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28th > February > 2013 Archive

SGI rejigs financing ahead of possible asset sale

NUMAlink shared memory interconnect not for sale, but could be licensed

Apple CEO Cook's investor-meeting reveal: 'Dog bites man'

'Great stuff coming', unhappy with stock drop ... snxxx

Big Data tools cost too much, do too little

Strata 2013SHOCKING REVELATION: Fashionable technology is high maintenance

Super-fast super-massive black hole spins at nearly light-speed

NuStar boffins peek through the clouds at NGC 1365

German boffins turn ALCOHOL into hydrogen at low temp

Tricky chemistry unlocks methanol's energy potential

Larry Ellison buys airline

'Island Air' can ferry Oracle boss to private island

Jimmy Wales: 'I'm Wikipedia's monarch'

RSA 2013Off with their heads

NetApp's FlashRay to zap Symmetrix with fibre channel

Flash-for-VDI is wimpy startup play, says CTO's man Bercovici

Intel beckons SMBs aboard Big Data bandwagon

Small fry firms can be Big Data fish with Hadoop

Strategic SIEGE ROBOTS defeated by 'heavily intoxicated' man, 62

Epic battle in Ohio: Fall of the Machines™

Google builds web games using Chrome on mobes as controller

Mutant offspring of Wii U and Daley Thompson’s Decathlon

First, servers were DEEP-FRIED... now, boffins bring you WET ones

Super-cooling liquid shaves 97% off data centre cooling costs

GSMA: Help us, OneAPI proxy, you're our only hope

Mobile operators fight off OTT players with an 'Exchange'

Emulex eats 87% of Endace for Ethernet examinations

Elliott says no thanks

So much noise on WinMob, but Microsoft's silent on lovely WinPhone

MWC 2013When it had a terrible OS, it wouldn't shut up

EMC intros self-service VMAX CE for cloud-slingers

New model prods service providers to move that AAS

4G, quad-core, pah. Now connect the next billion bods to mobile web

MWC 2013What Nokia, Mozilla and telcos are up to beyond the West

Apple assimilates France, Sweden and pals into iCloud

Europeans - lower your shields and surrender ...

Take that, freetards: First music sales uptick in over a decade

Industry parties like it's almost 1999, pirates face extinction

Squillionaire space tourist offers oldsters a holiday to Mars

Who fancies an all-expenses-paid 501-day trip?

Upstart Aerospoke flings NoSQL ninja star into data-centre rings

Ouch! Right in the topology

25% of Groupon share value WIPED OUT after rates slashed

Voucher bazaar forced to cut fees to lure wary merchants

Moscow's speed cameras 'knackered' by MYSTERY malware

Infection spread from cops to traffic gear - report

Air-to-ground rocket men flog top-secret mobe-crypto to Brad in accounts

MWC 2013US Army supplier touts spy-phone tech to suits

HP: We will never sell 100 per cent through the channel

But execs plan to push more business towards partners

Spectra: Tape is dead? We installed 550PB of the stuff in 6 months

Amazon beauty could be behind unexpected growth

Nominet tosses plan for shorter .uk domains in the bin (for now)

Clear-as-mud proposal to skip the .co in

Mobile tech bods beg devs: C'mon, where's that KILLER app?

MWC 2013Can you code? Phone gear makers need YOU

Mobe networks test-drive punter-tracking kit to sling 'better' ads

MWC 2013They know what and where you browsed last summer

Stargazers spot first-ever planet forming in dusty disc

Gas giant growing by accretion

Not so fast with the bubbly, Capita: IT Services has bad economic wind

Turnover up at group level, operating profits down

Micron whips out new SSD, runs to data centre, yells: I'm GOING IN

SAS version of SATA SSD

Big Blighty telcos ordered to block three BitTorrent search sites

Judge demands action from BT, Sky, Virgin Media, O2, EE and TalkTalk

ParAccel plugs SQL queries into its analytics engine

Strata 2013Thar be money in them old SQL hills, boys!

Chinese Army: US hacks us so much, I'm amazed you can read this

PLA, USA finger each other harshly in cyber mud-slinging

Wikileaker Bradley Manning pleads not guilty to 'aiding the enemy'

Accepts charges of misuse of information

CloudBees in PaaS THREESOME with Cloud Foundry tie-up

Java cloud caught in VMware love-in seeks 'other relationships' as well

Browser makers open local storage hole in HTML5

Bad implementation of disk space limits

SHIELD Act proposed to make patent trolls pay

Bipartisan bill goes Nick Fury on the lawyers

Australian Bureau of Meteorology apps to map future rain

Third-party ads to commence this month

Groupon CEO Mason sent packing as shares continue to plummet

'I was fired today and you all know why'

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