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21st > February > 2013 Archive

Boffins use DVD burner to scale graphene supercapacitors

LightScribe becomes capacitor creator

Seagate joins OpenStack foundation and Open Compute Project

Drive giant revs involvement in open source tech

Curiosity drills into Mars

Innocent exploration or first shot in INTERPLANETARY BIO-WAR?

Mobile dev site: We never knew about Facebook, Apple hacks

First read about own role in Wednesday's news

FCC proposes freeing up massive chunk of wireless spectrum

Cell signal boosters also get revamp

Samsung under fire over copy-paste bricking

Simple bug unfixed for months

Sexual harassment case costs Oracle $AUD18,000

Things better left unsaid

Jerry Yang hired as fly on the wall at Lenovo

Hired for 'proven entrepreneurial spirit' to help PC company grow

Boffins spot Luna-sized exoplanet

Tiny 'Kepler-37b' is smaller than Mercury and very nasty

Mobes with monster 72-core GPU to debut in China

ZTE says handsets packing Tegra 4 system-on-chip will land before July

Perfect sex minx calculated from 'deep' probe of X-rated flicks

10,000 web smut stars analysed, vital statistics checked and double-checked

How private biz can link YOU to 'anonymised' medical data

And all without your consent, FOI request reveals

This 320-gigapixel snap of London is size of Buckingham Palace

BT's 360° panorama has its own unit of measure

Quit the 2D internet, flee your cave, and GET LAID, barks rock star

Jack White's charming message for Record Store Day

Just what does BT have planned for its 4G licence: We drill into UK LTE

AnalysisAuctions hands telco space to run national hotspot network

Brit robot programmers banged up for £500,000 tax evasion

Biz pair lived life of Riley on cash hidden offshore

We've slashed account hijackings by 99.7% - Google

120-variable security checks + 2-factor auth = zapped interwebs pond scum

Sony promises PC-based PlayStation 4 for Christmas

AMD x86 tech helps console break out of Cell

Hey, cloudy channel bods: Vendors have problems too...

You can't cram a round cloud peg into a square channel hole

VCE collective takes integrated systems battle down to the midrange

Cisco-EMC-sometimes-VMware converged boxes take on the tier ones

Oklahoma cops rake ashes of 'spontaneous combustion' victim

Timber-framed house intact as owner goes up in flames

PunkSPIDER project founder defends 'Google for web app vulns'

Global bug scanner can be used 'for good or for evil'

Curiosity Mars rover flashes pics of GREY drilled powder sample

Rock dust could hold key to Mars' wet past

Yahoo! 'OPTIMISES'! website! for! fondleslabs! AND Facebook!

Please Sir, Mayer have some more Web2.0rhea?

WTF is... Miracast?

The AirPlay alternative for streaming video, games from your Android to your telly

Foxconn: Our hiring freeze has nothing to do with iPhone 5

Insists it's not about just one client

Adobe punts fix for Reader, Acrobat holes battered by PC, Mac hackers

Software biz praised for nine-day response

So you won a 4G licence. The Freeview interference squad wants a word

Next-gen mobe broadband threat to 2 MILLION tellies

New blow for Microsoft Surface: Touch Chromebooks 'on sale in 2013'

New blow for Google stablemate Android, too

John Sweeney: Why Church of Scientology's gravest threat is the 'net

UpdatedA beautiful machine for free speech, says BBC reporter

Which Linux admin tools and tricks would YOU stake your career on?

Sysadmin blogSort the signal from the noise - tell us your top utils, books, IRC chans, the lot

Xamarin chucks Apple fruit at Microsoft mobe wobblers

Apple iOS development extended to Visual Studio

Chromebook app launcher touted to Chrome browser users

Google ports offline app box to Windows

NetApp flashifies ONTAP high-end boxen

Bigger disks, flash pools, more memory

Twitter opens ad API... awaits cash TSUNAMI from ad-slingers

#Widens revenue stream

Obama's new cyber-security tactics finger corrupt staff, China

Hackers or the guy with root? Trouble is closer to home, warns White House

Apple files 'iWatch' patent application

Flexible video display to slap onto your 'appendage'

Oracle plans deep integration of Eloqua marketing tech

Promises to support Microsoft and Salesforce systems as well

Google takes Chromebook upmarket with touchy-feely Pixel

Pricey touchscreen kit for the cloud warrior with money to burn

Red Hat nips, tucks RHEL 6.4 ahead of RHEL 7 later this year

Shadowman getting ready to be ARMed and dangerous

Nvidia plans new 'reptile HQ' to match its IT aggressiveness

Keplersaurus Rex to stomp into Silicon Valley

Twitter adds email security to help block phishing attempts

Too late for Burger King, but maybe not for you

Over 100,000 sign White House petition for handset unlocking

Let freedom ring

Newvem fluffs up penny-pinching control freak for AWS cloud

Ex-Sunners give away freebie Cloud Care as loss leader

Google in cloud-support price war with Amazon, Microsoft

Intros revolutionary 'how much can you afford?' model

Buyer's Guide de-hassling flash array purchase

DCIG strikes again

Ride Riverbed's Whitewater all the way to Glacier

Cold data storage in Amazon's icy vaults

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