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26th > February > 2013 Archive

DHS bigwig 'adamantly opposed' to degree fetishism

RSA 2013'Security experts don't need college degrees'

Boffin shows pics of germs grown on SPOTTY STUDENTS' MOBES

PICSFeeding the bacteria on your phone, what could go wrong?

India launch puts Canadian microsats into orbit

An asteroid-hunter in a suitcase

Climate scientists link global warming to extreme weather

Blame giant, increasingly lazy atmospheric waves

Ruby 2.0.0 adds syntax sparkle, boosts performance

First major stable release in five years

McAfee dumps signatures and proclaims an (almost) end to botnets

RSA 2013Claims first truly integrated security package

BBC World Service in a jam as China blocks broadcasts

Beeb strongly condemns disruption

North Korean citizens told: Socialist haircuts are a thing... go get some

Government proclaims: All your hairs R belong to us

Japanese gov builds APT database to study targeted attack info

Hopes to understand attackers' MO, share info with US

Who'll do a Red Hat on open-source storage?

StoragebodBuy-and-build units just need a brand and a package

No mobile signal? Blame hippies and their eco-friendly walls

MWC 2013Cosy rooms equal less connectivity - new study

Welcome to our Wi-Fi: Devicescape reinvents landing page

Coffee shop déjà vu for a post-web world

Stealthy upstart PernixData mutters incantation... turns flash into SAN

That's some tri... hey, is that all?

Ericsson and SAP Megazord has no need for your PUNY human phonecalls

MWC 2013Duo sets sights on the machines

Xyratex thrusts a Lustre cluster knuckleduster at Intel's bluster

Storage biz gobbles HPC wizardry from Oracle

Nexus 1 put in orbit to prove 'in space, no one can hear you scream'

WARP-DRIVE-fitted shrieking mobe strapped to publicity-sat

Fujitsu to get oldsters out the house and thoroughly caned

MWC 2013Grandpa can't use a smartphone? Here's a GPS-backed solution

Intel throws open chip ovens to Altera - but who's next: Apple?

Quit twiddling those thumbs, you've got FPGAs to bake

US insurer punts 'bestiality' to wide-eyed kiddies, gasp 'mums'

VideoGirl flirts with pig in 'disgusting' roadside-assistance romp

Four firms pitch hi-def DRM for Flash cards

Next-generation Secure Memory, anyone?

HP shareholders bay for blood in $19 BEELLION writedown aftermath

UpdatedCalls to boot two board veterans and auditor next month

Apple to cough up $100m after kids rinse parents' credit cards on apps

Compensation offered for virtual fruit spending sprees

Black hat greed reducing software vulnerability report rate

RSA 2013Zero-day market temptation: Cash out or collaborate?

Trekkies detect Spock's Vulcan homeworld ORBITING PLUTO

Bid to name space rock completely illogical

Review: Sony Vaio Duo 11 Ultrabook

Canny convertible computing - or too clever by half?

Wi-Fi hotspots, phone masts: Prepare to be assimilated by O2's Borg

MWC 2013Finally, the tech to make mobes work properly is here

Engine Yard plugs multiple IaaS players into back end

PaaS lets your app skip between clouds

So a health boss, a GM veep and Qualcomm's big cheese walk into a bar

MWC 2013What happened next is strictly on the record

That Firefox OS mobe: The sorta phone left behind after a mugging

MWC 2013Why do they bother? asks our man in Barcelona in his conference sketch

Cloudera sends in the auditors – for Hadoop

Giving enterprises what they want: auditing, backup, and rolling upgrades

Inside Intel's deal to let FPGA biz Altera use its 22nm TriGate fabs

AnalysisAs Achronix loses its Chipzilla exclusivity

Google+ goes single sign-in, exec roasts Zuck's 'frictionless sharing'

Promises not to 'spray' Web2.0rhea all over stream

Google Chrome feature helps you silence noisy tabs

Canary in the browser-mine for audio popups and errant videos

Symantec reports early Stuxnet variant first went live in 2005

RSA 2013'Very different' code caused gas attack on nuclear program

Microsoft finally ships Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7

Last chance to block it before auto updates start

Mobile data prices rise as capacity crunch bites – ACCC

Regulator also watches NBN migration practices

Malaysian hackers deface 30+ sites hosted by Melbourne company and UberGlobal embroiled in hack

Intel takes on all Hadoop disties to rule big data munching

'We do software now. Get used to it.'

Stop saying 'Cyber Pearl Harbor,' RSA boss pleads

RSA 2013Some people aren't getting the message, however

Attacker exposes ABC forum contributors

Updated50k IDs and credentials published

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