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31st > January > 2013 Archive

RSA adds Big Data analytics to security service suite

Finding needles in the haystack

First ‘three strikes’ decision handed down in NZ

Insufficient evidence costs RIANZ its big win as court imposes tiny fine

Citrix morphs from Windows app virtualizer to all app mobilizer

Projecting a $3bn air kiss in 2013

Microsoft dev tools to add Linux-style source code versioning

Git support coming to VS2012, Team Foundation Server

Facebook reports revenues up 40% but Wall Street says 'meh'

Mobile money up but margins are falling

BlackBerry bets fans are willing to upgrade skills

First LookNew Z10's slippery bottom needs a firm hand

Snooping on movement can reveal smartphone PINs

Accelerometer as attack vector

Great Firewall architects fingered for GitHub attack

Crude man-in-the-middle attack followed White House petition

Forget cupcakes: What you find on Facebook and Twitter is TARTS

Social marketing - that poke could go viral

Support for RHEL 3 ends one year from … now!

Upgrade time for laggards

Game off: No end to official China console ban

Unofficially though you can buy 'em anywhere

Report: DDoS attacks now MORE ANGRY, complex and targeted

Less like the Hulk, more like Iron Man

TodDANG! Rampaging monkeys storm Indonesian village

Seven people injured during surprise attack

Comp Sci becomes 'fourth science' in English Baccalaureate

On a par with Physics for spotty Blighty blighters

BBC: What YOU spent on our lawyers in Secret Climate 28 debacle

The only UK govt agency with a blanket FOIA exemption

Reg Hardware Awards 2012: The Winners...

...and The Loser

LOHAN teases with quick flash of spaceplane

Our rocket-powered Vulture 2 design for your viewing pleasure

'Gaia' Lovelock: Wind turbines 'may become like Easter Island statues'

Blasts Green 'fundamentalists' destroying civilisation

Java open-source frameworks 'pose risk' to biz - report

Hibernate and don't mingle your Java and C/C++, warns software analyst

Happy dealers, solid managers. So what's wrong at HP?

Whitman: A scythe-wielding Canute on a sinking ship

BT inks 2 more gov-funded broadband deals

But work WON'T be done 'til 2016

Fusion-io nosedives as Facebook, Apple finish scoffing flash and chips

Shares tumble on weak Q3 outlook

I watched Excel meet 1-2-3, and beat it fair and square

Lotus relaxed, then blew it

How to destroy a brand-new Samsung laptop: Boot Linux on it

Motherboard DEATH alert. Suddenly Windows 8 doesn't look so bad

Google submits remedy proposals to EU antitrust chief - ICOMP

Updated11th hour response from Mountain View, apparently

New York Times probes China's Premier, gets hacked by Chinese

Gray Lady's passwords, emails raided in four-month assault

Power-mad HPC fans told: No exascale for you - for at least 8 years

And here's why...

Nokia tries its luck with a sub-£150 Win Phone 8: The Lumia 620

But will the colours distract Apple from the rounded corners?

Boffins prep tasty data-cramming 3D metal-sandwich chip

Turns your world upside-down

Surface left on shelves as world+dog slurps up small slates

Knife brought to gunfight, etc, etc

Official: Fandroids are smarter/tighter* than iPhone fanbois

* Delete as appropriate depending on mobile OS allegiance

Car dashboards get Nokia HERE without a phone in sight

Google might have a Kai but Nokia is driving Toyota

Apple still top for slab-fondlers despite FLOOD of Xmas tablets

Samsung up, ereaders down in IDC quarterly figures - IDC

Commentards Ahoy! How about a Petabyte of storage?

Let's do some data recycling

WORLD temporarily FREED from BURDEN of TWITTER!

Productivity surges ahead as some work finally gets done

'Silent but deadly' Java security update breaks legacy apps - dev

Oh man, that's foul ...

NHS IT bods 'walk out' in pay row with crashed UK tech giant 2e2

Outsourcer's collapse hits hospital tech dept, claim insiders

Apple to stop European shipments of Mac Pro on March 1?

Replacement may – or may not – be in the works

Dell control freaks its own hardware stacks, VMware and Microsoft hypervisors

New SAP HANA appliances based on 'active infrastructure'

Senators propose permanent ban on internet sales and access tax

Except for your local collector of course

Customer service rep fired for writing game that mocks callers

Canadian tax office has sense of humor failure

Boffins propose satnav tracking for 'KILLER KOALAS'

Museum, journal, perpetuate man-masticating marsupial monster myth

Competition watchdog seeks NBN forecast data

Access debate rolls on

Italian 'Eurora' supercomputer pushes the green envelope

Besting Cray and IBM in the energy efficiency game

Microsoft: Old Internet Explorer is terrible and 'we want to help'

New tools help web devs find problem spots

ESA proposes 3D printing on the moon

Instant lunar base, just add moon rock

SGI not selling off NUMAlink – so forget that idea

Swings to a profit in the December quarter on UV, ICE X sales

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