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4th > March > 2013 Archive

Evernote joins the notably hackable club

Password reset, so sorry, no customer data at risk

Apple 'insider' explains why vid adapter hides ARM computer

Cable might actually be worth $49 price tag

Google revs Motorola innovation with Guy Kawasaki hire

'Apple Fellow' to provide excitement lessons for staid mobes unit

Huawei CEOs are 'migratory birds'

Three of them flapping about is better than one

Japanese govt: Use operator-run app stores, not Google Play

Info-stealing sexy wallpaper app was downloaded 500,000 times on official site

'Google Maps' of US White Space spectrum goes LIVE

Mountain view trials database now - before 16Mbps devices are EVERYWHERE...

SpaceX Dragon eventually snared by ISS

Time to call in the roadies

O2 pops out vital new feature: Making phone calls from phones

TU Go VoIP app goes live

New Japanese craze: Knickers for iPhones' nether regions

iFronts, anyone?

NTT Docomo leads 5G push with 10Gbps uplink tests

Ultra-super-fast mobile data services on the way

World spent $3.6 trillion on ICT in 2012 - analyst

Hardware bods should watch out though, there's CANNIBALS about

Queen of Tech City says she will decide what Tech City does soon now

It's not a place, it's a movement. No, not a bowel one

Belgian boffins find colossal meteorite

18kg rock is largest Antarctic meteorite find since 1988

Hey, PCIe flash makers. Look behind you - it's Samsung

South Korean giant fancies a wodge of NAND cache action

Microsoft parts clouds over Bing Maps with massive sat pic upgrade

Adds ocean floor detail too

New class of industrial-scale super-phishing emails threatens biz

Bulk messages are highly targeted and able to slip past defences

Logicalis coughs up €24m for 2e2's Euro ops

Rescue deal for the bit that didn't go titsup

NetApp could use Microsoft to beat off VMware's virtual tool

Blocks and FilesYou're not the only one with a VSA, you know

Need an army of killer zombies? Yours for just $25 per 1,000 PCs

Bring out your dead - there's a price per botnet head

BlackBerry Z10: Prices pruned despite eager iPunter interest

Are enough iPhone and Android fans hopping on board to revive the former RIM?

Dell slaps back at HP after Meg's 'uncertainty' diss: You're flip-floppers

IT firms swap insults in effort to woo partners

Seagate takes 7.2k notebook drives out back - and shoots them

Disk-only gear killed, clears way for flashy mutants

Pricey mainframes, hyperscale boxes boost Q4 server sales

Unix machinery, er, not so much

WHY would survey-slingers give YOU a free $1,500 Google Glass? wants sir/madam as a beta tester. Oh ok, carry on then

EMC touts screeching Hawq SQL performance for Hadoop

With Hive in one claw and an Impala in the other

Ubuntu 13.04 beta touts search privacy - before it hooks in eBay, IMDb etc

ReviewUm Bongo boss Shuttleworth offers 'incognito' mode for your desktop PC

US gov cash slash threatens manned trips to asteroids and Mars

NASA chief warns budget cuts could stall space exploration

Violin Memory fires PCIe server card salvoes at rival Fusion-io

Tag teams Toshiba in data-centre storage rumble

FoundationDB uncloaks ACID-compliant NoSQL beta

Lets developers have infinite cake and eat it in ACID-compliant bites

Tech Data pops champers, aims to rinse nasty FY '13 aftertaste

Bottle slips from nerveless hands after financials seen

4G operators move into new homes in the spectrum 'hood

Another £27m changes hands

Banged-up Brit hacker hacks into his OWN PRISON'S 'MAINFRAME'

Packet lag signed up for IT classes in the clink

Inside Lord Sugar's 'you're fired' YouView bust-up with TV baron

Apprentice head honcho quits telly box biz

Sony: Can't beat Apple and Samsung, so let's be the Other Guy

C'mon. We could totally take on Huawei

Apple: OK, we tracked your every move... but let's call it a caching bug, m'kay?

It's a T&C question, not privacy invasion - Apple tells court

EMC: No need to swallow an array - just breathe in our storage cloud

StoragebodVMAX more about pricing than tech

MapR smashes MinuteSort benchmark on Google Compute

Puts Hadoop Big Data muncher back on top of Microsoft

Mellanox to open up its Ethernet networking stack

Time for Ethernet to steal something else – open source – from InfiniBand

AWS promotes Trusted Advisor, its Clippy-in-the-cloud

'It looks like you're spinning up an instance, need any help with that?'

Global smartphones sales set to outpace standard handsets in 2013

Some Western vendors living in interesting times

Apple iWatch: Coming soon, runs iOS, to earn mucho mazuma

Rumor mill spins at light speed

IBM builds next-gen cloud control freak on OpenStack

Riding out of Folsom on a Grizzly to a Smart(er)Cloud

Opposition leader raises ‘your Internet will cost you more’ spook

NBN will be ‘three times the current price’: Tony Abbott

Microsoft offers developer tools for its lonely Office Store

Visual Studio kit for building Office add-ons exits preview

White House comes out in favor of legal mobe unlocking

FCC: Lockdown 'doesn't pass the common sense test'

Australia ratifies cybercrime convention

Think of the children - and the IP owners

Pirate Bay 'seeks asylum' in, er, 'North Korea'

UpdatedDigital backwater an unlikely home for bandwidth-hungry site

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