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14th > February > 2013 Archive

Cisco wins tax battles with Uncle Sam, posts big bump in profits

Big John 'cautiously optimistic' about networking, ecstatic about servers

Apple refreshes MacBook Pro range

Faster CPUs, lower prices, for the pre-post-PC crowd

Journo says Elon Musk apologized for Tesla battery fiasco

'Charging stations should have been closer'

Adobe investigating attacks on PDFs using zero-day flaw

FireEye warns the world to check before you click

Which volcanoes impacted ancient climate? Sulphur tells the story

Ice core isotopes ID the big blasts

Higgs hunt halts as CERN prepares LHC upgrades

'Long shutdown 1' will enable collider to be turned up to 11

British, Belgian boffins battle buffering bandwidth bogeyman

Golden era of uninterrupted kitten vids may lie ahead

NBN Co coffee budget brews caffeinated controversy

Slow EspressoHits per second rate hurts NBN Co

Ask Google this impossible question, get web filth as a reward

Try it before search engine PHWOAR, er, flaw is fixed

Forget wireless power for phones - Korea's doing it for buses

VideoGenuinely Electric Avenues planned in London too

Imation takes $310.2m hit in hellish, wallet-draining 4th quarter

Storage firm keeps wolf from door by flogging off consumer brands

Scottish uni slams on the Accelerator to boost UK boffinry

Just don't call new supercomputer system a cloud

Could you build a data-nomming HPC beast in a day? These kids can

AnalysisEverything you need to know about the undergrad cluster sport

Nokia's Elopocalypse two years on: Has Microsoft kept its side of the bargain?

AnalysisThe Lumias are here. What's Redmond got to show?

Capita gobbles Northgate Managed Services for £65m

Cloud biz finally finds a buyer

Spanish cops cuff 11 for €1m-a-year ransomware scam

Interpol says Reveton malware ring has been smashed

Apple: iOS 6.1 network overload caused by our Exchange SYNC OF DOOM

Fanbois should switch it off and on again

Google whips out pocket cannon, fires VoIP patent sueball at BT

Telco eats first ever direct volley from search giant

Fashionably slate

CommentWhy TV makers are trying to turn telly into tablet - and why it's a daft idea

Spanish boffins increase GPS accuracy by 90%

Self-driving car would still mow down pedestrians though

BBC Vision and Audio tossed on bonfire, replaced by 'TV', 'Radio'

Strategy UnboutiqueNew DG calls a spade a spade, kills off euphemisms

Facebook is off the IPOcalypse hook... for NOW

Judge dismisses 4 lawsuits over firm's float flop

Red Hat revs OpenShift Enterprise to 1.1

Fixes bugs, buffs UI, beckons to young devs

World's biggest distie cans Euro growth hopes for 2013

Ingram Micro 'not planning on any significant growth'

The official iPhone actually runs Android - in Brazil

Apple left hurting by painful Brazilian procedure

Disk biz Overland bleeds more cash - bah, only a flesh wound!

Storage array maker still thinks it's invincible

Asian political activists whacked in Mac backdoor hack attack

What's up .doc? Oh, too late

Spammers unleash DIY phone number slurping web tool

Well it is Valentine's Day... How else are you going to get those digits?

Are you lonesome tonight, tech firms? Let our dating service fix you up

Vulture ValentinesSaucy startup seeks older partner, solvent, GSOH

Nvidia revenues fight the PC tide, but annual profits pinched

Tegra 4 ready for Q2 launch

Irony alert: Pirate Bay accuses anti-piracy group of illegal copying

Kiddie-raid copyright cops called out

Surface RT now on sale in 13 more European markets

On sale, yes – but is it selling?

Inside Microsoft's Surface Pro: A fiendishly difficult journey

Photos'A completely different bag of beans' than the Surface RT

Doped nanotubes boost lithium battery power three-fold

Stringy silicon also recharges in minutes

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