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20th > March > 2013 Archive

Adobe reports great re$ult$ but loses CTO Kevin Lynch to Apple

Harry Potter and the Contract of Cupertino

Report: BlackBerry BYOD-ware doesn't pass security test

UpdateBut is 'likely' to in future, says GCHQ

Google adds validation to DNSSEC

One small step by one giant foot

Breakneck star orbits black hole at record speed

VidTwo million km/h SPEED DEMON

EMC2 is now EMC II, too

Aye aye, skipper, it be time for a name change

Kinky Android X-ray app laid bare as malware

Symantec warns it'll try to extort victims

Google turns Street View into Mountain View

Takes camera up Everest way...

Dear gov cyber-ninjas, try not to kill people. Love from the lawyers

Stick nuke plants and hospitals on no-go list too - war manual

Virgin Media boss to Osbo: Bung city fibre cash into small biz

AnalysisISP boss reckons should spend £75m getting offline firms online

Bolshy Balch Hill blasts STEC bosses after talks break down

Increase in ops spend = NO profits - activist investor

SCADA honeypots attract swarm of international hackers

'Industrial control systems' faced attacks from US, China...and, er, Laos

Whatever happened to telepresence? From $2.5m deals to free iPad apps

FeatureIt's the tech that made Microsoft feel the love for open standards

ICO clamps down on nuisance calls, slaps £90k fine on Glasgow firm

Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Give us a roast spud

Reg live natter with GNOME superstar Miguel de Icaza

Live ChatLet your fingers do the talking ...

Feds cuff ex-NASA boffin at airport amid state-secret leak scare

Bloke allegedly had one-way ticket to China with a bag full of disks

Another MYSTERY evacuation: Google UK empties swanky offices

PictureGather round kids, no nipping off for a pint

That Osbo bloke - he's on your Twitters. 'What a c**k'

Budget Day 2013Thin-lipped chancellor joins blabber site ahead of bleak budget

The Lynx effect: The story of Camputers' mighty micro

ArchaeologicThe cat from Cambridge that clawed its way to the top... almost

LOHAN slips into tight rubber outfit

Our spaceplane's rocket motor heater gets the heatshrink treatment

South Korean TV and banks paralysed in disk-wipe cyber-blitz

Too early to blame network meltdown on Norks

Corporate IT bod? Show 'em what it costs and management WILL pay

StoragebodIf you don't do it, pricy outsourced crew will

Brit Bill Gates writes ANOTHER open letter to HP board

Pleads for Big Reveal at AGM

Twitter patents sending messages, promises not to sue everyone

Do no evil - we've heard THAT one before

Osborne slashes growth forecast by half in bleak economy statement

Budget Day 2013'I will be straight with the country, we're screwed'

Mobile kingpins to marketing mavens: Bonking is brilliant, wanna try?

But first, let's loosen you up with a little jazz

Riak cloud storage's secret sauce splashed all over the web

NoSQL biz Basho attempts to woo developers with code

1,600 to lose jobs during ST-Ericsson breakup

Joint venture less joint, less venturous

One-time wannabe governor charged for Facebook share Ponzi scheme

What's worse, real Facebook shares or pretend ones?

Acer's tiny raft of profit smashed onto rocks by Gateway and co

PC maker dives into the red thanks to $120m write-down

Amazon boss salvages Apollo engines from watery grave

Bezos bags historic rockets from 3 miles down

Hadoop whisperer Concurrent slurps VC money

'In crisis there is opportunity'

Nvidia gets into the server biz with Visual Computing Appliance

GTC 2013Tier one server makers embrace Grid for their own appliances

Nvidia welds together ARM-Kepler ceepie-geepie system for the impatient

GTC 2013Development board for CPU-GPU hybrid apps, or nodes in a parallel cluster perhaps

Microsoft starts to roll out Windows 8 in embedded flavors

Full and cut-down Windows for dumber devices

Nvidia and ARM: It's a parallel, parallel, parallel world

GTC 2013Big changes coming to the CUDA programming model

Oracle's hardware wing keeps on bleeding

Cloud blots out Sun

Cisco slip puts hardware at risk

Borg announces weak password feature

Samsung: We're doing smart watches too

Patent lawyers uncork the champagne world-wide

Voyager goes off a (helio) cliff

Tiny traveller still telling tales

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