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18th > March > 2013 Archive

Virnetx loses Cisco case: VPNs not its property

The Borg as great big billy-goat gruff

Windows Phone 8 support to end in 2014

Sign of Win Phone update or death knell?

Are your servers PETS or CATTLE?

UpdateCloudy metaphor separates the sheep from the goats

Alibaba! could! hand! back! Yahoo! China! to Yahoo! in! May!

Report claims Chinese web bazaar wants to offload ailing portal

Celebrity conspiracy as Apple attacked over customer service

'8:20 Party' of Chinese celebs all posted anti-Apple comments at same time

Bottomless, unsatisfied Xbox widow cuffed after boyf flees nookie

Pantless woman arrested by rubbish bin 'anticipated sex'

Freeview suddenly UNWATCHABLE dross? It may just be a 4G test

Mobe broadband fired up to stress telly transmissions rather than show quality

Capita IT Services healing Hands make mark on biz

Restructure to cut role duplication and bureaucracy

Britain's passport and ID service seeks facial recog tech suppliers

Contract worth up to £16m over five years

IT contractors lose thousands as 2e2 collapse hits recruiter

Populo Resourcing shuts up shop

Cloudfather Tucci meets with EMC clan, analysts to talk strategy

Storage control, SDN, flash and cloud editions

Flooding market with cheap antivirus kit isn't going to help ANYONE

Not the reseller, not the vendor and especially not the user

BlackBerry CEO: Our vibrating devices will satisfy most needs

You'll soon tire of hefty laptops 'n' slabs

How Fusion-io redlined its PCIe flash motor to hit 9.6 MEEELION IOPS

64-byte writes ought to be enough for anybody

SanDisk cops to malfunctioning Micro SDs in Galaxy S3s

Offers fix for fandroids' fried flash cards

Microsoft issues manual on Brits to Cambridge exports

No guns, dead dogs, or realtors allowed. Welcome to the Third World

Build a BONKERS gaming PC

FeatureMoney to burn? Put it to use building a monstrously powerful games rig

Rackspace: Why we're designing our own cloud servers

ExclusiveJust what will it take to compete with Amazon and Google

Doxer who? Toxic site drops offline after exposing Paris Hilton's privates

Major US credit agency Equifax confirms fraud

Fujitsu pulls a muscle, drops out of race for £530m broadband pot

BT now ONLY bidder for UK taxpayer-funded fibre jobs

Nvidia, Continuum team up to sling Python at GPU coprocessors

GTC 2013Teaching snakes to speak CUDA with forked tongue, but not forked code

STEC CEO on crappy Q4: 'Obviously, we’re kind of bottoming out'

Fallen flash star seeks hope in channel, OEM upswing

Lenovo: Windows 8 is so good, everyone wants Windows 7

We'll just leave Redmond's latest OS on this DVD, over here. When you want it

SwiftStack sucks up $6.1m, leaps through curtains with 'Amazon S3-in-a-box'

Comes out of stealth with OpenStack-based object storage system

The reshaping of Apple-cored Square: Leaving high street is a GOOD sign

FeatureRetail? We've heard of it

Microsoft cuts to core on BizTalk Server price hike

April changes slip loose

Google Drive goes titsup for MILLIONS of users

Steered into ditch, wheels still spinning

UK's 'Nobel prize for engineering' given to 'inventors of the interwebs'

UpdateNothing more important has been done lately

Intel and pals shrink their semis by $600m as demand droops

PC processor stocks cut, 4G mobile chips soar

Facebook promotes engineering veep to CTO

'Unique and important' bloke kicked upstairs

BlackBerry CEO: iPhone past its prime

Aging user interface deserves 'respect' – just like your granddaddy

Weev gets 41 months in prison for exposing iPad strokers' privates

'Internet will topple governments,' defendant proclaims

SimCity owners get free game, EA will get A NEW CEO

UpdatedMaxis/EA 'we're sorry' giveaway includes SimCity 4

Has the ACCC tripped up in its ADSL declaration?

Virtual circuits for ADSL are way too expensive: The Register tallies up the numbers

Microsoft begins automatic Windows 7 SP1 rollout

You will be assimilated

Supreme Court silence seals Thomas-Rasset's file sharing fate

$220,000 slap for 24 songs shared stands

Hadoop distie MapR trousers another $30m to take on big data rivals

Working towards that eventual IPO, if it isn't eaten first

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