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13th > February > 2013 Archive

$195 BEEELLION asteroid approaching Earth

Too bad it's in an INCONVEEENIENT orbit

TransLattice inks partnership with Amazon's AWS cloud

Flavors Bezos's cloud with Google-esque database tech

Spotted: Android 4.2.2 update for Google Nexus devices

Minor over-the-air release to arrive in waves

Canada cans net surveillance law

'Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act' is no more

Vertu-alised Android revealed at an all-too-real €7,900

Luxury brand’s first smartphone can repel ball bearings

Love in the time of the internet: A personal memoir

FeatureThe tongue-in-cheek (or elsewhere) guide to internet dating

Lenovo, PayPal, launch post-password plan

Token effort ‘FIDO’ offers open two-factor web authentication scheme

Home Depot pulls out of newly-named RIM, gets in bed with Apple

10,000 devices, another big drop in a growing ocean

Google Play privacy SNAFU sends app buyers' details to devs

Australian coder says if you buy his Android app he'll know where you live

Hands off my disk! VMware gobbles Virsto for software-ruled arrays

Compute clusters, networks, now storage is going automatic

LIVE NOW: Never mind Windows 8, speak your brains on Server 2012

Live Chat6 months on... how is it for you?

Intel serves flashy speed to penguins after eating Nevex's cache

Flash cache for Linux servers

Recipe for a bad day: 'State-backed hackers are attacking your PC'

The chilling Google warning greeting journos in Burma

Eager students, huge racks - yes, undergrad cluster wrestling is back

Why 2013 is going to be THE year for HPC battles

'Strong basis' to claims Nominet board breached duties - legal top gun

Registry's members hire barrister in row over running of UK's web overseer

Data scientists: Do they even exist?

Open ... and ShutData data everywhere, but not a drop to shrink

Capita bosses defend £30m migrant-poking IT deal with Border Agency

Sending texts from a db sounds like 'money for old rope' to MPs

Register reader Ray revs radio-controlled Raspberry Pi race rover

Pics and vidFrikkin' laser armament planned for US invasion

Intel's new TV box to point creepy spy camera at YOUR FACE

One day we're gonna watch you like it's 1984

Get up, shake off the hangover: These 57 Microsoft holes won't fix themselves

This month's fat security Patch Tuesday has landed

Perky smartphone figures can't stop droop of worldwide mobe sales

Total sales shrink 1.7% in 2012

Microsoft! Bing! must! make! Yahoo! more! money! moans! Mayer!

And Yahoo! apps face cull (yes, Yahoo! has apps)

Micron glues DDR4 RAM to flash, animates the 256GB franken-DIMM

If only there was an operating system to support it

Stroppy investor tries to rip 'n' replace STEC's entire board

Fallen flash star's CEO: You're just trying to auction us off

Rivals to Brussels: Google labelling its own stuff won't help us

'Could mean more people sucked in, not less'

Opera joins Google/Apple in-crowd with shift to WebKit and Chromium

Only Redmond left drinking out of own browser plumbing

Big Data: Why it's not always that big nor even that clever

And as for data scientists being sexy, well...

Cambridge White Space boffins cook up Weightless chips

White Space networking takes a spin into silicon

Pan-eurozone distie Exclusive Group sets eyes on €1bn prize

French-run biz banks a fat 2012, plans to grow

Android? Like Marvin the robot? Samsung eclipses Google OS - Gartner

Sammy Galaxy 'a synonym' for Android mobes

Review finds Wikipedia UK board needs major leadership overhaul

Transparency? Isn't that a pub in Gibraltar?

Boffins make bio-chip breakthrough

Cancer-detecting yogurt now possible

Official: America now a nation of broadband whingers

AnalysisIt's no utopia, but at least you don't get shot for chewing gum

Ericsson readies carrier-grade OpenStack for telcos and SPs

All your mobile service are belong to us

More naysayers pour cold water on Dell LBO

Dell and Silver Lake rumored to contemplate higher bid

Oracle wants another go at Google over Android Java copyrights

'You wouldn't steal a Harry Potter book...'

USA sinks Atlantic cable plan over Huawei worries

Huawei not wanted on the voyage

Soak up CO2 with sponges, says CSIRO

A football field in a gram

Obama signs Executive Order on critical cybersecurity

Tells Congress to get its act together

NSW may fire 610 school tech support officers in March

Jobs in peril if digital education revolution funding not renewed

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