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28th > March > 2013 Archive

Google Translate for Android adds offline translation option

Not quite as handy as a Babel Fish, but almost

Microsoft says WinPhone outselling iPhone, BlackBerry

Things are looking bad for Apple in Ukraine and Poland

Boffins brew eyes on bugs' wings

Surface 'rips bacteria to shreds'

Oz states count cars using Bluetooth

Traffic studies bring out tinfoil hats

Indonesia: e-commerce firms must have local domain

Show me some .ID, says Ministry

Chinese game addict MURDERS girlfriend after she leaves him

Creep steals her credit card to fund all-night game binge

Entire internet credits snapper for taking great pic while actually dead

He was good, says bloke who really took it, but come on

Watchdog warns not to create 'them and us' digital divide

Want some welfare payouts? Buy a computer

Cloud chairwoman crashes down through glass ceiling, grabs the CEO helm

Needs to be Wonder Woman to beat AWS, Google and MS

US bill prohibits state use of tech linked to Chinese government

Has anyone on Capitol Hill heard of the global supply chain?

Motorola minimum-wage sheriffs ride in to SAVE the HIGH STREET

These steenkin' Smart Badges ... do we need them?

ASA says 'unlimited' broadband can have 'moderate' limits on it

Virgin choking wasn't moderate, so its wrist is smacked

Review: Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2

Win8 Pro, Atom powered fondleslab for grown-ups

Speaking in Tech: In-flight fondling, hands-free servers, what could go wrong?

PodcastAnd suspect stains - all on this week's sysadmin confab

Reg man bested in geek-to-geek combat - in World War 3 nerve centre

Geek's Guide to BritainDom Connor and the cool Cold Warriors

Paypal struggles free of VMware lock-in, goes with OpenStack

Deed heeds its need for speed

Pyongyang Photoshop tomfoolery shows wet Norks, skirts blown up

Virtual hover armada storms beach in propaganda pic

MI5 undercover spies: People are falsely claiming to be us

We, of course, are not us either. We 'work at the Home Office'

Orange is the new TalkTalk of the broadband complaints league

Outstrips all competitors in race to the bottom. Again

Man's 'I own half of Facebook' claim branded 'fabrication' by judge

Testy beak writes 155-page book, throws it at him

Boffins probe into moons – and associated rings – 'beyond snow line'

They were here when this was all fields – of protonebula

Spotting a Big Data faker as you set up Big Data for someone

It says here on your CV....

BlackBerry results not as bad as they possibly could have been

Not even time for a beer yet though, far less champagne

Rackspace gobbles Exceptional Cloud Services for Redis smarts

A little Redis to go with your MongoDB, sir?

IT Pro confession: How I helped in the BIGGEST DDoS OF ALL TIME

Sysadmin blogOh Trevor, how could you? Like this

Living in the middle of a big city? Your broadband may still be crap

No cloud movies for you if you lose the postcode lottery

Lost CASSiE search moves up a gear

Choppers rise after swelling twin orbs leave 'nauty knitwear adrift

Gartner's gurus forecast future tech spending splurge

2014 IT dollars in a line would go to the Sun and back. Twice

BIGGEST DDoS in history FAILS to slash interweb arteries

AnalysisBombardment without collateral damage - amazing

Google vows no patent prosecution for open source cloud tech

Protects Hadoop community, perhaps others in the future

Wisconsin man cuffed over Koch-blocking DDoS attack

Lawmen respond to Anonymous attack on right-wing moneymen

Congress plans to make computer crime law much, much worse

CommentLearning the wrong lesson from Swartz suicide

Texas judge sends Uniloc packing in Rackspace patent suit

Turns out floating-point numbers aren't patentable

Google Shopping Express dips toe in same-day home delivery

Wants to ape Amazon and eBay, not Webvan or Kozmo

Apple files patent for iPhone with wraparound display

'Twould be a sad day for smartphone case designers

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