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22nd > March > 2013 Archive

Ubuntu tapped by China for national operating system

Canonical to help government add "Chinese specific" features to OS

Finland a haven for vulnerable SCADA systems

Shodan vuln search, the gift that keeps on giving

Universe gains an extra hundred million years

Planck also refines matter measurements

Vietnamese high school kids can pass Google interview

Google engineer makes shock discovery on fact-finder

Microsoft, Adobe, wilt during Australian price gouge grilling

Local leaders struggle with 'price what the market bears' charge

Hong Kong plans cavernous underground data centres

Going underground

Myanmar gets a taste of Chocolate Factory as Google search lands

Play app store is also partially unblocked ahead of Eric Schmidt's visit

Victoria and Albert museum in narrow escape from Napalm Death

Fragile London landmark dodges Brummie sonic weapon

Wind farms make you sick … with worry and envy

No one feels anything until the lobbyists show up, says public health boffin

Experts finger disk-wiping badness used in S Korea megahack

The long, dark teatime of the Seoul

Cop an eyeful of that: Moto bungs 5-megapixel cam into plod radio

No suggestion an Instagram app expected imminently

Swiss boffins unleash power of graphene on flash mem

Chow down on tasty molybdenite sandwich

Stephen Fry explains… Alan Turing's amazing computer

Universal Machine upgrade needed, where can I find the parts?

Tech distie Tech Data tears up last THREE years of profit numbers

Errors in UK arm's accounts wipe £21m off net profit

Review: Renault Zoe electric car

At last, an affordable, practical, decent looking e-car. WOOT

How to survive a UEFI BOOT-OF-DEATH on Samsung laptops

Matthew Garrett reveals the software surgery needed

Nvidia unveils Minority Report-style face-bot tech

GTC 2013Keeping it real takes two trillion calculations a second

UK biz ISP Entanet goes titsup, 'broke' a bit of Blighty's internet

'Resilient national network? Not tonight!'

LOHAN fans drawn to magnetic coupling

Neodymium solution for spaceplane heater disconnect?

Oi, Microsoft, where's my effin' toolbar gone?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?How the browser buggered up application UIs

Software glitch WIPES OUT listings of 10,000 eBay sellers

Sales histories are history (maybe)

Quantum tries to attract HOT TV stars ... by adding object storage to archive

If that doesn't convince 'em, maybe trip to Vegas will

China Mobile spaffs £4.4bn on 4G 'trial'... before it even has a licence

If we build it, the iPhone will come

Calm a CARMA drama chameleon: Barça super waves ARMs, GPUs

GTC 2013Cluster perks up with low-power CPUs bossing graphics chips

Adware-flinging Yontoo yahoos target Mac users: You like trailers, right fanboi?

Browser add-on threat bites Apple boxes

Goblinproofing One's Chicken Coop hailed oddest book title

Anti-fairy guide wins prestigious literary award

MasterCard stings PayPal with payment fee hike

Secrecy comes at a price

ARM's new CEO: You'll get no 'glorious new strategy' from me

Past performance no guarantee of future success, though

Ex-state attorney general probes Tech Data CEO's sale of $2m shares

Vast distie investigated over profit bungle

GE puts new Nvidia tech through its paces, ponders HPC future

GTC 2013Hybrid CPU-GPU chips plus RDMA and PCI-Express make for screamin' iron

Reliant on Dell for PCs? Start looking around, says Gartner ball-gazer

Mr D may bail on computers before you do, says man

Brussels 'mulling probe' into brutal Apple negotiations with networks

Or so the mobile operators evidently hope, anyway

News scraper Meltwater loses US court case

Paltry traffic ruled no compensation for lost fees

Apple debuts two-step verification for Apple IDs

Something you know, and something you ought to lock in a cupboard

FCC Chairman Genachowski to step down

Why? He didn't say – yet

Hoboken CTO admits bugging boss for political leverage

Faction-fighting among Bridge and Tunnelers

Google patent filing suggests Glass will be ULTIMATE REMOTE

Headset computing to control your life

Dongle smut Twitstorm claims second scalp

Possible blokey jokey sees cross woman in pink slip

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