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5th > March > 2013 Archive

Samsung's next smartphone to scroll by watching your eyes

Chalk up one more Galaxy trick that the iPhone can't perform

NoSQL Cassandra gets SQL overlay

Use SQL over CQL – if you've got the cash

Canonical announces Mir display server to replace X Windows

Plans to rewrite Ubuntu's GUI from ground up

Report: Danish government hits Microsoft with $1bn tax bill

In the old days they would have come with a longboat

US lawmaker blames bicycle breath for global warming gas

Updated'Increased heart rate and respiration' pollutes Washington

Oracle trowels more plaster over flawed Java browser plugin

Emergency patches issued for two more exploits

Microsoft acquires cloud monitor MetricsHub

Fosters and borgs company in 5 months

Military-industrial patent troll demands BEEELLIONS from Cisco

The troll versus The Borg

Open Virtualisation Format 2.0 lands, world+dog yawns

It's as if you all want to be locked in

LHC spots mesons flipping between matter and antimatter

Charming change a small step to explaining why matter exists

Anonymous becomes peacemaker as hacktivists battle

Malaysia vs. Philippines dispute over Borneo barney goes online, Anons hose it down

Chinese search giant Baidu launches free AV

English language software could be a shot in domestic search stoush

Lynch and his Autonomy inner circle depict selves as crime kingpins

VidPrank vid from the past. Mike, don't give up the day ... oh

Plextor flash gobbles blue pill, promises some long-lasting TLC

Triple-headed 512GB SSD chases Samsung's dragon

Tesco: Every little (effort to kill Amazon, Spotify) helps

Supermarket titan to flog ebooks, stream music

Brit comic-book-guy-vs-gangsters film goes straight to Xbox Live

'All our audience like that sort of film' - Microsoft man

Welsh bureaucrats busted for getting political on Twitter, Facebook

Should have done it in Welsh, nobody would have known

Wannabe infosec kiddies put Enigma Bombe machine to the test

Shove off, Simon Cowell. This is the X Plus Why? Factor

Don't believe the IT hype: Ye cannae change the laws of physics

Don't expect any miracles from the shiny new database you've bought (or compiled)

Virgin Mobile coughs to choking its customers

2Mb/sec ought to be enough for anyone

Sparkfun takes roadtrip across US in campervan full of electronics

Forget coding, everyone should learn to solder

MI5 test for Mandarin-speaking snoops 'just too easy'

'I'm gonna be the first American James Bond in China!'

One day later: EMC declares war on all-flash array, server flash card rivals

Rolls out XtremIO array, renamed VFCache

What's the point of owning an SMB if you can't travel?

Resellers: mobility, ease-of-use counts for small biz contracts

Twenty classic arcade games

Cabinet reshuffle

Cyber-007 MiniDuke stalked Europe for at least 21 MONTHS

Espionage malware addicted to Twitter since 2011

Review: Toshiba Satellite U920T Ultrabook

Windows 8 - it's not going away, people

WE CAN still be BETTER than Germany on broadband, says Ofcom

CommentBut forget about most of EU's NEED FOR SPEED

Plastic Logic shows off bendy 'leccy posters: Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

It's great tech, surely there's a niche for it somewhere

Google blats bugs in Chrome - days before $560k hacking contest

Pwn2Own 2013Ads giant stumps up cash, then raises the bar

UK injects £88m into Euro bid to build Hubble-thrashing 'scope

Building work starts on world's biggest space-gazer

Flash-card shuffler SanDisk might shimmy up the storage stack

Blocks and FilesOwn-brand flash array could be on the cards

Dell pours Fluid Cache into PowerEdge servers

Flash the cash for faster database and HPC cache

Logicalis CEO reveals blueprint for gobbled 2e2 Euro biz

Foothold in mainland Europe and consulting gigs

Amazon CTO: Big Data? An unfortunate, 'catchy phrase'

Technology FrontiersBeyond relational versus NoSQL

Cruel Microsoft will drive us into arms of iOS, Android, warn resellers

Axed sales rewards 'another case of Redmond moving goalposts'

IT'S HERE: Seagate ships 'affordable' desktop hybrid drive

Flashy mutant for the price of normal disk?

Corporates! Bring in all-purpose filler for IT skills gap, thunders Steelie Neelie

'This is serious, people!'

Amazon chops EC2 virty server prices – again

Are you sure you want to be in the retail business, server makers?

Malware linked to Chinese hackers aims at Japanese government

Spear-phishing threat from same locale as Google attacks

Android 4.2.2 finally coming to Verizon's Galaxy Nexus

First update for 4G LTE Nexus mobe in six months

iPhone 5S and lower-cost sibling coming this summer?

Faster processor, better camera, fingerprint sensor, same display size – maybe

Chinese officials wring hands over Google's Android dominance

Shocker: Ascendant nation does not want to depend on rival country's tech

TI fuels up KeyStone II ARM for HP Moonshot hyperscale servers

ARM/DSP hybrid presents data centers with interesting possibilities

Incoming comet will probably miss Mars, says NASA

Fly-by will be Earth-visible with binoculars

Google offers limited data on National Security Letters

'Yes, we received a few ... hundred'

Java malware spotted using stolen certificate

Same day as latest patch

Microsoft embraces Android with Azure Mobile Services update

Round hole drilled in Ballmer's big blue cloud

Ex-Exel president found guilty of hacking former employers

Turns out you really can't trust the boss

Torvalds asks 'Why do PC manufacturers even bother any more?'

Linux Lord may adopt Chromebook Pixel as main machine ... after proper Linux install

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