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6th > March > 2013 Archive

ZTE to build smartphones with Intel's new 'Clover Trail+' Atom

'First we conquer Austria, then the world'

Facebook builds 'McDipper' – memcached for flash

Sizzles flash like memcached made DRAM dance

Oracle revs Database Appliance to X3-2 – and nearly to Exadata

More CPU, memory, storage – and a virtualization option

New evidence: Comets seeded life on Earth

Simulated cosmic snowball breeds complex organics

Gnome cofounder: Desktop Linux is a CHERNOBYL of FAIL

Has been chugging Mac Kool-Aid for months

Google in the dock over elephant ivory ads

Environmentalists stampede as Chocolate Factory breaks own AdWords policy

Indian atomic boffins draw up plans for 50,000 TONNE magnet

World's biggest will dwarf CERN's tiddler...

EMC loses half a BEEELLION on VCE ... but it's NOT what it seems

Comment#consolidatedgrossmargins - 'nuf said

Pirate Bay to world: We're not really off to NORKS

TPB slams those who cheered its non-move (in NSWFW language)

First C compiler pops up on Github

Nostalgic value only unless you have a PDP-11 handy

Want a promotion? Study economics, says HDS economist

Someone needs to know how to measure IT costs and it might as well be you

No.10 guru: UK tech scene is AN EXPLODING CHEESE

And we've got exotic offices for you too, in Bangalore

Germans Joyn in the operator-backed rival to Skype

What? I have to know a number, instead of a handle?

Boffins implant almost-cellphone in the BRAIN

Tinfoil hats won't help you here, but implants have helped pigs and monkeys

O2 flogs new GPS mobile-based telecare to sick and elderly

'Help at hand' aimed at 7 million carers in UK

Storage management tools: Why won't it let me... GRRRR

CommentBig picture vs detail - you can't have it both ways

So everyone's piling into PCIe flash: Here's a who's who guide

Blocks and FilesBig names wave their cache cards like a banker at a cocktail bar

Bank whips out palm-recognition kit - and a severed hand won't work

New payment system to tackle identity fraud

HP pulls its Köck out of Germany, slides him into European PCs

Sounds a bit like...

Proto Steam box may feel your arousal, hints Valve daddy

'Noise, heat issues' challenge for gaming console - Gabe Newell

HP shareholders advised to give chairman Ray Lane the boot

Lane should have poked around a bit in the Autonomy deal

Misco does well but parent globocorp suffers full year losses

'My work here is not yet done,' confides CEO

Honk if the car in front is connected

FeatureThe networked car is coming sooner than you think

Europe tickles Microsoft with €561m fine for browser choice gaffe

UpdatedRedmond told to pay less than 1% of annual revenue

Open Garden releases v2.0 of 'crowd-sourced' mobile wireless app

But what's this - you can't turn it OFF?

Google to offer 'same-day delivery' Amazon Prime killer - report

New shopping service at least $10 cheaper too, whisper sources

Carrie Fisher dusts off THAT bikini for Star Wars VII

Princess Leia rescued from 'intergalactic old folks' home'

TalkTalk bigwig parks knighted-rear in cursed YouView chair

Temporary move for Sir Charles after Lord Sugar legs it

PC World ordered to rip up promo for next-day repair promise

Watchdog bans blurb after bloke's PC troubles

Penguins, only YOU can turn desktop disk IO into legacy tech

Blocks and FilesIn-memory desktop computing could be a win for some sharp-eyed Linux firm

PC market to spend ANOTHER year soaked in blood, warns IDC

Downed by tabs, economy and lack of Windows 8 demand

'Million-strong' zombie army devours Raspberry Pi's crunchy base

Brit charity joins banks, gambling dens targeted by DDoS barons

New IBM storage chief Ambuj Goyal: I like all-flash and I cannot lie

We'll use mutant hybrids when it's not urgent, says new broom

Do you need to command an OpenStack cloud? Hello, Rackspace

All you'll need is OpenCenter and a dozen boxes to get going

Google house Ancoris swallows Google house Appogee

Premier Enterprise bags Cloud Platform Service Partner cloud hoster has a hiccup

Routine SAN upgrade goes awry

Microsoft about-face: Office 2013 license IS transferable now

UpdatedNo longer tied to outdated, broken PCs

DOJ gives T-Mobile - MetroPCS merger the nod

Germans hit back at AT&T's network claims

Redmond slashing Win8, Office OEM rates for small devices

'Build more Windows slabs and notebooks, pleeease!'

Fund manager says Dell board has no skin in the buyout game

SAM wants a shareholder list, possibly for a proxy fight to kill the deal

RBS and NatWest FAIL downs services across UK

UpdatedMegabork takes down ATMs, cards, online banking, telebanking

Dotcom plans Mega IPO as case grinds on

Updated: Kim can sue government, spies to own up

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