000 robocall killing tech prize

Mobile apps and cloud checks to silence spammers

Microsoft releases Exchange 2013 update

Update arrives late after compatibility problems with Exchange 2010 resolved

US funds Europa mission

ATTEMPT NO LANDINGS HERE … the money's just for planning

Microsoft gives away Windows 8 to Mac devs

Sells out in hours

Why does our galaxy spiral?

VideoSpread your arms out wide, Milky Way

Monkey poo probe reveals secrets of middle-management brains

If you have any, fling it now

China's Beidou satnav will open to mobe-makers

Meanwhile in Europe, Galileo gets a firm fix

Bahrain 4G auction founders under deluge of legal action

When we said 'new', we meant 'incumbent'. Freudian

USA's H-1B skilled worker visa applications open

Unemployment at 7.7 per cent, but tech workers still wanted

'Proactive Wellness' rebranded as 'Infosight' by Nimble

So much better than Reactive Sickness, Late and Ill etc

Card skimmers targeting more than ATMs, says EU

Crooks claw cash creatively, con consumers

Hungry Six Degrees swallows data centre biz BIS

Thirteenth buy in less than two years

If Google got a haircut, a tie and a suit, would it be Microsoft?

Nobody ever got fired for downloading Chrome. Hmm

Why do they even call it a backup appliance? Just call it an EMC

It's a one horse race in the kingdom of the blind

Speaking in Tech: Forget BYOD, now there's Bring Your Own CODE

PodcastOur panel of IT bods pass judgement on PaaS

Hey app developers, here's a way to monitor your users for free!

Also we can offer you an excellent deal on used souls

ANCIENT CURSED RING known to TOLKIEN goes on display

In the land of Hampshire where the Shadows lie

Tech is the biggest problem facing archiving

Blocks and FilesMountains of unreadable obsolete magnetic tapes!

Got a BlackBerry? It may be telling your friends when you watch pr0n

Show what I'm listening to: 'I have come to clean your pool'

Zombie apocalypse survivors frozen in terror by hacker raid

The War Z's horrific hash haemorrhage

MuleSoft kicks out app integration platform

Births enterprise service bus suite, slurps VC cash

Zynga bets the farm (ville) on UK poker, roulette web den

Like being 007, if he was alone in pants in his bedroom

Yahoo! drops! size! limit! on! email! attachments! with aid from Dropbox

Get a 'load of this

Major blow for Apple: 'Bounce back' patent bounced back by USPTO

Finality isn't final, art wasn't prior, wails Apple

Behold: Ten storage chieftains whose products hold humanity's data

Biz lords who rule the collective memory of the race

Prime Ministerial exploding cheese expert to become 'entrepreneur'

'Visionary' who gave us the Magic Silicon Roundabout

US to chat again with Campaigners Against Stuff on mobile health regs

Finding proof of a thing not happening: Rather hard

Firefox: Use new stealth window to satisfy your wife, suggests Mozilla

Need to splash some money while on the job?

Flash to the future: Memristors, photonics, MLC-y tsunami

Is your mouth watering yet? Huh?

Twitter, the new stock ticker tape - and the SEC is OK with this

Investors: Tune into tweets or Facebook for biz info

Scottish SF master Iain M Banks reveals he has less than a year to live

Asks partner to do him the honour of being his widow

ARM, TSMC tape out 64-bit Cortex-A57 chip on 16 nanometers

We have big ol' fat gates, too, Chipzilla

Amazon cuts S3 storage prices AGAIN

How low can other clouds let their margins go?

Chinese search king Baidu testing Google Glass competitor

'Baidu Eye' is watching you

Samsung teams with Mozilla on next-gen browser engine

Mobe-maker will help port future Firefox tech to ARM

Australia to reveal tech giants' tax tricks

Opening up the Dutch sandwich to reveal the shameful ingredients

PaaS Heroku's misleading of customers poisons the cloud

CommentIf you can't trust providers, then why outsource in the first place?

IBM readies PureData Hadoop appliance for the summer

Bolts Big SQL query onto its BigInsights Hadoop distro

Is NBN Co about to pay for 80 years of power pole access?

Historical prices for HFC access suggest NSW Government overcharging massively

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