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5th > February > 2013 Archive

Solar undercuts coal in New Mexico

Pennies per kilowatt-hour

Fanbois rejoice: iPhone 5, iPad Mini finally jailbroken

All devices running iOS 6 set free at last

Google, Mozilla, show off in-browser video chat

Oh what a lovely standards war

Japan hides anti-piracy warning on P2P networks

Latest government plan: shame the pirates into surrender

Big Blue takes the fight to Xeons with Power7+ entry, midrange servers

And into emerging markets where IBM still means something

HTC profits slump but Kim Jong Un's a fan

Quietly despotic?

GNOME project picks JavaScript as sole app dev language

All the cool kids are already doing it … even Microsoft

Breakaway pressures Indian industry group NASSCOM

New think tank aims to turn India into software product hub

OCZ omnishambles leaves flash chippery biz on knife-edge

What's $55m between friends?

Jammy b*stards: Admen flog chocolate bars with 'Wi-Fi-free' zones

Have a break, have a not-spot

US diplomat: If EU allows 'right to be forgotten' ... it might spark TRADE WAR

'Things could really explode' warns US Foreign Service man

2e2 for you: Should zombies be allowed to run NHS IT?

VAR's demise will focus investors on dealing with the undead

Tracy brothers are back: Thunderbirds Are Go! again in 5... 4... 3...

International Rescue in no-strings-attached comeback

What a Liberty: Virgin Media in buyout talks with telecoms giant

Flipping 'ell!

Kids as young as FIVE need lessons in online safety - NSPCC

And teens reckon hardcore web pr0n is 'mundane'

Out of ARM's way, Brit chip juggernaut runs over analysts again

Been designing mobile CPUs for years, now everyone wants one

Bug-hunters: They're coming outta the goddamn walls, aargh!

Security bods prep for more and more aliens bursting out of software

Socket to 'em: It's the HomeGrid vs HomePlug powerline prizefight

FeatureRival mains LAN standards go mano-a-mano for a place in your home network

Twitter spends $70m to juice your tweets, tell biz what you want - report

Said to have bought out social TV analytics upstart

US Department of Energy: Which bright spark just hacked us?

Data on hundreds of staffers leaked, but at least it wasn't 'classified' - report

BIS, bash, bosh: El Reg solves BlackBerry 10 email bafflement

So you've got a new Z10, what are your options?

Samsung puts Silicon Valley on a plate in $100m all-you-can-eat

Nice tech you've got there, mind if we just gobble it all up?

Cisco joins $8m gang, shovels cash into ex-NASA OpenStack cloud upstart

Floating in a sea of green

How much for Opera's app store in my TV? A tenor, perhaps?

HTML5 tech added to set-top box chips

Dell finally takes Dell private - with $24bn and help from Microsoft

Yeehaw, ride 'em cowboy... right out of the stock market

HDS keeps filer sales ticking over, just don't mention the mid-range

Top-end arrays doing well, relatively speaking

EMC channel boss cements partnerships with cold hard cash

Sold our kit? Want a back-end rebate? Some MDF?

HP: Flash is better in than out. Better for us, er, our customers

All-solid-state arrays stuffed in StoreServ, no need to buy a rival silo

Crooks, think your Trojan looks legit? This one has a DIGITAL CERTIFICATE

UpdatedCA defends issuing digital seal to Brazilian swindlers

Ravello uncloaks with $26m, fires cloud hypervisor into the heavens

Aims high to be the VMware of fully virtualized fluffy infrastructure

Instagram gets around to adding website galleries

But it's still all about mobile

Telstra leak: Operation Deep Packet Inspection

SatireTrolling like a pro

Kickstarter project says open source can blast Death Star costs

Seeks £20m for plans, sets 'stretch goal' of £543qn and launch date of Dec 2015

AMD adds open source driver support for next card launch

Good, bad or indifferent?

Australia's top court says Google's iffy ads do not mislead

Regulator smacked down in big win for ad giant

Facebook burnout: 61% of users have needed a break

Too busy, boring, drama, gossip, waste of time

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