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7th > March > 2013 Archive

SGI gooses InfiniteStorage arrays with new NetApp controllers

More oomph in the brains means less disk needed in the box

News Corp challenges iPad with $299 education tablet

Failed at fondleslab content, so try for the kids

Next Windows 8 version can ditch bits of Metro

Keep calm, Metro-haters, it's the embedded version and it's not a backdown

Storage upstart tells El Reg: Our software's NOT a VSA

BrouhahaIt's an accelerator. So there

Facebook rides Unicorn to graph search nirvana

Data-guzzling index tech unfazed by billions of likes

Carl Icahn may be planning to block Dell buyout

Has gobbled up 100 million shares in two weeks

Oz Senator says Google Glass could 'end privacy as we know it'

Right-winger also once said gay marriage could lead to bestiality

Gone in 30 minutes: Chinese tweets purged by army of censors

New report claims thousands of censors could be working for Sina Weibo

Japanese password protector floods screen with hoax cursors

Password peepers foiled by camouflaged cursor

New cyber-security standard puts MANAGERS in firing line

Gov seeks views on private sector rules

'Quantum fridge' gets close to absolute zero

But will it cool a beer?

The supercomputers LIED: UK rainfall is rising, but won't drown our phones

Ofcom counts jam jars above ITU's models

Malware-flingers can pwn your mobile with over-the-air updates

German Fed-sponsored boffins: They have ways of hearing you talk

Android 'splits' into the Good and the lovechild of Bad and Ugly

Top-end kit world away from crippled cheap cousins, warns analyst

Flash, bang, wallop: LSI stumbles in quest for PCIe card crown

AnalysisLost its EMC contract? Bah, only a flesh wound

Brit firm flogs bit-crushing app so you can throttle your OWN data

User-side compression settings let you comb through stats too

Dixons Retail flogs Equanet to serial swallower Kelway

IT supplier downs mid-market & public sector firm after one-year fast

Biz data botherer CommVault hangs on to virtual crown

Simpana product top of the virty server backup pops

BT to slap overalls on 1,000 new bods in fibre broadband boost

Here's your badge, screwdriver and hard hat - now get on with it

Reg readers brew up the ultimate cuppa

The people's vote takes us one step closer to tea nirvana

Samsung grabs Sharp shard, brings pain to Apple supply chain

Hey Cupertino... gonna miss your screen time?

SimCity 3000

Antique Code ShowThe massive first-person 3D city sim that never was

BRITAIN MUST DECLARE WAR on Cervinaean menace

Doe! Citizenry urged to eat corpses of enemy

LinkedIn password hack sueball kicked to the kerb by judge

Leaked hashes not an automatic threat of identity theft

USA is the best country in the WORLD... for sending spam

Floats to top of Dirty Dozen - the junkmail conduit sh*t list

Throttled customers rage over Virgin Mobile UK's tight cap

EE wasn't supposed to choke them

DWP denies major IT problems with One Dole To Rule Them All system

'Contractors in place, project on schedule', minister thunders

'Mainframe blowout' knackered millions of RBS, NatWest accounts

Bankers blame hardware fault, sources point to IBM big iron

Mmmm, TOE jam: Trev shoves Intel's NICs in his bonkers test lab

ReviewIf you want to impress me, make kit that 'just works'

No M&S vouchers for CSC staff as awards scrapped to save costs

'No financial comp, mention in employee e-card is best can do'

Bacon sarnies can kill: Official

Doomwatching boffins issue deadly processed meat alert

Holy crap! EMC gives Vatican Library 2.8PB to store manuscripts

NOT on the cloud, we note....

Viv Reding attacks 'scaremongers' opposing her draft Data Protection bill

Growls at lobbyists for attempts to pour water on directive

TalkTalk Biz cosies up to channel

We use direct sales to keep 'em honest, says MD

Virgin Media keeps mum as punters fume at crippled web access

Coders->struggle_to_access =;

You searched for 'japan tsunami' - well, there's one behind you

Google extends emergency alerts - no sign of Godzilla warnings

LIVE BLOG: Facebook News Feed revamp press conference

Catching eyeballs in the future

Heavenly networker Pertino pockets $20m to take on Cisco Meraki

Cloud Network Engine powers up for epic battle

Intel, Apple forging chip-baking deal?

AnalysisWill Intel eat ARM crow? Will Apple wound Samsung? Stay tuned...

Mark Shuttleworth: Canonical leads Ubuntu, not 'your whims'

'I have no interest in being 1337'

Cisco slashes mobile data growth rate forecast for Oz

Carriers will still need mobile-to-WiFi offload to cope

Red Hat tempts devs with OpenShift Origin upgrades

Moves all pull requests to GitHub for community equality

Amazon yanks SimCity download from store

EA server woes lead to well over 800 one-star reviews – so far

BUPA glitch sees credit cards charged multiple times

Health fund's SNAFU not so good for members' financial health

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