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7th > February > 2013 Archive

Green supercomputer pioneer to model micro drones

US Air Force backs Wu Feng for fluid dynamics modelling

IBM rounds out 10GE/40GE RackSwitches with a switch hitter

Adding converged Fibre Channel and pushing 10GBase-T ports

Morphlabs to cloud builders: Osmium is kryptonite to Amazon, Rackspace

Weaken them, and get 60 per cent gross margins

Windows Phone 8 hasn't slowed Microsoft's mobile freefall

New data shows Redmond's smartphone share is smaller than ever

Court says startup swiped IP for high-frequency trading tech

Zeptonics zapped by Australian court

Why you need a home lab to keep your job

Your boss won't pay for training, so your partner has to put up with servers at home

Could this be Google's slick new touchscreen Chromebook?

VideoSupposed leaked ad claims to show the full monty

Earth-like planets abound in red dwarf systems

Slow-burning stars may host civilizations far more advanced than our own

Raspberry Pi grows an eye

UpdateOmniVision to supply $25, 5MP PiCam capable of 2592x1944 stills

China is world's most malware-ridden nation

We're number one, we're number one!

Space station 'naut supplies Reg with overhead snap of Vulture Central

'So much of history came from this city'

South Koreans pawn shiny tech for stress-free loans

Hocking Gangnam Style!

Activist investor makes grab for the wheel at Qualstar

Board's figures squeezed into tightening corset

Ofcom: Fancy running a temporary HD Freeview TV channel?

10 of 'em up for grabs, but they'll only live for 6 years

Microsoft sails into Africa with White Spaces and Huawei phones

4Afrika rural network project

Storage upstart polishes copied-data slurping tool

Actifio: Buy our redundancy hoover ... or hire us as cleaners

Review: Unitrends backup appliances

ReviewBacking up, disrupting and... worth it?

Dell: Shhh, don't tell a soul, but the PC sector ISN'T doomed...

HPC blogLet's ditch these shareholders, shall we?

Seagate squeezes out 4TB desktop monster

Bye bye Barracuda

Microsoft techies bust data centres, pull plug on Bamital botnet

Sorry about your servers, they fell down some stairs

Don't Menshn the snore: Chick-lit queen's jabber site killed in its sleep

Webste shutdwn: Oh well, back to Twittr

Friends with money: Dell's big bet on private finance

AnalysisMemo to Michael: Don't be like HP

City sugar daddies mulling £10bn bid for EE, say sources

New 4G operator could really bring in the (Kevin) bacon

Review: Seagate Wireless Plus Wi-Fi hard drive

A terabyte of portable storage for your Android or iOS device

Microsoft can't even shift Windows 8 slabs in the middle of a tablet frenzy

Halve the price of RT then we're talking, says analyst

O2 gobbles up O2 Unify staff from dying UK IT giant 2e2

107 workers tossed a lifeline in the nick of time

BlackBerry Q10: This quirky QWERTY will keep loyalists perky

Hands OnTouchscreen and a keyboard? So mad useful it might just work

Vodafone cash supply choked as Europe tightens pursestrings

Bad, but could be worse

Now UK must look out for crappy SPACE weather - engineers

Solar superstorm bound to hit us 'at some point', warn boffins

Yahoo! strikes! display! ad! deal! with! boss's! old! boss! Google!

No mention of Microsoft from Purple Palace's princess

Verwaayen on verwaay out: Alcatel-Lucent big-cheese cheeses it

CEO quits, 4,999 other workers to go

REVEALED: NetApp's upcoming 'version 1.0' all-flash array

We get a few details on stand-alone SANtricity silo

Another year, another $40m: Arrow Electronics to cut costs AGAIN

Shrinkage in Euro Zone and Americas cause for concern

200 million office workers gagging for a... Microsoft Surface?

Windows tablet is most desired by office workers - report

Smartphone-in-a-box maker cooks up cheap Facebook-flavoured chips

From developing world? Buying 1st smartphone? Zuck 'Likes' you... bitch

British games company says it owns the idea of space marines

Amazon pulls ebook over Games Workshop trademark idiocy

Stricken 2e2 threatens data centres: Your money or your lights

£40k from biggest fish, £4k from minnows, to keep servers running

Fujitsu says sayonara to semiconductor biz, thousands of staff

Dividend killed as conquering European IT proves tough

Microsoft's Surface Pro team takes on Reddit to finesse fondleslab

Battery covers, Linux, advanced touch, and much more

Dell: May the Force 10 (Gigabit Ethernet) be with your CAT6 cables

Embeds OpenFlow control freakage in two 10GE switches

Wind now cheaper than coal in Oz: Bloomberg

Let the market decide

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