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15th > February > 2013 Archive

Former co-CEO Balsillie has cashed out all his BlackBerry stock

Unloaded his entire stake in just 12 months

Traceroute reveals Star Wars Episode IV 'crawl' text

'It is a period of civil war. A rebel network admin, striking from an IP address … '

Heroku tech change leaves customer with bill-shock

PaaS clouds not easy to run if you don't RTFM

Cray readies XC30 supers for Ivy Bridge and coprocessors

Turns in slightly better 2012 than expected, looks forward to 2013

IDC: Android, iOS now own 91.1% of global smartphone sales

Two systems to rule them all

Microsoft exec: No 'Plan B' despite mobile stumbles

Then how about Plan A version 2.0, Mr. CFO?

Tesla's Elon Musk v The New York Times, Round 2

'Is this the right room for an argument?'

Arista wants to DANZ for high freaky traders

Transmuting switches to tap aggregators to tap into a new source of revenues

iOS 6.x hack allows personal data export, free calls

Find phone, press buttons in weird sequence, invade privacy, call anyone

Kiwi cops to buy 6,500 iPhones, 3,900 iPads

Smartphones and fondleslabs will do the work of 345 officers

Pop's Chubby Checker condemns use of Palm to check pocket-chubby

Twist star 'stiffed' by app, sues HP

Silicon Roundabout worthies in £2m cash battle royale

Spread peace and joy, get £15,000 a year. Maybe

ICO: How 'sensitive' is personal data? Depends what it's used for...

It's all about context, says the data protection watchdog

Virty giant VMware drags upstart Hortonworks to court over 'unfair practices'

ExclusiveWho's hooked all the juiciest Spring fish?

Apple tech FOUND ON ANDROID: Passbook gets pay-by-bonk

It's what Steve Jobs would have wanted

Array-flogger NetApp: Don't worry sir, we'll look after your data

Storage kit maker reports better-than-expected Q3 results

CEO Tim Cook: Apple retail stores are 'like Prozac' to me

QuotwPlus: 'There have been no sightings of dead bodies rising'

'Bah, this Apple Shop is full of APPLES'

Enraged fanbois lead fruit emporium to rebrand

2e2 rescue deal: Daisy swoops in, grabs data centre ops

Oakley Capital owner slurps

WTF is... IEEE 1905.1?

FeatureHybrid, multi-media home networking made easy

BlackBerry booster Alicia Keys blames hacker for iPhone Twitter update

'1-tweet hacker' posts, er, Drake song lyrics...

Reg readers scuffle over the ultimate cuppa

PollBrews for all tastes, with a nasty dash of 'cofftea'

Facebook in futile attempt to block perverts from Graph Searching for teens

Flawed system relies on kids - and adults - being honest about their age

Any storm in a port

Something for the Weekend, Sir?I keep on pushing but it won’t go in

Ready or not: Microsoft preps early delivery of IE10 for Windows 7

Try Windows 8 without the Windows 8

HYPERSONIC METEOR smashes into Russia, injuring hundreds

UpdatedMighty strike appears to register on Earthquake detector

Insight Enterprises operating profits tumble down back of sofa

Costs, sales blamed as execs grope beneath cushions

Satanic Renault takes hapless French bloke on 200km/h joyride

'Insane' car's victim 'saw life flash before eyes'

Opera gulps Skyfire, takes aim at mobile data applecarts

You want unlimited data with that?

Roast entrepreneur: Mmm, tastes Just Like Chicken

¡Bong!Google Glasses and The MIRACLE of the ALPS

Ousted Apple Store chief Browett is back selling shiny tat for ladies

This time with sequins on though

IDC: Outsourcing sector needs rescue fund for cloudy customers

2e2 collapse to hit channel, customers, investors

Sprosty leaps from Systemax TPG hot seat after 18 months

Tech Products CEO leaves amid restructure

Firm moves to trademark 'Python' name out from under the language

Open-sourcers struggle against hostile snake snatch

Brocade: California taxman took off with our profits

Never mind, revenues are up ... plus fibre is sexy again

Daisy Group battles to keep 2e2 managed services user base

150 staff given future, thoughts now turn to customers

Amazon opens Redshift data warehouse to Joe Public

Traditional IT companies nervously stare at ground

Dev preview of Ubuntu for phones touching down February 21

Get it for your Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 4

Civilization peaks: BEER-dispensing arcade game created

Alcohol and fighting games – what could go wrong?

Microsoft still reviving Azure SQL Reporting after Monday FAIL

'Procedural operations error' leads to lengthy cloud cleanup

Facebook devs HACKED in 'sophisticated' Java zero-day attack

Company laptops impounded, no evidence user data compromised

Earth escapes asteroid flyby, boffins want lasers aimed at next one

DE-STAR lasers proposed to vaporize incoming space invaders

IBM forges Power7+ PureApplication appliance

Cranks up CPUs and FPGAs on PureData, formerly known as Netezza

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