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11th > March > 2013 Archive

Boy Scouts get Game Design badge

Programming, animation, CAD and 'digital technology' also in the works

IT sector needs to keep getting greener: Alcatel-Lucent study

Without efficiency, tech could make a mess of greenhouse targets

Australia's central Bank hoses down Chinese hack report

Reserve Bank says attacks contained, no data lost

Cisco opens in Myanmar as US tech firms eye fresh territory

USAID delegation grooming isolated state

Microsoft exec selling his Surface tablet

Not dumping, upgrading

There's cling-ons on the starboard bow! Trekkies' wallets under attack

PicClip-on Star Trek comms badges lead crowd-funding projects

Feeling lucky, punk? Storage biz crams virty PCs into RAM

Still backs up over the network. Just in case, like

Uni profs: Kids today could do with a bit of 'mind-crippling' COBOL

Forget Lua, time go to old skool

Six things a text editor must do - or it's a one-way trip to the trash

StobDoes your source code editor pass the Verity test?

EU mulls almost-anonymisation of folks' data to cut biz some slack

What does it matter if millions of 'Joe Bloggs' records are leaked?

SOD Big Data! Most of what you're keeping is digital landfill

There'll NEVER be analytics good enough to sort through this dusty pile

UK's £500m web dole queue project director replaced after JUST 4 months

ExclusiveDWP sidelines Universal Credit IT overseer Hilary Reynolds

Ethernet switch pitch less of a b*tch as 2012 comes to a close

10GE starts to ramp and the 40GE shows some backbone

Multimillionaire Brit games dev wants your cash for Shroud of the Avatar

Lord British kickstarts new fantasy RPG

Tech fest 'net activists offer free 'Super Wi-Fi': Now go tell the FCC

SXSWSpectrum's not just for mobile giants, yeah?

Ten serious sci-fi films for the sentient fan

FeatureIn space, no one can hear you ponder the eternal verities

Ancient revellers came to party... and build Stonehenge - boffins

Thousands of Brits feasted, caroused, erected massive stone circle

Storage fan seeks 'mature' cash cow for 'something more'

Storagebod blogOh VMAX we love you...

New UK cyber-champ: Chemist's winning formula cracks 'F1 race hack'

UpdatedFree radical beats year-long security challenge

Keep calm and carry on flogging: Dell soothes troops as buyout looms

AnalysisOr unravels, depending on how you look at it

Amazon tries to shut .book in face of authors, publishers

.READ it and weep: Online retailer bids for studious gTLDs

'Wireless charging' in Galaxy S4 will betray Samsung's best pal

Qualcomm thrown under a bus in Qi battery top-up rumour

Dell's having a fiddle with Violin Memory - but will it flash the cash?

Blocks and FilesIt makes sense to El Reg's storage desk

1 in 7 WinXP-using biz bods DON'T KNOW Microsoft is pulling the plug

Survey - Redmond so busy pushing Win 8, some IT directors didn't get the memo

Backup upstart Actifio flicks the safety off in storage standoff

Another $50m bullet in the chamber. Who's going to buy it before it fires?


We shall fight them on the beaches, we shall fight in electromagnetic fields

Apple finally flips switch on HTTPS by default in App Store

Left mobile devices open to man-in-the-middle attacks for MONTHS

Deja vote: Iran blocks VPN use ahead of elections

Crashes YouTube and Facebook at the same time - report

Blighty's IT support services to decline in 2013, 2014, 2015....

Break-fix market is broken, says TechMarketView

New Apple TV may hint at Apple-Samsung divorce

One shrinking chip may have growing implications

Marvel: 'Come and get 'em! 700 first-issue comics! FREE!'

SXSWBut hurry: Downloads for the low, low price of zero end on Tuesday

Self-healing chips survive repeated LASER BLASTS

Terminator tech keeps running despite multiple faults

Fujitsu makes Windows Server 2012 see double

Double-stuffed and clustered Primergy racker aimed at SMBs

Tripwire buys nCircle

Squaring the circle

EMC rakes in more and more storage biz, followers fiddle feebly

Big Blue in second place with less than half EMC's biz

Jennifer Lopez gets you more Facebook friends than Iron Maiden

You are what you Like

Microsoft Flash FLIP-FLOP: it's now IE10 default for Win8, WinRT

UpdatedOnly 4% of sites still considered off-limits

Earth bombarded by interplanetary SLIME MONSTERS

'We are not alone' is the message of Invasion of the Hystrichospheres

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