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6th > February > 2013 Archive

Microsoft to open 11 new retail stores by summer

All these Surfaces aren't going to sell themselves

Study: Gay marriage support linked to pr0n consumption

Open legs lead to open minds

Amazon patents digital resale market

Too cheap? Too often? No sale

Review: Living with Microsoft's new Surface Pro

Is it a tablet? Is it an Ultrabook? It's up to you

Boffins find 17,425,170-digit prime number

257885161-1 takes crown as biggest prime ever found

US military advisor calls for McKinnon pardon, recruitment of "master hackers"

Gesture will help Pentagon gain trust of hacking community, says Arquilla

Pinging in the rain: Boffins track wet spots using phone masts

Raindrops keep falling on my EDGE

Microsoft 'touches 16k shop workers' to flog Windows 8 hard

Ambitious OS wasn't explosive, admit top bods

UK web snoop charter: Just how much extra info do spooks need?

AnalysisInfluential parliamentarians sniffs around packet-sniffing draft law

BSkyB to flick switch on network-level smut-'n'-violence filters

Insists move 'not a change in position', won't rule out packet-sniffing

Ex-ICO: Draft EU privacy rules will turn every citizen 'into a liar'

Current commish: Data protection reforms must target crooks, not biz

Raspberry Pi on a diet: New skimpier, cheaper model on sale

Milliamps-gobbling circuit board now draws even less

The truth on the Navy carrier debacle? Industry got away with murder

AnalysisSold 'adaptable' ships which couldn't be adapted

Life after Cisco: I've got 99 problems but a switch ain't one

Test labDell vs Supermicro - Trev smacks that switch up

Stricken 2e2 sacks 627, winds down, retains a few data centre caretakers

Fat lady folding up her music stand, eyeing exit

Cable Cowboy lassoes Virgin Media with HUGE £15bn deal

John Malone to be new sheriff in town as Neil Berkett quits

Will Michael Dell become the Marlboro man of the PC age?

CommentYou've come a long way baby... now get off the stock market

Review: Dell XPS 10 Windows RT tablet and dock

The convertible that Microsoft's Surface should have been?

Profitless internet biz Pinterest seeks $2.5 BILLION valuation

Who could put a price on cupcakes and kittens?

When open-source eats itself, we win

Open ... and ShutLessons of the Nginx v Apache slug fest

Astronomers unravel solar system's strange energy 'ribbon'

New theory - not involving Office 2007 - might be the answer

Shocked Zynga investors get a penny per share

Still losing users and money in general though

Big Data versus small data: Unpicking the paradox

Can NoSQL and relational both be adaptable?

Lawyer: 2e2 customers should act quickly as liquidation looms

'Critical' alternatives must be sought - legal eagle

NASA deep space probe sends back video of 'Comet of the Century'

Potentially moonshine-beating dirty snowball INCOMING

Ex-US Army man: NYT hacks part of wider war on western media firms

Mainland Chinese journos also 'put at risk', claims security bod

HP EMEA boss recruits enterprise generals

Prepare your soldiers for the channel trenches

Fed confirms but downplays Anonymous Super Bowl banker hack

Sod that, Beyoncé is a member of the ILLUMINATI

Antivirus update broke our interwebs, howl Win XP users

UpdatedYou were only supposed to blow the bloody viruses off

3 Brits banged up for £300k VAT scam

Tax crime squad pounced on bogus businesses in dawn raid

Apple serves up 25 BEEELLIONTH iTunes download

340,000 years of 'Monkey Drums'

Watch your back, Amazon: Google coughs $125m for 'shopping engine' firm

Buy-up of Channel Intelligence suggests new focus on retail

Google Doodle honors British bone-finder Mary Leakey

100th birthday sketch of humanity's detective

A new Mac Pro coming this spring? 'Mais oui!'

Well, it depends on exactly what you mean by 'new'

Brit cloud Elastichosts chases boom to Asia

Sydney, Hong Kong, added to global network

Data centers to go bonkers over microservers

Blades for cheapskates to hack a hunk out of the server racket

Speedy MySQL 5.6 takes aim at NoSQL, MariaDB

The downside? It's still owned by Oracle

Bug kills Intel gig-E controllers

Detective work at Layer 2

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