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25th > February > 2013 Archive

Mobile operators look to Firefox to beat back Google, Apple

MWC 201318 carriers announce plans to adopt Firefox OS

Quantum computer one step closer after ‘true’ quantum calculation

Baby steps

Firefox to spit out third-party cookies

Mozilla says Apple's got it more or less right

Wikipedia to TXT articles to the developing world

Knowledge for the next billion net users

Toshiba boffins claim battery life boost with SRAM tweaks

Standby power consumption reduction of 85 PER CENT in tests

Microsoft latest to 'fess up to Java-based Mac attack

Redmond experiences 'similar intrusion' to Facebook and Apple

Unwearable tech: Five ways IT garb's gone HORRIBLY WRONG

Yeah, um, good luck with those glasses, Google

Bouncing into Norks any time soon? At least you'll get 3G

Mobe web data for visitors, citizens stuck in the dark

Itsy-bitsy Wi-Fi brings pay-by-bonk to all

We don't need no stinkin' NFC

Yahoo! and! Microsoft! have! long! way! to! go! in! account! hijack! fight!

Google hardly ever spaffs out spam anymore - researchers

Review: Britain's 4G smartphones

Product Round-upNine handsets, one network - is it time at last to invest in LTE?

HP's ElitePad 900 now so elite, you've probably not heard of it

Few thousand biz fondleslabs to slip into Blighty

You've made an app for Android, iOS, Windows - what about the user interface?

Where to find a sane design for all platforms

Microsoft's own code should prevent an Azure SSL fail: So what went wrong?

Sysadmin blogCloud service fell over despite cert automation in Server 2012

Drilling into a half-decent gigabit small-biz switch... from D-Link

ReviewThe DGS-3420-28TC isn't from Cisco and I'm OK with this

Microsoft coughs up compensation for Azure cloud cock-up

Embarrassing SSL cert snafu probe launched

BT argues Ofcom is 'mistaken' on Ethernet price capping plan

Plenty of competition, says national telco

Hadoop Hive stung into action, swarms around SQL

More relational, more useful to humans, we're promised

Razzie voters drive stake through Twilight

Seven awards for cinematic undertainment

Nokia opens Maps to rivals, flogs uber-budget €15 phone

MWC 2013Saves 'best' of Maps for Nokia mobes

UK distie boss: My brush with death in rapper's drive-by killing

You know what they say, Price is right

Unisys re-ups $650m deal to look after US taxman's big iron

IRS slurps over $2 TREEELLION a year of taxpayers' cash

Best Buy takes axe to touchy Windows 8 PCs - lops $100 off price

Sit down, Surface, you don't count

IBM skips BladeCenter chassis with Power7+ rollout

End of the line for Power blades – PureFlex or bust

Dell takes aim at iPad, uncloaks enterprise-level Win8 tablet

MWC 2013Latitude 10 Enhanced Security: the fondleslab grows up, gets a job

Ancient lost continent discovered lounging on Mauritian beach

Boffins turn up trace of sunken Atlantis-like place at holiday spot

Mobile TV is BACK: Ericsson launches broadcast video for 4G

MWC 2013Must-watch TV - literally: NO pausing, skipping or stopping

Barnes & Noble to sling their Nook - report

Insider sheds light on B&N moves ahead of Q3 results on Thursday

Not so fast, BlackBerry. Now Samsung wants your tasty biz mobe pie

MWC 2013KNOX Android: Business at the front, party in the back

Mellanox pumps up channel for InfiniBand, Ethernet pushes

Trying to pull in more biz to fill in revenue hole

Wages frozen, jobs at risk. Now Capita ITS shifts pay reviews to 1 April

Staff need a laugh, but this is no time for pranks

Muscles-from-Brussels Vanhamme crams into Dell EMEA role

'I've been in training' says new networking biz boss

Obama cybersecurity order mandates better information sharing

RSA 2013DHS gets ready to open up to private sector

Telecom bigwigs: 'We're all friends – really'

MWC 2013Being overcharged for using the airwaves? Blame regulators

Open source port-a-thon brings Ubuntu to more phones, tablets

Now runs (badly) on more than just Nexus kit

It begins: Six-strikes copyright smackdown starts in US

Carrot and stick policies begin this week

Poor leadership, tech, hold back Australian open government

Australian Information Commissioner calls for rebuild of

LG acquires webOS from HP – but not for mobile kit

Palm remnant to be reincarnated in 21st century boob tube

Elon Musk: 'Fudged' NYT article cost Tesla $100m

Not many orders canceled, though

Skyhigh Networks lets bosses snoop on employee cloud use

RSA 2013Big Brother for the (secure) common good

EMC morphs Hadoop elephant into SQL database Hawq

Learning to live with HDFS instead of kicking it to the curb

Australian supercomputer to use geothermal cooling

CSIRO starts drilling to ready petascale super for SKA data-crunching duty

Samsung, Visa in pay-by-bonk tie up

Mastercard responds with rebadged PayPass

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