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8th > March > 2013 Archive

'We the People' seek to double NASA budget – at least

Is 1% of the total US budget too much to spend on space?

Google, MPEG LA kiss and make up in WebM patent spat

Open source VP8 codec now officially legit

Safety authorities to hold hearings into Boeing 787's battery woes

Investigators still stumped, fleet still grounded

OLPC rebuts 'kids with laptops read less' study

Tests didn't look at overall OLPC impact, found kids weren't getting good at PC use

Georgia Tech proposes terabit NFC antenna

Graphene to handle sum-millimeter radio waves

Pwn2Own: IE10, Firefox, Chrome, Reader, Java hacks land $500k

Google's Chrome OS withstands attack in security contest

Red Hat: We still love Java 6, even if Oracle doesn't

Says it's taking over leadership of OpenJDK 6

Irish Senator suggests net users register passport and IP address

Committee hearing on abuse of social media also offers pay-to-post as troll-stopper

Photoshop fakery exposed by fake Photoshop tool

Free download restores models' flaws

Google sends Street View car into Fukushima dead zone

Displaced residents of Namie can't go home, can at least Google it

World's 'smallest' mobe unveiled in Japan

Forget phablets, this tiddler has a one-inch screen

IBM moves Power Systems manufacturing from Minnesota to Mexico

A return to Guadalajara, where the weather and supply chain are better

Canuck rumps resist Street View arsebusters

NSFWBlue moon shines bright in Nova Scotia

Red wine may be ELIXIR OF YOUTH

Boffins isolate ageing-retardant catalyst in bottom of bottle

Cheeky Boston fires up x86-to-ARM porting cloud for server apps

Chuckles about 'ARM as a service' and AaaS all around

Review: Supermicro FatTwin

Trevor likes his servers hot and dense

Tech titans: Give it a rest with the SEP injunctions, wouldja? - economists

Standard-essential patent owners should be more FRANDly

The DIY spy-in-the-sky: From kites to octocopters

A beginner's guide to aerial surveillance

Dot Hill: Performance isn't everything... check out our, er, cheap capacity

Storage array pusher gets creative with SPC benchmark rankings

Congratulations, copyright infringers: You are the five per cent

CommentKeep calm and carry on pirating, fellas

Single IPv6 packet kills Kaspersky-protected PCs, fix emerges

Windows PCs frozen to death by firewall bug

'Seriously Kelly? I may as well call YOU the unelected networks tsar'

QuotwPlus: 'Why do PC manufacturers even bother any more?'

Malware devs offer $100 a pop for 'active' Google Play accounts

Underground market is full of Android wrongness

Kovio gets help convincing world to buy into printed NFC

Symphony Teleca follows Android into supporting Kovio tech

Microsoft preps UPDATE EVERYTHING patch batch

Latest turn of the Hamster Wheel of Pain

Virgin Mobile doffs its cap: Web speed limit axed after outrage

For now, at least, as telco scrambles to fix dicky network

Chaos Theory causes password entry pandemonium

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Justin Bieber’s balls are the key to login loghorrea

Google AXES another 1,200 employees from Motorola workforce

'In markets where we're not competitive and we're losing money'

Cisco Gold partner Cisilion boosts fiscal 2012 profits

Services comes good, competition hit hardware and software margins sales

LOHAN seeks rocketeer for explosive relationship

GSOH, love of travel, Level 2 certificate...

BAN SMUT, rage MEPs: Purpose of internet must be EXTERMINATED

Euro grumble-flick block bid bashed as attack on freedom

Advanced Computer Software gulps down Computer Software Holdings

Kerching! ACS splashes £110m cash in buyout of CSH

Here's the $4.99 utility that might just have saved Windows 8

VidIs Microsoft listening, though?

Leaked: The 'secret OAuth app keys' to Twitter's VIP lounge

Rogue apps could pose as micro-blogging site's Very Important Programs

US economy defies Fiscal Cliff, creates plenty of IT services jobs

Computer manufacturing hits the skids a bit

Yahoo! webmail! hijacks! are! back!...

Didn't! they! fix! that?!

Private equity crew prep CDW IPO after $7.3bn buyout - report

Hah! They said we paid too mu.. Oh crap...

Dear Facebook: I heard the news today, oh boy

CommentA lucky man who hoped to catch the ad gravy train

Oklahoma woman cuffed with loaded .22 in pork holster

Officer pulls piece from intimate hidey-hole

HTC slays Nokia's two-headed Android patent dragon in Germany

'Another major setback' chortles mobe rival

Amazon accused of knocking off AWS customers' products

ExclusivePartners: Cloud kingpin playing the copycat game

Study: Megaupload closure boosted Hollywood sales 10%

Based on Tinseltown's figures, that is

Microsoft backs law banning Google Apps from schools

For God's sake, think of the children!

Apple ordered to surrender coveted docs in iOS privacy lawsuit

'We no longer trust you,' says court

PayPal enters 21st Century with developer tools refresh

REST-based APIs, mobile SDK among first wave of updates

Amazon slashes DynamoDB prices

NoSQL flash-backed database gets cheaper

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