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19th > March > 2013 Archive

Juniper goes skinny to pack routers into little racks

A central office router staff won't trip over

EA Origin vuln puts players at risk

Game platform allows remote exploits, millions vulnerable

Caught on camera: Fujitsu touts anti-terrorist pulse-taking tech

The doctor will see you now...

4K video may wow vidiots, but content creators see pitfalls

GTC 2013Skyrockets studio storage costs, strangles editing bandwidth

Infosec boffins meet to plan nuke plant hack response

International Atomic Energy Agency promises a glowing report

World's largest solar collection plant opened in Abu Dhabi

100MW system testing commercial viability

Researchers find cloud storage apps leave files on smartphones leaves behind everything needed to download some files

Holly(oaks) talking head is FUTURE of face messaging, claims prof

But where's the smegging sarcasm?

FinFisher spyware goes global, mobile and undercover

Report claims to have found C&C servers in 25 countries

Seagate's cloud backup baby gets software boost

EVault hopes version seven will tempt small biz users

Storage startups sensible silo sources, says scrutiniser

Gartner says flash startups have a place, if they get the software right

Sysadmins: Let's perch on Microsoft Santa's lap, show him our wish list

Sysadmin BlogHaven't we been good, er, all year?

Fusion-io gobbles Brit Linux SCSI gurus ID7

Seasoned with PCIe cards, flash and cash

Paying a TV tax makes you happy - BBC

CommentWhat's that, Sooty... you DON'T want to pay compulsory fee for havin' telly?

Upstart Starboard Storage cuts staff, looks to flog biz

Left turn for LeftHand founder's firm

Drilling into 3D printing: Gimmick, revolution or spooks' nightmare?

Special reportTop prof sorts the hype from the science for El Reg

ARM head legs it from core body: CEO Warren East retires

Just as Microsoft forks Windows 8 from Intel

Dot Hill in a dot hole: Disk array builder struggles to stem losses

What next for the mid-range drive vault biz?

Is UK web speech regulated? No.10: Er. We’ll get back to you

On-the-hoof tabloid crackdown leaves bloggers, online journos in the dark

Review: Sony Xperia Z

The new flagship with tattered sails?

eBay chief Donahoe sees his package nearly double in size

Online bazaar does so well that CEO gets $29.7m compensation

Software bug halts Curiosity: Nuke lab bot in safe mode

Thank GOD for buffer overrun checks, eh NASA?

Then there were 3: Micron slowly 'wipes out' NAND flash rivals

'We’re probably the largest SSD public company today'

MongoDB developers 10Gen tool-up NoSQL database

Polish paid-for version, fix flaws, pray for wider adoption

Phone, internet corps SNUB US government's cybersecurity ABCs

20 computer defences rejected by telecoms industry

Chameleon botnet grabbed $6m A MONTH from online ad-slingers

Click fraudster bot fingered after analysts crack its signature

Apple fixes iOS passcode-bypass hack with 6.1.3 update

New code should be big in Japan

Nvidia stretches Tesla GPU coprocessors from HPC to big data

GTC 2013'Anything a CPU can do, a GPU can do better'

Report: AWS gets $600m contract to build CIA spook cloud

Amazon joins military-industrial complex

Nvidia's 2015 Tegra ARM chip promises '100X' speed-up

GTC 2013First 'Logan' marries CUDA, then 'Parker' moves to 64-bit Denver

First sale doctrine survives US Supreme Court

Books are still property

Nvidia to stack up DRAM on future 'Volta' GPUs

GTC 2013Over 1TB/sec of memory bandwidth can definitely play Crysis

Researcher sets up illegal 420,000 node botnet for IPv4 internet map

Potentially risks thousands of years in jail

Microsoft responds to Chinese software contract bribery claims

A yuan in the hand is worth two software licenses in the DC?

Virty market share race reaches the bend and heeeeere comes Oracle

Gartner says users want VMware alternatives for the 40% of non-virtual workloads

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