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IBM socialises Notes mail to stop your yammering

First post-Lotus release assumes you want to spend all day on email

Court refuses to block Aereo's personal streaming TV service

Networks seek to stifle Big Apple sapling

Former WinPhone exec tapped for skunkworks Amazon gig

Ex-Microsoftie to oversee retailer's secret phone?

IT and comms power consumption could surge in 2013

Sleep, ye routers, sleep

OpenDNS plots expansion with new funding

Adds Juniper alumnus to board

Lotsa lasers an option for the Next Big Physics

What's next after colliders?

Virty network whisperer Midokura takes VC cash

Skeptical SDN punters unlikely to start paying en masse till 2014

Amazon joins Dropbox clones, hints at cloud storage margins

Upgraded consumer storage service undercuts S3 prices how exactly?

Rocket boffinry in pictures: Gulp the Devil's venom and light a match

FeatureHow scientists sup from Wernher von Braun's cup

BitTorrent opens kimono, gets out one-to-many streaming tool

Has Bram finally cracked what the BBC couldn't?

Ex-NASA OpenStackers launch Nebula cloud control freak appliance

Forget OpenStack software disties, says OpenStack co-founder Kemp

Hi-tech horses racing: how to stay Happy down in the Valley

Reg hack takes a punt on tech at Hong Kong’s iconic racecourse

Just what is Oracle going to plop out as its golden storage egg?

AnalysisA plan must be hatched, or its hardware biz is fried

How the iPad ruined the lives of IT architects

The problem of defining solution availability in 2013

Animal Liberation drone surveillance plan draws fire

Australian farmers not comfortable with aerial observation

Sync'n'share specialist Egnyte signs senior staff to spark growth

Spanking fresh executives - that's the route to success

So, Twitter. 200m twits. How will you make your first billion? Oh, ads.

There's money to be made in laconic e-jibber-jabber. RT pls LOL

Review: Jabra Revo Wireless headphones

NFC-enabled, Bluetooth-connected cans with Dolby Digital Plus sonic enhancement

Net neutrality? We've heard of it, says Ofcom

You want mobile Skype, choose your network with care

Head of privacy at Google leaves. Yes, that's a real job

You will be put in charge instead. That's Mr You to you

Merde! Dummkopf! Google Translate used as spam cloak

Cock-doc pillmongers use tech out of Inception movie

Judge: Facebook must see Timelines Inc in court over trademark

Just want to punch you really hard in the Face ... bitch

Model S selling better than expected, says Tesla

Even devastatingly negative publicity is good publicity

Brits, Germans, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italians ALL to probe Google

Six nations pull out microscopes, eye ad giant's ass

Federal lawyers, MIT threatened following Aaron Swartz' death

Persecuted prosecutors get guillotine decap postcards

Steve Jobs to supervise iPhone 6 FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE

Cold dead genius to relinquish control in 2014, maybe

ROBOT COCKROACH SWARM unleashed in Sheffield lab

VidImmediately makes off with pizza box

EMC chief: Why today's IT channel will soon cease to exist

It's cloud or never

Boss of Irish-based R&D hub: Man, this place is the back of beyond

No path beaten to our door, regardless of mousetrap quality

Paul Allen gets out wad, plans investments in Silicon Valley firms

Mothership full of money sets down in Palo Alto

Boardroom brouhaha brewing at Emulex after Endace buy

Why not buy shares instead, demands share holder

HP fuels second-gen Moonshot servers for April 8 launch

Rocketing into the clouds and elite data centers with hyperscale iron

China to Apple: 'Apology accepted – but watch your step'

Mission accomplished, attack dogs called off

Newvem enlists tech support friends to squelch AWS hiccups

No one likes AWS support – and they don't fix stuff anyway

Playboy submits to Apple with nudity-free 'Pornography 2.0' app

Now you can prove you really do read it just for the articles

Microsoft's summer update will be called Windows 8.1

'Windows Blue' to see return of old-school version numbers

VMware teaches Serengeti big-data virt new Hadoop tricks

Probably shuffling off to Pivotal soon

ICANN under fire as Verisign warns of rushed domain-name expansion

gTLD activation unlikely before August, ICANN confirms

'Australia's so big freight costs are high' claims don't add up

El Reg turns shipping agent to test price gouge explanations

Alcatel-Lucent uncloaks its software-defined network tech

Troubled company dispatches SDN lifeboat named Nuage Networks

Memory vendors pile on '3D' stacking standard

HMC 1.0 in the wild

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