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27th > February > 2013 Archive

Apple patents situational awareness for oblivious fanbois

Get ready for a sensitive iPhone that responds to your surroundings

Visa to devs: Please take contents of our wallet

Make shopping fun like first-person-shooters to repel PayPal, Google

Adobe squashes TWO critical Flash vulnerabilities with emergency patches

Two out of three threats are dangerous, being used in wild

Revolution weaves predictive analytics into Hortonworks Hadoop

Teaching an elephant to prognosticate like a pirate – R!

Outsourcing your own job much more common than first thought

RSA 2013Verizon finds canny computer worker's business plan

Yet more world+dog patent suits, this time over encryption

Apple, Dell, HP, Toshiba, etcetera

Networks go over the top to meet the enemy

MWC 2013For those in the communications industry a lesson: talk to each other

New social network is for DEAD PEOPLE

'Immortalize the loved ones who are no longer with you'

Microwaves thrash fibre on speed... if you like two-nines uptime

Radio network between stock exchanges hits 357 million MPH

Google: Our 'freedom of expression' should trump punters' privacy

'Right to be forgotten' is overrated, huffs search giant

EU web chief: Europe's slow on 4G, but 5G GLORY WILL BE OURS

MWC 2013Steelie Neelie pledges €50m to design ultra-fast networks

Commvault disgorges ginormous flood of biz data-furtling software

After 2 years of silence, we heard a rumbling... then - OH MY GAAAAH

Brit firm PinPlus flogs another password 'n' PIN killer

Enter the matrix

Wheeeee... CRUNCH: DDN pushes out monster Hadoop appliance for biz

Big Data ingester and digester

Veteran distie Northamber swings to loss, sales dive by 22%

Blames Comet demise, UK economy, IT vendors and bank interest rates

Nokia wants to build the Google of human behaviour - and share it

InterviewReally, really, really Big Data to work out who's doing what, when and why

Google squishes login-bypass bug that opened door to hijackers

Two-step account authentication sidestepped

PayPal founder sets up mobile payment service verified by FACEBOOK

2-click buy-now-pay-later system

Brit biz stops coked-up moist pocketstrokers ruining your pub lunch

MWC 2013Spray-on mobe coating coming to a store near you, probably

Ten smartphones with tablet ambitions...

Product Round-up...or small tablets that want to be phones...

MasterCard tries to zap PayPal with own-brand mobe wallet

MasterPass eyes lead in pay-by-mobe race

Investors fight off rivals to stuff money in Nexenta's pockets

SDN is H.O.T.: 9 VCs join oversubscribed $24m funding round

It's the Peer 2.0: Martha Lane Fox now a crossbench baroness

Arise, Baroness Dotcom. Fancy some peer-to-peer networking?

iPhones, 'droids go to WAR: US soldiers invade TOP-SECRET cloud

Chiefs stop short of letting BYOD tech onto classified networks

Pro-Assad hackers break into AFP Photo wire Twitter feed


APT1, that scary cyber-Cold War gang: Not even China's best

More B-team than elite team, say security experts

Microsoft unwraps sysadmin-friendly Office 365 for biz update

Desktop Office apps included

AVG holds first Partner Advisory Council in Blighty

'We thought we were engaging with the channel, clearly we weren't'

EyeSight tries to please MWC crowd with touch-free fingering

MWC 2013Next-gen interface tech for TV, PC and mobe

Colombian boffins reconstruct flight path of Russian meteor

Trajectory apparently began in near-Earth asteroid group Apollo

Hey, software snobs: Hardware love can set your code free

CommentThe two go hand in hand when scaling data-crunching systems

Live from New York, it's Speaking in Tech

Podcast'Proper' snapshots, backup bugbears and, um, Pretty Woman moments

Anonymous leaks 'Bank of America secrets' in spy revenge hack

Hacktivists enraged by suggestion financial giant snooped on them

Judge bins Apple's plea to slash $368m FaceTime patent damages

iPhone maker told to spend face time with slighted VPN biz

Rackspace swallows ObjectRocket for MongoDB smarts

Looking to scale up cloudy NoSQL database services

cPanel: Reset your root passwords! Hackers broke into our system

Website tools biz hits red alert after help-desk server pwned

Apprenda adds Java to its .Net PaaS

Touts single- to multi-tenant conversion features

MiniDuke miscreants whip out old-school tricks to spy on world+dog

The '90s called... they want their malware back

Samsung Wallet slavishly copies inspired by Apple Passbook

MWC 2013Iconic imitation: The surest form of flattery

Spook-clouds ahoy! Panzura cloud storage cleared for restricted data

Goal: Help government agencies trim IT staff

The server racket recovers from the Great Recession

Hyperscale data center vigor makes up for enterprise skittishness

Sony lifts skirt on Firefox OS with developer ROM for Xperia E

Ubuntu's not the only half-baked mobile OS around

Music industry raises NBN fears as legal digital sales take off

Fast broadband will kill us

Apple, Facebook, Google: Same-sex marriage 'a business imperative'

UpdatedHP's Whitman and top GOPpers also prod Supremes on marriage equality

Canonical scraps in-person Ubuntu planning, heads for cloud

Future developer meetings to be held on Google+

'New' Canadian BlackBerry security scare emerged in 2011

Hypegasm points to crisis for democratic process, not deadly new flaw

Vint Cerf: 'The internet of things needs to be locked down'

RSA 2013Your air conditioner is a national security threat

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