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22nd > February > 2013 Archive

Google reveals Glass details in patent application

Lasers burning images onto your retina? What could go possibly wrong?

Ubuntu Preview alpha arrives for fondleslabs and phones

Beware – it's for brave Nexus device owners only

Emulex under second investor assault

First Elliott and now Altai

Open source app can detect text's authors

Bible, US constitution analysed. Next: your kids school work and your email

Drone quadracopters throw and catch inverted pendulum

VideoLet the spear-throwing killbot FUD commence

Whitman: Absolutely not going to break up HP

The patient 'showed some improvement' in Q1

Google App Engine update eases cloudy mobile app development

Cloud Endpoints let Android and iOS apps plug into Google’s backend

Hipsters have spoken: Microsoft is 'hip to be square'

Porcine aviation squadron ready for take off

Microsoft legal beagle calls for patent reform cooperation

'Fix what's broken, don't break what's working'

Ericsson plans NZ fibre facility

Duct-building in Porirua

Security report becomes security risk

Mandiant's report on Chinese hacking used as bait in spear phishing attacks

Facebook reveals plan for new archival data centre

Bit barn will hold all the photos you don't care about any more

Turkish tattooists test talent with QR code ad

Tattoo parlour hopefuls urged to swap irons for pen

Build your own 180TB NAS for $US1,942.59 (plus disk)

Cloud storage outfit Backblaze again open sources design that influences Netflix's storage

US woman cuffed for 'booking strippers for 16th birthday bash'

'Intimate' entertainment endangered teen welfare, cops claim

Official: More than 7 million Brits have NEVER accessed the interwebs

Oldsters, disabled and poor all left behind

Virident gives server flash vendors the fear with 'sharing tool'

PCIe flash card maker punts Connect software

Bill Gates: 'Microsoft didn't MISS cell phone' bandwagon

QuotwPlus: 'Trolls are just trying to hijack somebody else's idea'

Woman nails 'cheating boyf' on Russian 'Street View'

Spots paramour pair in Perm panorama

4G in the UK? Why the smart money still says 'Meh'

AnalysisAlong with the industry

Bundestag holds 'unusual' hearing on German Copyright Act

Expert: May indicate parliamentary 'push-back' on copyright reform

SimCity Classic

Antique Code ShowMicromanage your own mock metropolis

Orange offers €40k for the best bit of NFC bonking

App compo to drive adoption of the radio comms tech

BOFH: Climb the corp ladder - and use your boss as a bullet shield

Episode 1Top tips on getting ahead, BOFH-style HACKED to spread bank account-raiding Trojan

'No user info compromised' insists US telly network

Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter hipsters exposed in Zendesk data raid

Hacker slurps email info from helpdesk biz

Official: Cloud computing invented by two technophobic old geezers

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Blue sky thinking by mistake

Happy birthday, LP: Can you believe it's only 65?

From scratchy spinner to flash and now the cloud

Brit SAP house G3 Global slurps 2e2's SAP house

Diagonal moves from Morse to 2e2... to an SME in Weybridge

Bees use 'electrical sixth sense' to nail nectar-stuffed flowers

Sparks fly when bumbles see plants for plundering, say Brit bio-boffins

What's NFC? PayPal lobs Chip and PIN readers at UK small biz

Just as the world moves to pay-by-bonk

Privacy warriors slam MEPs over 'corporate-friendly' data law rewrite

Euro politicos 'undermine trust and confidence', argue campaigners

Council IT bod in the dock for flogging scrap work PC parts

Saving disks from scrapyard landed him on the scrapheap

Pah! Social, file-sharing apps are SAFE compared to biz apps

Malware threats not where corporates think they are

Dell and pals pop $51m into all-flash array upstart's wallet

Healthy chunk o' change for Skyera's B-round

BBC's new bosses - the lawyers - strike out Savile probe testimony

CommentWhy the blanks matter the most

Google given more time to prove to Brussels it's NOT 'abusive' in search

Almunia sets deadline (of sorts) for second half of 2013

Who said run rate reselling was 'boring'? Oh... Softcat did

But Marlow-based dealer still making mint from it

Blackberry Z10 sales fail to impress analysts

Early forecasts being revised downward

PSF warns on angry trademark attacks: Python coders, this is not our way

Hacktivism and threats 'not who we are or how we act'

Is world's first space tourist Dennis Tito planning a trip to Mars?

Millionaire teases 'historic journey' to Red Planet

Rackspace cuts network bandwidth prices on its cloud

Adds tiered pricing with volume discounts for storage capacity

RIAA: Google failing on anti-piracy push

Six-month report card: FAIL

Cheap iPhone mini 'makes sense' for world domination

Morgan Stanley analyst: China won't gobble leftovers

Google announces I/O conference registration

Prepare for Glastonbury-like techie stampede

iPhone-maker Foxconn not gonna save Sharp

Sharp starts making plans to save itself without help

HTC settles with FTC over smartphone security holes

Promises to do better next time

Microsoft secure Azure Storage goes down WORLDWIDE

UpdatedLooks like Redmond forgot to renew a security certificate...

Success for Einhorn: Judge blocks vote on Apple's Proposal 2

Tim Cook faces interesting shareholder meeting next week

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