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CloudFlare's Railgun protocol gets buy-in from web giants

Byte-level caching cuts dynamic content loading times by 90 percent

Big Blue touts superfast analogue-digital converter

SKA-inspired project could reach into your smartphone

BlackBerry juices Z10 handset with OTA software update

Here comes the first batch of fixes improvements

Google signs Rightscale to resell Compute Engine

Counters AWS' OpsWorks release

Baidu offers English-speaking devs chance to crack China

Fortune and glory await in world's largest smartphone market

Facebook buys bits of written-off MSFT adware

User T&Cs probably re-written already as House of Zuck promises marketers good data

Japanese boffins produce solar power paper

Lightweight, flexible sheets of cellulose nano-fibres

Google open sources very slow compression algorithm

Your server will hate it but your mobe will love it

One titsup server kills Brit-hosted Donhost websites for THREE DAYS

Where was the back up?

Cambridge boffins reveal prehistoric prawn monster

Chinese fossil 'Fuxianhuiid' shows earliest nervous system extending beyond the head

Truck-maker CAT flogs smartphone spawn to butter-fingered fondlers

MWC 2013Gorilla-glassed monster for people who, er, drop a lot of calls

Mind-melded rats could herald organic BRAIN-COMPUTERS

Rodent thoughts transmitted over 4,000 miles

Now even MORE 'interns' make iPhones - Chinese labour watchdog

Apple: We're improving... Besides, look at Samsung

NASA probes spots temporary third Van Allen radiation belt

This'll driver the lunar deniers crazy

ARM servers: From li'l Acorns big data center disruptions grow

Shuttleworth says 'vast tracts' of legacy apps 'just don't matter'

Spies in the sky: The leaps and bounds from balloons to spook sats

Picture specialA brief history of aerial surveillance around the globe

Hey, media barons: The noughties called, they want their mobile tech back

Media types with mobes bore Reg hack to tears

Texan contends iPod EXPLODED IN HER FACE

One moment music, then a life consumed by 'mental anguish'

IBM runs OLTP benchmark atop KVM hypervisor

To heck with that TPC-VMS server virtualization spec

Sinkholes reveal more Chinese-hacked biz - and piggybacking crims

It's not just state-backed spies using snoop-ware armies

Apple takes aim at accessory makers, files iPad stand patent

Just what the world has been clamoring for – now with magnets

SimCity 2000

Antique Code ShowSpline of the times

'It's common for freelancers to farm out work to cheap coders'

QuotwPlus: 'I'm supposed to release an enterprise platform on Azure?'

Sergey Brin emasculated after HORROR smartphone disaster

I was just fondling my slab, minding my own business and...

Official: Sky to buy O2 and BE's home broadband product in £200m deal

Acquisition plan revealed exclusively by El Reg in January

Microsoft Surface Pro will land in UK in WEEKS*

UpdatedThat pricing with those channels? Good luck, Redmond

Enterprising 'early adapter' tries to hawk Google Glass on eBay

Specs get a $15,900 bid before auction is pulled

MWC 2013: The Chinese are coming - and you ain't seen nothing yet

MWC 2013Who can possibly stop Huawei's new mobile hardware?

Keyboard, you're not my type

Something for the Weekend, Sir?How we tap in text stubbornly resists improvement... still

Raspberry Pi-powered Tardis blasts off from 'Blighty's Baikonur'

VideoLOHAN team members in high-altitude Time Lord geekgasm

Prepare for 'post-crypto world', warns godfather of encryption

Shamir: US quadrupling size of cyber-combat unit for a reason

Architect pitches builder-bothering 'Print your own house' plan

Open source DIY domicile project to 'do for building what Linux did for software'

Zerto unzips to reveal ROBO replicating factory

Automated hypervisor-resident disaster recovery

Tech bazaar Aria puts £10K bounty on heads of DDoS varmints

Wanted preferably alive

Euro watchdog bares teeth at Microsoft over browser gaffe

Redmond could feel bite of a painful fine next month - report

Arise, Lord BONG

¡Bong!My helpful GNOMES will slay these PEERS

HP to partners: Flog our public clouds ... don't worry, you'll get paid

VARs and SIs must wait until summer for billing control

Megaupload extradition bid - Feds WON'T have to hand in their evidence

Summary of the data enough for Dotcom decision, says court

'Brit Bill Gates' was powerless to stop HP's Autonomy acquisition

Lynch suggests HP mega-bucks forced marriage

SpaceX rocket reaches orbit but Dragon fails to spit fire

Cargo for ISS 'nauts may be Lost In Spaaace

Amazon, Facebook, Google attempt to cure cancer with Big Data

Making game of deadliness this weekend

Bank Muscat hit by $39m ATM cash-out heist

Duplicated cards fingered

VMware execs shake fists at Amazon Web Services cloud

'How can we be losing to a jumped-up bookseller?'

iPrefs-seeking shareholder Einhorn drops Apple lawsuit

'Silly sideshow' folds its tent, moves on

Yet another Java zero-day vuln is being exploited

Disable Java, wait for patch, you all know the drill...

Flexy 'iWatch' glass said to be three years away

But buck up, fanbois: There are other rumors to lift your spirits

Big Blue to embiggen itself even more on your big data

Transmuting torrents of bits into gushers of cash

SpaceX: 'We have control, it's just a glitch' Musk tells world+dog

UpdatedDragon thrusters back online

Judge slashes Apple's pile o' cash Samsung judgment

'Hmmm... $1bn? How 'bout, say, $600m, give or take a few bucks?'

HGST: Nano-tech will double hard disk capacity in 10 years

Self-assembling molecules to boost drive density

RSA roundup: Big trouble in not-so little China

RSA 2013Another year over and what have you done?

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