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8th > February > 2013 Archive

Teradata rides big data wave in Q4, does better than expected

Which, if big data is all it is cracked up to be, shouldn't be possible

LibreOffice 4.0 ships with new features, better looks

Slowly closing the gap with Microsoft Office

Google Drives into web hosting

Simple service from the cloud

Ubuntu for Galaxy Nexus phones to arrive in February

Dev version for now, but first phones will ship in October

Motorola complaint against Microsoft narrowed

Judge invalidates chunks of patents

Facebook glitch briefly crashes several sites

No, you can't log on with Facebook Connect … bitch

Shatners talks space, acting with fellow Canuck on ISS

Science fiction meets science reality

TDD LTE gaining momentum in 4G push, says ZTE

Some carriers could move from FDD

Electric cars stall in USA, Australia

Better Place between a rock and a hard place

Taiwan's Polytron promises see-through phones

Has anyone seen my mobile? I can't find it anywhere!

Good news! UK IT jobs up. Bad news? They're with a bunch of bankers

Contractors doing best of all

EU: We'll force power plants, Apple and pals to admit hack attacks

New rules on reporting breaches proposed in cyber-strategy

Quantum backs up 156TB backup box over EMC's back lawn

Squeezes out second-largest array plus new top-end tape library

Psst, wanna block nuisance calls? BT'll do it... for a price

The phone that's not at home to spammers

NetApp fattens up FAS array beasts to flog to data ranchers

Embiggens high-end range for biz-critical apps

'You get burned out on Facebook after a while'

QuotwPlus: 'The only risk is the power of the Force'

Tennessee bloke quits job over satanic wage slip

'666' ID code will 'sell his soul to the devil'

Every single Internet Explorer at risk of drive-by hacks until Patch Tuesday

FIFTY-SEVEN gaping holes closed this month

JBoss is juicy, but Vert.x could bring sexy back to Red Hat

Linux shop man on app servers, business and keeping devs interested

Paper computers: Not mere pulp fiction

Something for the Weekend, Sir?That’s torn it

Huge rock-hard marble erection shocks Japanese kiddies

Parents demand underpants for Michelangelo's David dead ringer

About to outsource your IT? Read this first

Some of you just might be changing suppliers soon

Bioshock Infinite, Devil May Cry, SimCity

Game TheoryThe latest videogame releases reviewed... and more

Adobe muzzles TWO zero-day wild things with emergency Flash patches

UpdatedCritical block for active Win and Mac attacks

Blighty evades Fujitsu's staff-slashing samurai sword

Continental Europe lacking ninja skills, unfortunately

Eyes in the sky:'s CCTV code to IGNORE MILLIONS of cameras

'Surveillance by consent' but operators WON'T BE sanctioned for cockups

'Disturbed' Dell investors could tank private buyout

But Michael and the VCs unlikely to raise offer - report

El Reg contemplates the ultimate cuppa

Builders' brew with two sugars? You tell us...

11-YEAR-OLD code wizard hacks Greedy RuneScape geeks

Kid's .NET Trojan offers hard coin but teleports passwords

'Depression-era grandma' Apple responds to bolshy investor

Board to 'evaluate' the proposal

Björk gives up trying to Kickstart Android music app

Elfin chanteuse's educational album/app mashup stays on iOS

2e2 cloud cash fiasco puts NHS IT and biz 'over a barrel'

What's that sound? Ah, it's rivals circling overhead

Nemo cancels Microsoft's Surface Pro launch

No launch like a snow launch

Boffins find RAT-SIZED bug-muncher links man to beast

But don't you see what that means, you dull-witted animal?

The business mullet: Cool or tool?

Open ... and ShutWhen testosterone dresses itself....

BBC blueprint to make EVERY programme on TV a repeat revealed

Because it'll all be on iPlayer first - trust approves trial run

George Bush's family emails, pics ransacked - and spewed online

Read my lips: no new hacks... oh wait

Atomic Weapons Establishment ditches 2e2 in funding row

Not riding this bomb down

Ebook price-fixing: Macmillan settles with DoJ, Apple fights on

Cheaper electronic reads from today...

LinkedIn proves not all social IPOs were bubbly

Financial results humiliate Facebook, Groupon, Zynga

Google to splurge $82m for exclusive airport exec enclave

Teams with UK firm to erect a place to park its privates – jets, that is

Google exec defends search snooping, location tracking

Apple's Maps app, however, could get you killed

Intel stuffs more dough down Big Switch Network's trousers

Here's $6.5m more – now that is a respectable SDN wad

HP clamps down on student labor in Chinese factories

Workers must be allowed to leave, too

Remember that Xeon E7-Itanium convergence? FUHGEDDABOUDIT

Intel backtracks on 'Kittson' Itanium plans, including shift to 22 nanometers

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