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12th > February > 2013 Archive

US company aims patent-gun at Australia’s e-health system

All your personal health records are belong to us

Amazon cloud spin-off 'inevitable,' says Oppenheimer

AnalysisYou've got to segregate to accumulate – or do you?

Watchdog casts an eye over ‘throttling’

Net neutrality a competition issue

F5 Networks scarfs up LineRate Systems for SDN smarts

Homegrown OS is the secret to network acceleration

Apple releases fix for iPhone 4S iOS 6.1 connectivity cockup

'Battery problems? What battery problems?'

Not done yet: Oracle to ship revised Java fix on February 19

Addresses flaws left open after February 1 patch

Twitter translated to LOLCATZ: Strangely this had not been done

THNX ... I canz make conversashun with el cat

Shocked jocks' O2 calls crossed with Brummies, now everyone's cross

No crappy crossbar to blame either

Rogue Squadron: Unit of X-wings Kickstarts in response to Death Star

Not long ago, on a website one click away

Mind out, Apple: Ericsson leads charge against the SIM

Gemalto pitches in to manage the machines

3 million Freesat receivers now out there, and boxes to get YouTube

I'm sick of this high value content, get me some CATS

Seagate: We'll bring down HAMR in 2014 ... this year, you get shingles

It's like all our storage Christmases came at once

Clash of the Titans: Which of you has the GREATEST HOME LAB?

And is it in the cellar, the attic ... or the cloud?

Montana TV warns of ZOMBIE ATTACK in epic prank hack

Cops: 'Wait. What if ... ?'

Is social networking good for anything more than cat pics?

Sysadmin blogLinkedIn is useful... it makes you feel 'viewed'

BT copper-cable choppers cop 16 months in the cooler

Thieves posed as workmen in raid that cut off hundreds

Turkey prepares to hand $5bn to US biz for intelligent electricity

Cementing relationships and saving 'leccy

Cache 'n' carry: What's the best config for your SSD?

FeatureHow to gain solid-state performance with out losing hard drive capacity

Only way to stop the iPad: Flash-disk mutant SPEED FREAKS

At least... until hybrids inhale helium

Still-living, unincarcerated Ted Nugent invited to Barack Obama gig

Gun-loving rocker to attend State of the Union address

New cunning linguist computer has got ancient tongues licked

Boffins build system to reconstruct man's protolanguages

#Forwhy: American Express lets you pay by tweet

Taking your cash is bad enough... now vendor gets free ads too?

Dish boss on ad-skipping service: 'I don’t want to kill ads'

We're the Indiana Jones of TV networks

UK doesn't have the SKILLS to save itself from cyber threats

Report: Only schoolkids can protect us

Time to rid ourselves of the tech channel zombies

Old Spice can't hide the stench of death on the High St

Billionaire baron Bill Gates still mourns Vista's stillborn WinFS

Watching you sync your files with the cloud makes him cry (probably)

Tesla vs Media again as Model S craps out on journo - on the highway

'Car is shutting down'

VMware pulls more control freakage into vSphere stack

Ops management and VM archiving at a discount for SMBs

NASA melts mysterious 'metal Martian flower' myth

It's just a load of wind doing its abrasive duty

Apple CEO Cook: 'Bizarre' shareholder lawsuit a 'silly sideshow'

Visiting an Apple retail store is 'like Prozac'

Amazon adds DNS Failover to Route 53

Intros dead man switch in case of site megafails

DropBox seeks to woo IT admins with team data controls

Wants to beat down Microsoft, Google, Apple, EMC threats

Coming soon: Open source JavaFX for iOS, Android

Will enable cross-platform Java-based UIs – but why?

Adobe buckles, cuts prices ahead of Australian inquiry

A side order of schadenfraude

Permafrost melt to boost atmospheric CO2 faster than thought

The more CO2, the more global warming; the more global warming, the more CO2

Pertino uncloaks, fires 'cloud network engine' at Cisco

If you take the work out of network, what you have left is net

Kiwi Coroner says Coca-Cola helped kill woman

Cardiac arrhythmia followed nine litres a day habit

Fire danger as iOS mislocates towns, again

Making fun of Apple maps, #729

Rackspace rides OpenStack, lassos chubby, cloudy cash cow

'Open cloud and fanatical outcomes' – and that's fanatical in a good way

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