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4th > February > 2013 Archive

Analyst says vendors offer pretend reference customers

Microsoft's 'Contoso' may be more real than some users

Blobs that swarm spark ‘it’s alive’ hypegasm

The mathematics of flocking

Euro boffins plan supercomputer to SIMULATE HUMAN BRAIN

€1.19b for in-silico experiments to build robots driven by simulated people

Schmidt slams China as world's most prolific hacker

Google exec chairman has nothing to lose in book-based rant

Nordic telco CEO strolls in aftermath of Uzbek spectrum doodah

Under the table doings with Presidente's daughter: Bad

Twitter clients stay signed in with pre-breach passwords

OAuth means apps can connect despite reset of passwords made unsafe by breach

UK minister: 'There must be a limit to what the gov knows about its people'

Justice Minister Tom McNally talks to The Register

Brit boffins GANG-RESEARCH tiny LEDs for 1Gbps network

Itsy bitsy teenie weenie LEDs to go all beamy

BT to end traffic throttling - claims capacity is FAT

'Totally' devoted to you. BUT always remember to read small print

Ten 3D printers for this year's modellers

Product Round-upThe shape of things to come

No solace in view for Quantum

AnalysisCompany struggling break free of red tape ink

US giant Juniper bites off webby arm of Basingstoke's security boys

Webscreen sale nets $10m for Brit security player Accumuli

Ofcom ploughs up UK spectrum fields, reseeds them with 4G

Used to be all 2G round here, far as the eye could see

Wham SAN, thank you ma'am: Adapter biz smacks biggest rival

Emulex outsells QLogic

Oracle blocks security hole with quick, hot 'n' premature Java update

Rushed out 2 weeks early

Samsung: Never mind Steve Jobs, let's snap off a piece of stylus biz

Demand for vibrating tool is 'expected to rise' - South Korean firm

Schoolgirl's Hello Kitty catonaut soars to 93,000ft

Pics'n'vidUS student sends her fave feline to SPAAAAACE

BlackBerry 10: Good news, there's still time to fix this disaster

First impressionsThe Z10 is hard work, a fair bit is missing, but not a write-off. Yet

NFC SD crew gives up: No one wants our safe bonking tool

When it comes to secure mobe transactions, 2 options are enough

Android gets tipsy on Wine, runs WINDOWS apps

It's not an emulator, but it will run on fandroid's kit

'Online sex abuse of children is growing trend', warn Brit net cops

Spike in 'unfiltered' smartphone usage among kids blamed

Biz rivals tussle over customers, former staffers of fallen 2e2

Headhunters pursuing us, say axed workers

World's 'most green' supercomputer in red-hot battle between Intel, Nvidia

AnalysisUni boffins demand more bang for their watt

Tick-tock, TalkTalk: Users face fourth day of titsup broadband

'Network error'? You're 'avin a bubble bath, mate

BANG and the server's gone: Man gets 8 months for destroying work computers

Must cough £1,000 for dousing server room with Cillit

Report: Over 1.5 million UK drivers will have hydrogen cars by 2030

Fuel cell cars on roads in 2015. Boom - ahem - to follow, says quango

Netflix tempts binge viewers with House of Cards pilot freebie

Outer Spacey: Doh! ... You have to install Silverlight

'Broke' Estonian suspect pleads guilty to DNSChanger click fraud scam

Cybercrooks netted $14m after infecting 4m machines

Dutch tech services outfit Imtech takes €100m write-down

'Possible irregularities' at Polish sub ruin 2012

Daisy, Computacenter turn down purchase of stricken 2e2

We've talked the talk, now we're walking the walk

Unlucky for you: UK crypto-duo 'crack' HTTPS in Lucky 13 attack

OpenSSL patch to protect against TLS decryption boffinry

Google frenches Gallic media with €60m and some 'help'

Have some cash and forget all about that nasty link tax

Cisco revs up Nexus switches to 40GE with fresh ASICs

Other tweaks, SDN promises, and a VPN tunnel for control freaking public clouds

Oracle ponies up $2.1bn for Acme Packet to bully its way into unified comms

Larry takes on Cisco, Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, and others

Hard drive sales to see double-digit dive this year

Optical drives may disappear entirely

HP jumps on Chromebook bandwagon with 14-incher

As big as a laptop, as powerful as a web browser

Apple loses bid to 'cut in line' in Samsung patent dust-up

Court: 'No, Mr. Cook, you have to wait your turn like everybody else'

Kirk to beam up chat with ISS astronaut on Thursday

William Shatner to boldly go to the land of his birth

Australia joins hunt for corporate tax dodgers

Name and shame plan floated in election year

Day of the Trifid: VPAC fires up new HPC cluster

$AU1.2m buy adds 45+ TFLOPS

Anon claims ‘d0x’ on bank execs

4k logins published in Operation Last Resort

Opscode guts Chef control freak to scale it to 10,000 servers

Facebook likes – and uses – Chef, just like Amazon and Google

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